Update Release Notes

Changes in 1.6.0_12

The full internal version number for this update release is 1.6.0_12-b04 (where "b" means "build"). The external version number is 6u12.

OlsonData 2008i

This release contains Olson time zone data version 2008i. For more information, refer to Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software .

Security Baseline

This update release specifies the following security baselines for use with the original Java Plug-in technology:

JRE Family Version Security Baseline
5.0 1.5.0_17
1.4.2 1.4.2_19

For more information about the security baseline, see Deploying Java Applets With Family JRE Versions in Java Plug-in for Internet Explorer .

64-Bit Browser Support for Java Plugin and Java Webstart

Note, if you use 32-bit and 64-bit browsers interchangeably, you will need to install both 32-bit and 64-bit JREs in order to have Java Plug-In for both browsers.

  • Old Java plugin
  • Java Kernel
  • JQS
  • DeployTK
  • SSV
  • Patch in Place
  • Online installer
  • Java auto download
  • Java auto update


Improved application startup and runtime performance are provided.

AWT Support

  • Limited mixing of heavyweight and lightweight components is supported. Limited mixing means that some components may not be handled perfectly. This includes, but is not limited to, support for non-opaque lightweight components.
  • Translucent windows may not work correctly on some X11 systems. This problem is described in 6762511.
  • The Security Warning used with the toplevel windows of an untrusted application has been improved to make it less intrusive and more subtle.

Windows Server 2008 Support
Supported Configurations

Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been made in the following areas.

  • Graphics performance improvements for:
    • Anti-aliasing drawing and filing
    • Non-anti-aliasing transformed rectangles and single wide lines
  • Java Webstart startup time

Bug Fixes

This feature release does not contain any new fixes for security vulnerabilities to its previous release, Java SE 6 Update 11. Users who have Java SE 6 Update 11 have the latest security fixes and do not need to upgrade to this release to be current on security fixes.

Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6757316 hotspot compiler1 load_constant() produces a wrong long constant, with high a low words swapped
6758445 hotspot compiler1 loop heads that are exception entry points can crash during count_edges/mark_loops
6767587 hotspot compiler1 missing call to make_not_entrant after deoptimizing for patching volatiles
6741642 hotspot compiler2 bad enum definition in ciTypeFlow.hpp
6722112 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Incorrect encoding of overflown object arrays during concurrent precleaning
6722116 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Incorrect overflow handling when using parallel concurrent marking
6739357 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Switch off CMSPrecleanRefLists1 until 6722113 can be fixed
6653214 hotspot monitoring_management MemoryPoolMXBean.setUsageThreshold() does not support large heap sizes
6671882 hotspot runtime_system memory access after free in solaris/vm/os_solaris.cpp
6382377 idl orb incorrect Exception is given to interceptor
6614558 idl serialization jmx interop JDK5 - JDK6 issue when calling getMBeanInfo
6746334 java char_encodings SingleByteDecoder can be significantly faster
6359283 java classes_2d PrinterJob.pageDialog() ret. incorrect PageFormat when non-default printer used
6638533 java classes_2d Layout should not apply shaping to precomposed arabic presentation form glyphs.
6653384 java classes_2d Variable "initialized" in class CUPSPrinter is static by mistake
6708580 java classes_2d Java applications slow when EXA enabled
6749060 java classes_2d LCD AA text rendered incorrectly when destination is non opaque (sw pipeline only)
6751616 java classes_2d outline for underline in TextLayout with underline is off rasterized underline
6751621 java classes_2d TextLayout.getBounds() doesn't account for strike through
6758179 java classes_2d D3D: AlphaComposite is applied incorrectly for uncached opaque BufferedImage
6766342 java classes_2d Improve performance of Ductus rasterizer
6772137 java classes_2d D3D: Dragging the scroll bar of a JScrollPane containing a JTree causes incorrect red
6775317 java classes_2d Improve performance of non-AA transformed rectangles and single wide lines in software pipelines
4811096 java classes_awt Allow limited mixing of heavy and lightweight components
6519005 java classes_awt regression: Selection the item on the choice don't work properly in vista ultimate.
6552803 java classes_awt the moveToFront causes Heavyweight components to be removed.
6589530 java classes_awt HW/LW mixing code incorrectly handles insertion of components with the setComponentZOrder() method
6637655 java classes_awt Mixing of heavyweight/lightweight components does not wrk with GlassPane childre
6707023 java classes_awt Chinese Characters in JTextPane Cause Pane to Hang
6714829 java classes_awt REGRESSION: Wrong modal dialog activated after child closed, causes freeze
6749517 java classes_awt Request to enhance the 6u10 Security Warning appearance
6750920 java classes_awt Window transparency throws IAE if called before pack or setSize
6765065 java classes_awt Security Warning needs better icons
6776839 java classes_awt AWTUtilities.setWindowOpaque() causes a stack overflow on X11
6779066 java classes_awt Untrusted window cannot receive input focus by clicking its taskbar button after deiconification
6784816 java classes_awt Remove AWT tree lock from Container methods: getComponent, getComponents, getComponentCount
6786210 java classes_awt Deadlock occurs when handling mouseLeave on XToolkit
6774170 java classes_management LocalRMIServerSocketFactory should protect against ServerSocket.accept().getInetAddress() being null
6720866 java classes_net Slow performance using HttpURLConnection for upload
6721619 java classes_net Java Web Start 1.6.0 shows intermittent https communication breakdown
6763219 java classes_security XMLDSig XPath Filter 2 Transform subtract filter is broken
6764553 java classes_security com.sun.org.apache.xml.internal.security.utils.IdResolver is not thread safe
6491619 java classes_swing No mouse events from titlebar in JRootPane of JFrame
6510999 java classes_swing Selection in a JList with both scrollbars visible jumps on arrowkey-down
6581899 java classes_swing JTextField & JTextArea - Poor performance with JRE 1.5.0_08
6624717 java classes_swing Corrupted combo box, GTK L&F, Ubuntu 7.10
6699856 java classes_swing Creating text in a JTextPane using Chinese text causes undesired behavior
6726866 java classes_swing Repainting artifacts when resizing or dragging JInternalFrames in non-opaque toplevel
6735259 java classes_swing NPE at WindowsComboBoxUI$XPComboBoxButton.getState(WindowsComboBoxUI.java:408)
6742850 java classes_swing Antialiasing for GTK L&F should be turned on by default if there is no embedded bitmap.
6768387 java classes_swing REGRESSION: JTable no longer serializable
4823811 java classes_text [Fmt-Da] SimpleDateFormat patterns don't allow embedding of some literal punctuation
6683975 java classes_text [fmt-da] Regression: Java 6 returns English DateFormatPatterns for Thai locale
6743394 java classes_util_i18n (tz) tzmappings must be updated for Windows
6783139 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Windows time zone mapping table needs to be updated for KB955839
6599383 java classes_util_jarzip Unable to open zip files more than 2GB in size
6541476 java imageio PNG imageio plugin incorrectly handles iTXt chunk
6478142 java install Java Update continues even after the new posted update is pulled out
6656032 java install Java AutoUpdate: Refresh cached information from xml file, before showing the bubble & installation
6718336 java install kernel jre uninstallation interrupted with java setup - close applications dialog
6747473 java install REGRESSION:Installing 64bit JDK, an error message shows when begin the JRE installer
6758907 java install Online install is STATIC if patches are not created for 6u10 and all lesser versions
6759889 java install Need to create Auto Update for Java FX v1.5
6763365 java install Update mentions of JavaFX in JRE install panels to reflect new JavaFX brand/logo
6764967 java install Java JRE 1.6u10 installer failed with error 1606 when using "/qb!" switchm
6767867 java install Need to combine command line and XML options for non-AU iftw execution
6767961 java install jxpiinstall.exe does not use the correct method for ping
6779985 java install JRE install when PendingFileRenameOperations is set, Error 1606 or JavaFX preload is not run
6541350 java localization TimeZone display names localization
6645271 java localization Wrong date format for Croatian (hr) locale
6708417 java localization On Chinese OS Applet string is appearing in English
