Update Release Notes

Changes in 1.6.0_02

The full internal version number for this update release is 1.6.0_02-b06 (where "b" means "build"). The external version number is 6u2.

Security Baseline

This update release specifies the following security baselines:

JRE Family Version Security Baseline
5.0 1.5.0_12
1.4.2 1.4.2_15

For more information about the security baseline, see Deploying Java Applets With Family JRE Versions in Java Plug-in for Internet Explorer .

OlsonData 2007f

This release contains Olson time zone data version 2007f. Refer to For more information, see US DST Timezone Updater.

Java DB

This distribution bundles Java DB, Sun Microsystems' distribution of the Apache Derby pure Java database technology. Default installation locations are:

  • Solaris: /opt/SUNWjavadb
  • Linux : /opt/sun/javadb
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaDB

For information on Java DB and Derby, including user and API documentation, the capabilities of Java DB and further resources, see the index.html file in the above directories.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6496675 guides none broken links under http://download.java.net/jdk6/docs/technotes/guides/security/index.html
6537038 guides none NervousText applet broken
6537530 guides none Deployment guide should list XPI URLs for use with FireFox
6539597 guides none Incorrect version number for the codebase attribute in the Java SE 6 plugin developer guide
6297094 hotspot compiler2 The result type of Class.getModifiers is labeled as a "boolean" to the optimizer instead of "int"
6471004 hotspot compiler2 Incorrect displacement check for short branches.
6461827 hotspot compiler2 Performance: java.lang.Class.isAssignable
6472714 hotspot compiler2 crash compiling com.sun.jndi.ldap.sasl.LdapSasl::saslBind
6515373 hotspot compiler2 Self referenced phi causes assert in falltrough case in RegionNode::Ideal
6457854 hotspot compiler2 C2 assert(lo->lo() == min_jint,"initial range must exhaust Type::INT")
6498658 hotspot compiler2 System.arraycopy performance lags
6502317 hotspot compiler2 Deoptimization code of Java 1.5.x looks leaking memory.
6563987 hotspot compiler2 api/org_ietf/jgss/GSSContext/index.html#SetGetTests: VM Crash JDK 6u2 since b03 with -server -Xcomp
6547163 hotspot compiler2 6498658 changes introduced regression in arraycopy on sparc
6544668 hotspot compiler2 Don't vecorized array operations that can't be aligned at runtime.
6536652 hotspot compiler2 Implement some superword (SIMD) optimizations
6523674 hotspot compiler2 Allow different styles of java object fields allocation
6531696 hotspot compiler2 don't use immediate 16-bits value store to memory on Intel cpus
6488532 hotspot compiler2 Support allocate prefetching of several sequential cache lines
6511866 hotspot compiler2 Bad fix to 6281377: Unsafe lazy field set methods
6468516 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: deal correctly with concurrently cleared or enqueued Reference objects
6468290 hotspot garbage_collector Divide and allocate out of eden on a per cpu basis
6272174 hotspot jvmti -Djava.compiler=NONE and -Xdebug anachronisms unanachronistically disable full-speed debugging
6471736 hotspot runtime_system Ctrl-Break dump: threads waiting on monitors info is incorrect
6490436 hotspot runtime_system compatibility issue due to 5060487
6191561 idl orb JCK15: api/org_omg/PortableInterceptor/ClientRequestInfo/index.html#RIMethods sometime hang
6465377 idl orb NullPointerException for RMI ORB in 1.5.0_08
6530097 java build Remove db directory from JDK install, replaced with separate installation of Java DB
6480051 java classes_2d GraphicsExpose events generated by X11 Pixmap Blits
6478336 java classes_2d Exception measuring zero length string when font has layout attributes.
4417798 java classes_2d Need to track add/remove of monitors on display changes
6515337 java classes_2d Font.deriveFont(int style) loses transform and other attributes
6358747 java classes_2d PrinterJob.printDialog() crashes JVM when called from subthread
6448405 java classes_2d static HashMap cache in LineBreakMeasurer can grow wihout bounds
6513889 java classes_2d java runtime VM double free or corruption segfault
6520322 java classes_2d Calling GraphicsEnv.registerFont(null) crashes the VM
