Java SE 6u38 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in the JDK 6u38 release:

Bug ID Component Sub-Component Description
6520635 client-libs java.awt isModalityTypeSupported is not handled correctly
6505523 client-libs javax.swing NullPointerException in BasicTreeUI when a node is removed by expansion listener
7107099 client-libs javax.swing JScrollBar does not show up even if there are enough lebgth of textstring in textField
7123767 client-libs javax.swing Wrong tooltip location in Multi-Monitor configurations
7170169 core-libs java.lang (props) System.getProperty("") should return "Windows 8" when run on Windows 8
7173645 core-libs java.lang (props) System.getProperty("") should return "Windows Server 2012" for Windows Server 2012
6322356 core-libs InetAddress.getLocalHost performance need to be fixed
6811297 core-libs Add more logging to HTTP protocol handler
7199219 core-libs Proxy-Connection headers set incorrectly when a HttpClient is retrieved from the Keep Alive Cache
7199862 core-libs Make sure that a connection is still alive when retrieved from KeepAliveCache in certain cases
6230761 core-libs java.nio (so) NIO channels with IPv6 on Windows
7196533 core-libs java.util:i18n TimeZone.getDefault() slow due to synchronization bottleneck
7174887 core-libs javax.naming Deadlock in jndi ldap connection cleanup
7024198 deploy deployment_toolkit Java Control Panel does only allow a maximum of 1000 MB of Disk Space for storing temporary files
7171399 deploy deployment_toolkit Applet throws AccessControlException sporadically while reading user.home
7171690 deploy plugin legacy_lifecycle applets get destroyed prematurely
7179391 deploy plugin "getprintjob" hangs in old plugin
6957028 deploy webstart Random SHA1 digest errors when using Java Web Start with JarDiff
6636110 hotspot compiler Unaligned stackpointer leads to crash during deoptimization
7063674 hotspot compiler Wrong results from basic comparisons after calls to Long.bitCount(long)
7170275 hotspot runtime os::print_os_info needs to know about Windows 8
7196045 hotspot svc Possible JVM deadlock in ThreadTimesClosure when using HotspotInternal non-public API
7036753 install install Windows license link location changed again
7056731 other-libs corba:idl Race condition in CORBA code causes re-use of ABORTed connections
6500133 security-libs REGRESSION: CertificateParsingException for CRL Distribution Point with blank
7180907 security-libs Jarsigner -verify fails if rsa file used sha-256 with authenticated attributes
7192960 security-libs Comprehensive backport of kdc timeout infrastructure from jdk7
6931562 security-libs javax.crypto Support SunMSCAPI Security Provider in Windows 64-bit releases of JVM
7179879 security-libs SSLSocket connect times out instead of throwing socket closed exception
6402077 tools javac Start position is wrong for package private constructors
7147666 xml javax.xml.parsers High lock time for
7166896 xml javax.xml.parsers DocumentBuilder.parse(String uri) is not IPv6 enabled. It throws MalformedURLException