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Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 7u121 release:

# JBS Component Subcomponent Description
1 JDK-8140530 client-libs 2d Creating a VolatileImage with size 0,0 results in no longer working g2d.drawString
2 JDK-8148127 client-libs 2d IllegalArgumentException thrown by JCK test api/java_awt/Component/FlipBufferStrategy/indexTGF_General in opengl pipeline
3 JDK-8147077 client-libs java.awt IllegalArgumentException thrown by api/java_awt/Component/FlipBufferStrategy/indexTGF_General
4 JDK-8154069 client-libs javax.accessibility Jaws reads wrong values from comboboxes when no element is selected
5 JDK-6882559 client-libs javax.swing new JEditorPane("text/plain","") fails for null context class loader
6 JDK-8158734 client-libs javax.swing JEditorPane.createEditorKitForContentType throws NPE after 6882559
7 JDK-8141243 core-libs java.util Unexpected timezone returned after parsing a date
8 JDK-8158802 core-libs javax.naming com.sun.jndi.ldap.SimpleClientId produces wrong hash code
9 JDK-8159822 core-libs javax.naming Non-synchronized access to shared members of com.sun.jndi.ldap.pool.Pool
10 JDK-8154144 core-svc   Tests in com/sun/jdi fails intermittently with "jdb input stream closed prematurely"
11 JDK-6937053 core-svc javax.management RMI unmarshalling errors in ClientNotifForwarder cause silent failure
12 JDK-8157988 deploy   Two files are missed in jdk7 backport of 8157862
13 JDK-8146102 deploy plugin Applet, IE are frozen after the applet loaded with Classic Java Plugin shows modal dialog
14 JDK-8161700 deploy webstart Deadlock in Java Web Start application involving JNLPClassLoader
15 JDK-8063086 hotspot compiler Math.pow yields different results upon repeated calls
16 JDK-8159244 hotspot compiler Partially initialized string object created by C2's string concat optimization may escape
17 JDK-8160385 hotspot compiler Properly fix 8159244 on jdk7
18 JDK-8017629 hotspot gc G1: UseSHM in combination with a G1HeapRegionSize > os::large_page_size() falls back to use small pages
19 JDK-8077276 hotspot gc allocating heap with UseLargePages and HugeTLBFS may trash existing memory mappings (linux)
20 JDK-8036630 hotspot runtime Null ProtectionDomain in JVM can cause NPE because principals field is not initialized to an empty array
21 JDK-8146975 other-libs corba NullPointerException in IIOPInputStream.inputClassFields
22 JDK-8025708 security-libs java.security Certificate Path Building problem with AKI serial number
23 JDK-8085903 security-libs java.security New fix for memory leak in ProtectionDomain cache
24 JDK-8139436 security-libs java.security sun.security.mscapi.KeyStore might load incomplete data
25 JDK-8143913 security-libs java.security MSCAPI keystore should accept Certificate[] in setEntry()
26 JDK-4963723 security-libs javax.crypto Implement SHA-224
27 JDK-6483657 security-libs javax.crypto MSCAPI provider does not create unique alias names
28 JDK-7169496 security-libs javax.crypto Problem with the SHA-224 support for SunMSCAPI provider
29 JDK-8160723 security-libs javax.crypto Improve jurisdiction policy file signing exception
30 JDK-8158111 security-libs javax.net.ssl Make handling of 3rd party providers more stable
31 JDK-8160518 security-libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 Semicolon is not recognized as comment starting character (Kerberos)
32 JDK-8067964 tools   Native2ascii doesn't close one of the streams it opens