6567260 java classes_2d Set SheetCollate attribute to COLLATED and UNCOLLATED not working in 6u2
6548757 java classes_2d Crash in fontmanager.dll on windows-amd64
6539061 java classes_2d Cross platform print dialog slow first time because of call to GraphicsDevice.getConfigurations()
6533413 java classes_2d REGRESSION:JEudlid bean crashes with font sizes 180 and greater
6538863 java classes_2d GUI apps throw sun.java2d.InvalidPipeException on Windows with 30-bit desktop depth
6511593 java classes_2d REG: Doing color conversions on multiple threads throws exceptions, crashes the VM intermittently
6525150 java classes_2d Printer has "paper out" status and won't print due to a PrinterException
6506286 java classes_2d Printing under Linux doesn't work
6517861 java classes_2d Java2D : Installing font of family "Times" on Windows hides "Times New Roman"
6519513 java classes_2d PIT:Regression test java/awt/font/LineBreakMeasurer/FRCTest.java had error in 2007-01-24.jdk7.pit bu
6419042 java classes_awt JCK-runtime-60: api/java_awt/interactive/SystemTrayTests.html fail on Windows Vista 32 IE7.0 Plugin
6515708 java classes_awt IE Browser hangs after opening a file dialog
6496958 java classes_awt incorrect backoff in the process of dispatching lw requests queue
6272208 java classes_awt Regression testcase java/awt/xembed/server/RunTestXEmbed.java fails
6507476 java classes_awt XEmbeddedFrame gets focused when a modal dialog is shown
6524986 java classes_awt XEmbed server doesn't get focused if embedded into applet
6501838 java classes_awt Some X11 events are dispatched to the wrong windows, XAWT
6500814 java classes_awt XEmbed focus traversal problems, inside GTK socket
6505888 java classes_beans LTP: Java 6 breaks XML encoding/decoding of immutable list member and "id" property
4950122 java classes_beans LTP: DefaultPersistenceDelegate does not handle boolean properties in a superclass.
4742723 java classes_io File.mkdirs() fails due to race condition
6464154 java classes_lang (process) subprocess environment sort order differs from Windows native sort order
6474073 java classes_lang (process) Runtime.exec() creates zombies (sol)
6457066 java classes_net SocketTimeoutException : Timing out early
6469663 java classes_net HTTP Request-URI contains fragment when connecting through proxy
6368984 java classes_net configuring unconnected Socket before passing to implAccept can cause fd leak
6550798 java classes_net Using InputStream.skip with ResponseCache will cause partial data to be cached
6446855 java classes_net https connections failing when connecting through a proxy
6518816 java classes_net Reduce the memory foot print for HttpURLConnection
6526165 java classes_net sun.net.www.http.ChunkedOutputStream buffers
6452458 java classes_net Socket constructors doing an explicit bind to ANYADDR overide OS behavior
6347873 java classes_nio (so) Ports opened with ServerSocketChannel blocks when using Runtime.exec
6469580 java classes_security 1.5.0_08 JVM crashes in SignatureHandlerLibrary::add on Fujitsu Primepower platform
6538299 java classes_security testcase failure: java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/OCSP/AIACheck.java
6466247 java classes_security java.security.debug permission=<classname> and codebase=<URL> options do not work
6321453 java classes_security Remove GTE CyberTrust root CA cert after it expires
6427770 java classes_swing JLabel with HTML no longer displays non-spacing characters under 1.5.0_06
6480545 java classes_swing InputVerifier behavior change in 1.5+
6436903 java classes_swing Swing DnD: Tiny repaint issue with dragging over JTree under Windows L&F
6494398 java classes_swing GTK L&F: NPE thrown when using SCROLL_TAB_LAYOUT
6495511 java classes_swing Cascading popups broken in 1.6
6491795 java classes_swing COM should be initialized for Shell API calls in ShellFolder2.cpp
6515786 java classes_swing PIT: Vista(Win LAF) Pressing ESC Key throws "java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.swing.JPopupMenu"
6478904 java classes_swing GTK L&F: scrollbars rendered incorrectly under Nimbus theme
6464868 java classes_swing GTK L&F: scrollbar button corners do not match native on Ubuntu
6292725 java classes_swing GTK L&F: JSpinner, JComboBox does not look like native
