Java SE 7u2 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the fixes in Java SE 7u2:

Bug ID Category Sub-Category Synopsis
6478991 hotspot compiler1 C1 NullCheckEliminator yields incorrect exceptions
7057120 hotspot compiler1 Tiered: Allow C1 to inline methods with loops
7060619 hotspot compiler1 C1 should respect inline and dontinline directives from CompilerOracle
7079673 hotspot compiler1 JSR 292: C1 should inline bytecoded method handle adapters
7085279 hotspot compiler1 C1 overflows code buffer with VerifyOops and CompressedOops
6591247 hotspot compiler2 C2 cleans up the merge point too early during SplitIf.
6983728 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292 code for limited argument counts is unused and should be deleted
6990015 hotspot compiler2 Incorrect Icache line size is used for 64 bit x86
7035946 hotspot compiler2 Up to 15% regression on JDK 7 b136 vs b135 on specjvm2008.crypto.rsa on x64
7039731 hotspot compiler2 arraycopy could use prefetch on SPARC
7044738 hotspot compiler2 Loop unroll optimization causes incorrect result
7047954 hotspot compiler2 VM crashes with assert(is_Mem()) failed: invalid node class
7054211 hotspot compiler2 No loop unrolling done in jdk7b144 for a test update() while loop
7058036 hotspot compiler2 FieldsAllocationStyle=2 does not work in 32-bit VM
7058510 hotspot compiler2 multinewarray with 6 dimensions uncommon traps in server compiler
7058651 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292 unit tests need a refresh
7058689 hotspot compiler2 Tiered: Reprofiling doesn't happen in presence of level 4 OSR methods
7059034 hotspot compiler2 Use movxtod/movdtox on T4
7059037 hotspot compiler2 Use BIS for zeroing on T4
7061101 hotspot compiler2 adlc should complain about mixing block and expression forms of ins_encode
7062856 hotspot compiler2 Disassembler needs to be smarter about finding hsdis after 1.7 launcher changes
7063628 hotspot compiler2 Use cbcond on T4
7063629 hotspot compiler2 use cbcond in C2 generated code on T4
7066143 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: Zero support after regressions from 7009923 and 7009309
7066339 hotspot compiler2 Tiered: policy should make consistent decisions about osr levels
7066841 hotspot compiler2 remove MacroAssembler::br_on_reg_cond() on sparc
7067288 hotspot compiler2 compiler regression test Test7052494 timeouts with client VM
7068051 hotspot compiler2 SIGSEGV in PhaseIdealLoop::build_loop_late_post on T5440
7069452 hotspot compiler2 Cleanup NodeFlags
7071307 hotspot compiler2 MethodHandle bimorphic inlining should consider the frequency
7071427 hotspot compiler2 AdapterFingerPrint can hold 8 entries per int
7071653 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: call site change notification should be pushed not pulled
7071709 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: switchpoint invalidation should be pushed not pulled
7074017 hotspot compiler2 Introduce MemBarAcquireLock/MemBarReleaseLock nodes for monitor enter/exit code paths
7075623 hotspot compiler2 6990212 broke raiseException in 64 bit
7077439 hotspot compiler2 Possible reference through NULL in loopPrdicate.cpp:726
7078382 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: don't count method handle adapters against inlining budgets
7079317 hotspot compiler2 Incorrect branch's destination block in PrintoOptoAssembly output
7079329 hotspot compiler2 Adjust allocation prefetching for T4
7079626 hotspot compiler2 x64 emits unnecessary REX prefix
7079769 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: incorrect size() for CallStaticJavaHandle on sparc
7080431 hotspot compiler2 VM asserts if specified size(x) in .ad is larger than emitted size
7081926 hotspot compiler2 assert(VM_Version::supports_sse2()) failed: must support
7082949 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: missing ResourceMark in methodOopDesc::make_invoke_method
7083184 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: don't store context class argument with call site dependencies
7083786 hotspot compiler2 delete various dead chunks of code
7085137 hotspot compiler2 -XX:+VerifyOops is broken
7085404 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: VolatileCallSites should have push notification too
