Java SE 6u27 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the fixes in Java SE 6u27:

Bug ID Category Sub-Category Synopsis
7047069 hotspot compiler2 Array can dynamically change size when assigned to an object field
7028845 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: 6984287  broke parallel reference processing in CMS
7056092 java classes_awt Native file dialog fails 1.6u26 win7Pro: Breaks SWT apps, perhaps Eclipse too
6724890 java classes_awt Deadlock between AWT-EventQueue-1 and AWT-XAWT threads during IDE start
6890861 java classes_awt Crash in awt.dll after is called
6788196 java classes_io (porting) Bounds checks in io_util.c rely on undefined behaviour
6672144 java classes_net HttpURLConnection.getInputStream sends POST request after failed chunked send
6946825 java classes_net; Memory Leak on Non HTTP conform open socket
7012768 java classes_net InetAddress lookupTable leaks/deadlocks when using unsupported name service spi
7015981 java classes_net returns false if domain doesn't start with a dot
7021939 java classes_net is not a NON_CORE_PKGS
6935563 java classes_nio (dc) Improve connection reset/port unreachable handling [win]
7034155 java classes_nio (ch) NullPointerException in when OOM is thrown
7041378 java classes_nio (se) SEGV when running with ulimit -n unlimited (sol)
6963006 java classes_security smartcardio is not mt safe - javax.smartcardio.CardException: wait mismatch
7001094 java classes_security Can't initialize SunPKCS11 more times than PKCS11 driver maxSessionCount
6968933 java classes_sound Clip loop() deadlock in DirectAudioDevice$
6438246 java classes_swing File name field is mislabeled when JFileChooser is used in DIRECTORIES_ONLY mode
7012783 java classes_swing JFileChooser fails to resolve DFS links on Windows Vista SP2
6560980 java classes_text [Fmt-Da] DateFormatSymbols.cacheLookup doesn't update cache correctly
6991380 java classes_util_i18n (cal) Calendar.cachedLocaleData should be transitioned from Hashtable to ConcurrentHashMap
6558476 java compiler com/sun/tools/javac/Main.compile don't release file handles on return
6718364 java compiler inference fails when a generic method is invoked with raw arguments
6881317 java compiler regression: NPE in CloseableURLClassLoader
6517427 java imageio GIF Reader throws IIOException when reading a Indexed GIF image with an embedded color profile
7053999 java install Upgrading from 6u25 with modified file fails, breaks installation
6986709 java localization Request to localise to new value
7021445 java localization Localization needed on resource string for FileChooser Look and Feel code
6989026 java_plugin ocx JRE plugin 1.6.0_21 crashes when loading applets
6991343 java_plugin plugin Vista/IE7 further showDocument focus issue with named targeted windows
6799990 java_plugin plugin2 unrecognized message ID 42 (or 46) with next-generation Java plug-in
7032687 java_plugin plugin2 Dragged-out applet can be closed when close browser
6912166 java_plugin plugin2 SSV dialog problems when there are multiple applets on a page
6943350 java_plugin plugin2 Intermittent "No registered plugin for applet ID x" errors in applet
7036713 javawebstart jnlp_api javax.jnlp.BasicService.showDocument() throws SecurityException for trusted app
6996266 javawebstart jnlp_api Performance issue on BasicService.showDocument
6976938 jaxp stax StackOverflowError by$
6941869 jaxp xslt XSL : Xalan transformer fails to process semicolumn symbol in a count() function correctly
7024697 jce pkcs11_csp SessionRef.dispose() should determine if the token referred to by the token object is still valid pr
6578658 jce sunmscapi Request for raw RSA (NONEwithRSA) Signature support in SunMSCAPI
7046238 jets idl new InitialContext(); hangs
6844193 jgss krb5plugin support max_retries in krb5.conf
6858589 jgss krb5plugin more changes to Config on system properties
6979329 jgss krb5plugin CCacheInputStream fails to read ticket cache files from Kerberos 1.8.1
6750362 jndi ldap Very large LDAP requests throw a OOM on LDAP servers which aren't aware of Paged Results Controls
6997561 jndi ldap A request for better error handling in JNDI
6932403 jsse runtime SSLSocketImpl state issue
7025227 jsse runtime SSLSocketImpl does not close the TCP layer socket if a close notify cannot be sent to the peer
7044141 xml jaxb Reusing unmarshallers which on previous use threw UnmarshalException always throw ClassCastException