Java SE 6u85 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 6u85 release:

Bug Id Category Subcategory Description
8019623 client-libs java.awt Lack of synchronization in AppContext.getAppContext()
8036983 client-libs javax.accessibility JAB:Multiselection Ctrl+CursorUp/Down and ActivateDescenderPropertyChanged event
8011950 core-libs enters infinite loop when passed invalid data
6993789 core-libs java.util.concurrent LinkedBlockingDeque iterator/descendingIterator loops and owns lock forever
8041451 core-libs javax.naming com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection:ReadTimeout should abandon ldap request
8042857 core-libs javax.naming 14 stuck threads waiting for notification on LDAPRequest
7142035 core-svc java.lang.instrument assert in j.l.instrument agents during shutdown when daemon thread is running
8039050 hotspot compiler Crash in C2 compiler at Node::rematerialize
8039298 hotspot compiler C2: assert(base == NULL || t_adr->isa_rawptr() || !phase->type(base)->higher_equal(TypePtr::NULL_PTR)) failed: NULL+offs not RAW address?
7103224 hotspot runtime collision between __LEAF define in interfaceSupport.hpp and /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h with gcc
7110428 hotspot runtime Crash during HeapDump operation
8042789 other-libs corba org.omg.CORBA.ORBSingletonClass loading no longer uses context class loader
7099228 security-libs Use a PKCS11 config attribute to control encoding of an EC point
7160837 security-libs javax.crypto DigestOutputStream does not turn off digest calculation when "close()" is called
6491602 security-libs PKCS12 KeyStore should not call secureRandom.generateSeed()
8050158 security-libs Introduce system property to maintain RC4 preference order
6657499 tools javac javac 1.6.0 fails to compile class with inner class