6524428 java classes_swing BasicTableUI mouse listener doesn't check mouseEvent.isConsumed()
6492266 java classes_swing Cannot select a Java input method in an WebStarted application
6515446 java classes_swing JMenuItems in JPopupMenus not receiving ActionEvents - incompat with 1.5
6512116 java classes_swing JTable column headers do not follow Windows ClearType (antialias) changes
6500914 java classes_swing Default Swing TransferHandlers don't support drop - so don't install drop target
6519554 java classes_text PIT:Regression test sun/text/resources/LocaleDataTest.java failed in ar, de locale
6529795 java classes_util (coll) Iterator.remove() fails if next() threw NoSuchElementException
6460501 java classes_util_concurrent Synchronizer timed acquire still leaks memory
6497138 java classes_util_concurrent Scalability limitation in ConcurrentHashMap on Java 6
6461417 java classes_util_i18n (tz) [Vista build 5487/5520] automatically adjust daylight time function is not working on Vista
6554586 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2007f
6541843 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2007e
6538601 java classes_util_i18n Periodical timezone display name revision
6536365 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2007d
6533916 java classes_util_i18n (tz) regression test java/util/TimeZone/LinuxTZVM.sh on RH EL 4
6530694 java classes_util_i18n Menu-internationalization differs from Java 5.0
6528405 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2007c
6475525 java classes_util_i18n ISO 3166 changes for Serbia and Montenegro
6506616 java classes_util_i18n (cal) The beginning day of the japanese Showa era is wrong.
6496226 java classes_util_i18n Serbia and Montenegro currency change
6496224 java classes_util_i18n Slovenian currency change
6480504 java classes_util_jarzip java.util.jar.JarOutputStream incorrectly sets 'extra' field
6467152 java classes_util_logging deadlock occurs in LogManager initialization and JVM termination
6486934 java classes_util_regex RegEx case_insensitive match is broken
6547131 java compiler java.lang.ClassFormatError when using old collection API
6517249 java debugger JDWP: Cannot do an invokeMethod after a popFrames operation
6459476 java debugger Debuggee is blocked, looks like running, but no further steps can be performed
6466348 java debugger Fix warning messages in builds
6426402 java debugger JDWP: Unexpected JDWP Error in VirtualMachine.instanceCounts()
6511815 java dragndrop NPE from XSelection.checkChange
6478297 java install JavaWebStart.isInstalled objects not robust
6559170 java install "status" above progressbar in installer is truncated when localized
6558684 java install truncated text at jre final dialog - italian
6542798 java install wrong java help page in zh_CN and zh_TW
6542793 java install text truncation in failure dialog in certain locales
6539623 java install Reg:PIT: version format is wrong in the cab file
6535385 java install JDK uninstall remove file table missing entries
6526421 java install Truncated localized texts in finish dialog
6513649 java install Installer work needed for Java DB GA for windows-i586
6502104 java install Unclickable link of http://java.com displays while downloading the msi file for online installer
6517716 java install put url to stage in xml file
6510610 java install Syntax error in /usr/share/mime/packages/x-java-archive.xml
6506396 java install Firefox appear error in zh-TW
6512214 java install PIT: Sponsor bundle is showing an error when we try to install JRE in Windows98.
6211296 java install Launch installer error FAQ webpage if installer fails
6507179 java javadoctool javadoc -source 1.3 does not work with jdk6
6538179 java jconsole REGRESSION: JConsole connects to wrong MBean Server with URL service:jmx:rmi://localhost/jndi/...
6483191 java localization Some of newly introduced CalndarData, firstDayOfWeek, has incorrect value.
6514528 java localization wrong translation for compiler.err.override.weaker.access message
6516203 java localization l10n for bug fix 6211296
6533683 java localization l10n of bug fix 6513649
6531255 java localization Need to update timezone display names for en_CA locale