7085860 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: implement CallSite.setTargetNormal and setTargetVolatile as native methods
7086560 hotspot compiler2 7085404 changes broke VM with -XX:-EnableInvokeDynamic
7087947 hotspot compiler2 Add regression test for 7068051
7088020 hotspot compiler2 SEGV in JNIHandleBlock::release_block
7088955 hotspot compiler2 add C2 IR support to the SA
7089632 hotspot compiler2 assert(machtmp->outcnt() == 1) failed: expected for a MachTemp
7089709 hotspot compiler2 type "jushort" not found
7090259 hotspot compiler2 Fix hotspot sources to build with old compilers
7090654 hotspot compiler2 nightly failures after 7086585
7100165 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: leftover printing code in methodHandleWalk.cpp
7100757 hotspot compiler2 The BitSet.nextSetBit() produces incorrect result in 32bit VM on Sparc
7110586 hotspot compiler2 C2 generates incorrect results
7032428 hotspot embedded ppc: JSR-292 ppc back-end
7046352 hotspot embedded c2/arm: com/sun/jdi/ crashes
7052988 hotspot embedded JPRT embedded builds don't set MINIMIZE_RAM_USAGE
7057978 hotspot embedded improve robustness of c1 ARM back-end wrt non encodable constants
7061187 hotspot embedded need some includes for arm/ppc
7061197 hotspot embedded ThreadLocalStorage sp map table should be optional
7061204 hotspot embedded clean the chunk table synchronously in embedded builds
7061212 hotspot embedded use o/s low memory notification in embedded builds
7061225 hotspot embedded os::print_cpu_info() should support os-specific data
7069772 hotspot embedded PPC: add Link Register to the Hotspot error log
7077242 hotspot embedded c2/arm: Enable support of 32 fp registers when available
7077272 hotspot embedded c2/arm: take advantage of fconsts and fconstd instructions
7077300 hotspot embedded c2/arm: take ABI for vfp registers into account
7085012 hotspot embedded ARM: com/sun/jdi/ still fails
7086394 hotspot embedded c2/arm: enable UseFPUForSpilling
7087445 hotspot embedded Improve platform independence of JSR292 shared code
7087453 hotspot embedded PhaseChaitin::yank_if_dead() should handle MachTemp inputs
7089927 hotspot embedded PPC fixes after JSR 292 additional testing
7090896 hotspot embedded LR not correctly set when jumping to the deopt exception entry
7096366 hotspot embedded PPC: corruption of floating-point values with DeoptimizeALot
4965777 hotspot garbage_collector GC changes to support use of discovered field for pending references
6484982 hotspot garbage_collector G1: process references during evacuation pauses
6804436 hotspot garbage_collector G1: heap region indices should be size_t
6810861 hotspot garbage_collector G1: support -XX:+{PrintClassHistogram,HeapDump}{Before,After}FullGC
6814390 hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove the concept of non-generational G1
6916968 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: freeList.cpp:304 assert(_allocation_stats.prevSweep() + ..., "Conservation Principle")
6929868 hotspot garbage_collector G1: introduce min / max young gen size bounds
6994322 hotspot garbage_collector Remove the is_tlab and is_noref / is_large_noref parameters from the CollectedHeap interface
7004681 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Extend marking verification to marking phase of Full GCs
7032531 hotspot garbage_collector G1: enhance GC logging to include more accurate eden / survivor size transitions
7039627 hotspot garbage_collector G1: avoid BOT updates for survivor allocations and dirty survivor regions incrementally
7045330 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Simplify/fix the HeapRegionSeq class
7045662 hotspot garbage_collector G1: OopsInHeapRegionClosure::set_region() should not be virtual
7045751 hotspot garbage_collector G1: +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent causes excessive single region evacuation pauses
7046182 hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove unnecessary iterations over the collection set
7046558 hotspot garbage_collector G1: concurrent marking optimizations
7048342 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: eob == _limit || fc->isFree() failed: Only a free chunk should allow us to cross over the limit