6745048 java localization Unnecessary surfix "(O)" in JFileChooser open button text
6757517 java localization "close applications" dialog sounds funny for German
6754672 java monitoring java.io.IOException: The server sockets created using the LocalRMIServerSocketFactory
6695609 java sunservicetags wmic is called on every method call of RegistrationData.loadFromXML
6750389 java sunservicetags The cpuManufactorer does not correctly recognized for Solaris 10
6712190 java_deployment configuration Java Web Start behaves differently on Windows Terminal Server wrt file "deployment.config"
6775019 java_deployment configuration Java Control Panel Plugin/Webstart JRE dialog issues in 6u12 b02
6757907 java_deployment download deployJava.js should by default disable codebase lookups
6759336 java_deployment download uninstalling application should not remove resources in extensions.
6764338 java_deployment download when "Range" header is present in HTTP request, we should not cache the request
6770763 java_deployment download Add Install Stat (pings) for JavaFX installs
6699715 java_deployment general JDK6: Authentication dialogue always offers to "Save this password in password list" on Windows
6750054 java_deployment general Java control panel can't be launched in true 64bit JRE on 64bit OS
6751232 java_deployment general java kernel installer should not display UI while javafx preload
6763387 java_deployment general Java Control Panel's title bar and tabs are jutted out of the desktop
6767447 java_deployment general Java Control Panel icon issues on Windows XP 64 bit and Win2003 64bit
6786318 java_deployment general MemoryCache leaks memory on repetative requests for the same resource
6791247 java_deployment general jfx pings should be sent to sunjfxinstallstat report suite
6680990 java_deployment jkernel Different UI of "Unable to connect to the Internet" dialog
6690159 java_deployment jkernel Pressing Cancel on Additional Download causing application to close
6770742 java_plugin doc No default JDK version for IE7 on Win Vista after 6u10
6674383 java_plugin ocx Problems running applets in the Hyper Text Appllication (HTA) from windows
6643769 java_plugin other Applet main windows steals focus on Popup windows which is running Applet.
6784894 java_plugin other Regression: applets loaded from local disk can not access co-located resources
4802695 java_plugin plugin Support 64-bit Java Plug-in and Java webstart on Windows/Linux on AMD64
6632182 java_plugin plugin In case of IE, "About Java Technology" frame goes background when opened from system tray
6749040 java_plugin plugin Runtime settings are not applied in classic Plug-In with "-rc2" version string
6712099 java_plugin plugin2 JRE install clears out all existing Java Runtime parameters for older JRE's
6723525 java_plugin plugin2 DnD "Desktop Integration Warning" doesn't occur until browser window is closed/changed
6740227 java_plugin plugin2 DnD: file associations don't work for dragged out applets
6745455 java_plugin plugin2 Firefox extensions using Java don't work with new Java Plug-In
6749180 java_plugin plugin2 Specification of jnlp.* system properties does not cause required applet relaunch
6750726 java_plugin plugin2 Java Plug-In must support MIME type specification in object tag in IE
6753380 java_plugin plugin2 lazy package and parts does not work in jnlp applets with new plugin
6753665 java_plugin plugin2 Applet.stop() not called when launching dragged applet from desktop
6757906 java_plugin plugin2 Update LiveConnect-related documentation and tests
6761033 java_plugin plugin2 Use NPAPI for Mac OS X port of new Java Plug-In
6761680 java_plugin plugin2 NullPointerException thrown when dragging applets out of browser with virtualized X11 guest OSs
6764266 java_plugin plugin2 Modal dialog from JavaScript called by JSObject causes IE freeze
6764345 java_plugin plugin2 cannot launch dragged applets offline
6764974 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2: casts a ClassNotFoundException instead of a NoClassDefFoundError
6767160 java_plugin plugin2 New plugin does not pick up jre installed by DT
6768120 java_plugin plugin2 Initialization of document base not working on Safari on Mac OS X
6769610 java_plugin plugin2 When running java plugin 1.6.0_10 with earlier version of JRE first line of console is wrong.
6769840 java_plugin plugin2 Replace orange "Java logo" animation
6770420 java_plugin plugin2 environment variables '_java_options' and 'java_tool_options' are disregarded
6770422 java_plugin plugin2 HTMLTextAreaElement non-functional in plug-in2
6771026 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2 crashes on applets in XHTML/XML files
6771315 java_plugin plugin2 Error in implementation of Document.createDocumentFragment, createTextNode and createComment
6773313 java_plugin plugin2 Mac OS X port crashes with latest WebKit nightly
6783125 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2: DND shortcut launch throw exceptions if applet JNLP href has no codebase
6790708 java_plugin plugin2 crossdomain.xml broken in Java 6 update 12ea b02/b03
6791692 java_plugin plugin2 applet under next geneneration plug-in fails with exception
6672643 javawebstart general Java Web Start 1.5 lost the possibility to adjust proxy settings independently from Java Plugin
6744907 javawebstart general Java WebStart should not create any Swing/AWT objects on warm start
6766037 javawebstart general Signed jar gives SecurityException: host syntax error in crossdomain.xml
6772645 javawebstart general dragged-out FX applet can't be relaunched even with main=false set in JNLP file
6775919 javawebstart general javaws -silent is broken for apps with extensions (like javafx)
6696175 javawebstart jnlp_file javaws not recognizing properties which contains % character
6740193 javawebstart jnlp_file bug in Java Webstart Caching when using large argument list on resource href.
6772138 javawebstart jnlp_file Can not change splash image if jnlp href is not set.
6741349 javawebstart other Regression: NullPointerException in com.sun.javaws.security.SigningInfo.verifyAllEntriesSign
6750401 jce pkcs11_csp SSL stress test with GF leads to 32 bit max process size in less than 5 minutes,with PCKS11 provider
6592586 jmx classes RequiredModelMBean prints a WARNING message when calling getAttributes() for a non-existing attr
6696028 jmx classes JMXServiceURL like service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/iiop:// should be rejected by the RMI conn provider.
6697180 jmx classes JMX query results in java.io.IOException: Illegal state - also a deadlock can also be seen
6728126 jsse runtime Parsing Extensions in Client Hello message is done in a wrong way
6745052 jsse runtime SSLServerSocket file descriptor leak
6766775 jsse runtime X509 certificate hostname checking is broken in JDK1.6.0_10