6498742 java localization Unnecessary calendar data files for Montenegro/Serbia locales & some incorrect data for sr_BA
6522789 java localization [zh_CN] translation of "enclosing class" in doclet is incorrect
6500174 java localization [ja] wrong translation in Java Update warning message
6512061 java localization [ko]Translation of 'Check' is inconsistent in Java Update Warning message.
6311411 java serviceability SA: jmap -histo reports wrong histogram with CMS
6559427 java serviceability Attach mechanism leaks tool-side handle per command
6494472 java serviceability jmap -permstat fails with Out of swap because uses too much memory
6522779 java serviceability SA warnings because of Double entries for CMSCollector and CMSCollector* in vmStructs
6510337 java tools javaw launcher should also support class-path wildcards
6463272 java tools GCC 4 java_md.c compile-time error: "PIC register `%ebx? clobbered in `asm?"
6462889 java_deployment download Unexpected behavior related to caching of jar files bearing same name but different versions
6465790 java_deployment general When selecting a toggle button in JCP, the previous toggle button isn't repainted.
6526895 java_deployment general JavaDB should co-package with JDK 7 (Linux)
6533139 java_deployment general File version of some binaries from JRE 6u1 b05 is incorrect on the windows platform
6541135 java_plugin bridge 6u2 Regression: Java beans embedded inside VB using ActiveX feature throwing UnsatisfiedLinkError
6502189 java_plugin iexplorer applet hang when try to reload a page with the applets in a frame
6494370 java_plugin iexplorer JRE 6 RC hangs in IE when console and debug options are selected
6578549 java_plugin install Java 6 RE Update 2 package crashes Internet Explorer 7
6540679 java_plugin install JRE 6u1 fails plugin test on some windows Vista machines
6506479 java_plugin misc Applet caching not handling URIs consistently
6506118 java_plugin misc 1.6 Multiple applets on a web page use different classloaders with cache_version
6502568 java_plugin other request header has garbage characters when size of cookie is greater than 4k
6511202 java_plugin other java 6 plug-in did not set the content-type header for JARs
6506635 java_plugin plugin Java Console menu item disappears in Firefox after updating to
6519657 java_plugin plugin Certificates of signed JAR files without file ending ".jar" are ignored
6547530 java_plugin plugin entrust applet cannot start after auto cache upgrade from java 5 to java 6
6521732 java_plugin plugin Intermittent class load errors when Java 1.6 methods are called from javascript
6516845 java_plugin plugin Installation issues with u10 on IE java.com
6526243 javawebstart download_engine Java Web Start JNLPCachedJarURLConnection should override getHeaderField
6518576 javawebstart general Graphic icons can NOT be displayed while Java Web Start launch an application with JDK 1.6
6541319 javawebstart general PIT: Jaws hangs on the first lunch of damaged_signed_test.jnlp
6458489 javawebstart install Codebase of a Program in the local Filesystem - Syntax changed ?
6515728 javawebstart install JNLP client not following spec for extension uninstaller
6465756 javawebstart jnlp_file cannot use CDATA xml tag within the jnlp <argument> tag
6533653 javawebstart jnlp_file [REGRESSION] webstarts can't handle jar with no real entries (jar of empty dir)
6511789 javawebstart other shortcut is removed and created again each time there is an application update
6514485 javawebstart other included JnlpDownloadServlet needs updating for use with webstart 6
6531160 jaxp dom 1.6: DOM level 1 documents cannot be validated with a Schema, works with 1.5
6311448 jaxp parse XML transformer failed to output surrorates pair.
6498139 jaxp stax Buffer allocations in SJSXP introduce large constant factors
6471865 jmx classes Unable to create a modelmbean.DescriptorSupport with debugging ON
6486655 jmx classes REGRESSION: Standard MBean attributes and operations lose original interface order
6518061 jmx classes REGRESSION: MBean introspection rejects interface if it inherits same getter more than once
5053708 jndi dns DNS provider does not cleanup resources properly
6492872 jsse runtime Deadlock in SSLEngine
6447412 jsse runtime Issue with socket.close() for ssl sockets when poweroff on other system