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Java SE 6u32 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the fixes in Java SE 6u32:

Bug_ID Category Sub-Category Synopsis
7035713 hotspot compiler2 3DNow Prefetch Instruction Support
7079329 hotspot compiler2 Adjust allocation prefetching for T4
7081926 hotspot compiler2 assert(VM_Version::supports_sse2()) failed: must support
7107919 hotspot compiler2 Remove hotspot assertion due to Solaris 8 kstat "unimplemented".
7125769 hotspot embedded ARM: SEGV on panda with linaro 3.1.1 running specjvm2008
6962930 hotspot garbage_collector make the string table size configurable
7112034 hotspot garbage_collector Parallel CMS fails to properly mark reference objects
7066129 hotspot monitoring_management GarbageCollectorMXBean#getLastGcInfo leaks native memory
7125594 hotspot monitoring_management C-heap growth issue in ThreadService::find_deadlocks_at_safepoint
6885916 hotspot runtime_system Memory leak in inferencing verifier (libverify.so)
7009098 hotspot svc_agent SA cannot open core files larger than 2GB on Linux 32-bit
7064279 java classes_beans Introspector.getBeanInfo() should release some resources in timely manner
7098404 java classes_io File.setWritable() / File.canWrite() not behaving as expected
7129083 java classes_net CookieManager does not store cookies if url is read before setting cookie manager
6963907 java classes_nio (so) Socket adapter need to implement sendUrgentData
7058336 java classes_nio (so) Socket adpator is not synchronized on channel state
7115586 java classes_nio (so) Suppress creation of SocketImpl in SocketAdaptor's constructor
6763530 java classes_security Cannot decode PublicKey (Provider SunPKCS11, curve prime256v1)
7118919 java classes_sound Gervill for 6uXX (2): make Gervill the default synthesizer
7130335 java classes_text Problem with timezone in a SimpleDateFormat
7099658 java classes_util Properties.loadFromXML fails with ClassCastException
6500343 java compiler compiler generates bad code when translating conditional expressions
7003595 java compiler IncompatibleClassChangeError with unreferenced local class with subclass
7014194 java install 32-bit JRE silent install fails on WINDOWS 2008 SERVER 64-bit under System account
7020613 java install installation fails by SMS under System Account
7066713 java install Separate demos from the bundles on Windows, Solaris and Linux
7133818 java install DT fails to register with Chrome
7045457 java_deployment general uninstall of JRE 7 with JRE 6 on the machine left 10.0.0 deployment registry key behind
7029567 java_plugin iexplorer IE9 prompts to disable Java plugin because of slow start up
7067322 java_plugin iexplorer Redirection of registry keys not happening correctly with old plugin
7129310 java_plugin plugin old-plugin liveconnect missing SecureCookiePermission
7115395 java_plugin plugin2 Java Plugin does not evaluate automatic proxy files correctly on Linux: always picks first proxy
7131316 java_plugin plugin2 20ms latency always observed for LiveConnect round-trip in IE
7157578 java_plugin plugin2 revisit IE LiveConnect performance fix to address applet hang issue found by Citigroup
7099086 javawebstart general Java Web Start 10.1.* is considerably slower than Web Start 1.4.2, using getresource() repeatedly
6175602 jaxp xslt Compilation of StarOffice wordml XSLT filter via XSLTC throws exception
6957215 jaxp xslt JDK6u18 XSLT regression: xsl:copy-of failing to copy generated attributes
7142509 jce runtime Cipher.doFinal(ByteBuffer,ByteBuffer) fails to process when in.remaining() == 0
7074877 jets idl (was 7011759 Bug Cloned - 6u16: Recovering buffer manager read stream underflow from protocols are
7091388 jets jets Regular unexplained npe's from corba libs after system has been running for days
6815182 jgss spnego GSSAPI/SPNEGO does not work with server using MIT Kerberos library
7126889 jsse runtime Incorrect SSLEngine debug output
7102934 xml jax-ws Npe occurs in abstractprocessor.readfromnextstructure
7096834 xml saaj SAAJ does not set correct namespace prefix and namespace URI for attributes in some circumstances.