Java SE 6u30 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the fixes in Java SE 6u30:

Bug ID Category Sub-Category Synopsis
7041100 hotspot compiler2 The load in String.equals intrinsic executed before null check
6755621 hotspot svc_agent Include SA binaries into Windows JDK
6981400 java classes_awt Tabbing between textfield do not work properly when ALT+TAB
6987967 java classes_awt D3D preloading thread should initialize COM
7029903 java classes_awt Splash screen is not shown in 64-bit Linux with 16-bit color depth
7073337 java classes_awt Crash after playing Java game on Pogo
7074386 java classes_fontprop Fall back to fontconfig file based on only OS major version number on Linux
7086240 java classes_fontprop [11203-lin64-110708]nls: oui can't display japanese character on ol6 jp locale
4947220 java classes_lang (process) Runtime.exec() cannot invoke applications with unicode parameters (win)
6761678 java classes_lang (ann) SecurityException in AnnotationInvocationHandler.getMemberMethods
6670868 java classes_net StackOverFlow with authenticated Proxy tunnels
7041800 java classes_net URI.equals may incorrectly return true with escaped octets
7068416 java classes_net Lightweight HTTP Server should support TCP_NODELAY
6898310 java classes_nio (cs) Charset cache lookups should be synchronized
7002957 java classes_nio (fc) FileChannel.transferTo fails to load libsendfile on Solaris 64-bit
7053398 java classes_sound Gervill for 6uXX (1): integrate Gervill into 6uXX
7014263 java classes_util_concurrent NegativeArraySizeException reported in ArrayBlockingQueue under load
6984762 java classes_util_i18n Invalid close of file descriptor '-1' in findZoneinfoFile
7090844 java classes_util_i18n Support a timezone whose offset is changed more than once in the future
7092679 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Java getting wrong timezone/DST info on Solaris 11
7103405 java classes_util_i18n Correct display names for Pacific/Apia timezone
6751338 java classes_util_jarzip ZIP inflater/deflater performance
6858865 java classes_util_jarzip Fix for 6728376  causes regression if the size of "data" is 0 and malloc returns Null for 0-length
7011162 java classes_util_jarzip REGRESSION, incorrect header handling of extra gzip fields
6337964 java compiler should ignore last comma in annotation array
6512707 java compiler "incompatible types" after (unrelated) annotation processing
6682380 java compiler Foreach loop with generics inside finally block crashes javac with -target 1.5
7024568 java compiler Very long method resolution causing OOM error
7078543 java compiler Accepted syntax change b/w JDK 6 & 7 w/ -source 6: trailing ',' in ann value array
7079713 java compiler javac hangs when compiling a class that references a cyclically inherited class
7011591 java debugger JDWP socket transport should restart interrupted system calls (EINTR)
7066203 java localization Update currency data to the latest ISO 4217 standard
7049774 java rmi UID construction appears to hang if time changed backwards
7102369 java rmi remove java.rmi.server.codebase property parsing from registyimpl
7102914 java_deployment security REGRESSION: secure cookies is always dropped if network connection is triggered via liveconnect
6953625 java_plugin iexplorer SSV Helper Add-on doesn't get registered on IE
6994562 java_plugin iexplorer Swing classes (both JTextArea and JTextField) don't support caret width tuning
6929996 java_plugin plugin2 Request for method to disable the next gen plugin for end user managed account on Windows
7002572 java_plugin plugin2 [plugin2] showDocument() open browser window behind of applet in Firefox 3.6.xx
7021429 java_plugin plugin2 Jar file used by JRE1.4.2 won't be cached if it runs on New Generation Plugin.
7022938 java_plugin plugin2 New Java Plug-in occasionally fails to load first applet of two on IE 6
7041125 jndi ldap LDAP API does not catch malformed filters that contain two operands for the ! operator
7103725 jsse runtime REGRESSION - 6u29 breaks ssl connectivity using TLS_DH_anon_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA
7010928 visualvm tool Update Java VisualVM in 6ux
7065822 xml jaxb Namespace of xml elements can change when un/marshalling xml using jaxb