7048782 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: assert(last_chunk_index_to_check<= last_chunk_index) failed: parCardTableModRefBS.cpp:359
7049999 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Make the G1PrintHeapRegions output consistent and complete
7050392 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Introduce flag to generate a log of the G1 ergonomic decisions
7051430 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: ongoing CMS cycle should terminate abruptly to allow prompt JVM termination at exit
7055073 hotspot garbage_collector G1: code cleanup in the concurrentMark.* files
7060842 hotspot garbage_collector UseNUMA crash with UseHugreTLBFS running SPECjvm2008
7068215 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Print reference processing time during remark
7068240 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Long "parallel other time" and "ext root scanning" when running specific benchmark
7069863 hotspot garbage_collector G1: SIGSEGV running SPECjbb2011 and -UseBiasedLocking
7072527 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: JMM GC counters overcount in some cases
7075646 hotspot garbage_collector G1: fix inconsistencies in the monitoring data
7080389 hotspot garbage_collector G1: refactor marking code in evacuation pause copy closures
7081064 hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove develop params G1FixedSurvivorSpaceSize, G1FixedTenuringThreshold, and G1FixedEdenSize
7082645 hotspot garbage_collector Hotspot doesn't compile on old linuxes after 7060836
7082969 hotspot garbage_collector NUMA interleaving
7084509 hotspot garbage_collector G1: fix inconsistencies and mistakes in the young list target length calculations
7085906 hotspot garbage_collector Replace the permgen allocated sentinelRef with a self-looped end
7086226 hotspot garbage_collector UseNUMA fails on old versions of windows
7086533 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(!_g1->is_obj_dead(obj)): We should not be preserving dead objs: g1CollectedHeap.cpp:3835
7087583 hotspot garbage_collector Hotspot fails to allocate heap with mmap(MAP_HUGETLB)
7087717 hotspot garbage_collector G1: make the G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo parameter diagnostic
7089625 hotspot garbage_collector G1: policy for how many old regions to add to the CSet (when young gen is fixed) is broken
7091032 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert failure when NewRatio is used
7091294 hotspot garbage_collector disable quicksort tests
7092238 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Uninitialized field gc_efficiency in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo output
7092245 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Wrong format specifier in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo header output
7092412 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Some roots not marked during an initial mark that gets an evacuation failure
7097053 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(da ? referent->is_oop() : referent->is_oop_or_null()) failed: referenceProcessor.cpp:1054
6951623 hotspot jvmti possible performance problems in FollowReferences() and GetObjectsWithTags()
7043987 hotspot jvmti JVMTI FollowReferences is slow
7061192 hotspot runtime_arguments option handling adjustments for oracle and embedded builds
6941923 hotspot runtime_logging RFE: Handling large log files produced by long running Java Applications
6791672 hotspot runtime_system enable 1G and larger pages on solaris
6918185 hotspot runtime_system Remove unused code for lost card-marking optimization in BacktraceBuilder
7046490 hotspot runtime_system Preallocated OOME objects should obey Throwable stack trace protocol
7060836 hotspot runtime_system RHEL 5.5 and 5.6 should support UseNUMA
7065535 hotspot runtime_system Mistyped function name that disabled UseLargePages on Windows
7073913 hotspot runtime_system The fix for 7017193 causes segfaults
7082263 hotspot runtime_system Reflection::resolve_field/field_get/field_set are broken
7086585 hotspot runtime_system make Java field injection more flexible
7110428 hotspot runtime_system Crash during HeapDump operation
7059019 hotspot svc_agent G1: add G1 support to the SA
7097048 hotspot svc_agent G1: extend the G1 SA changes to print per-heap space information
7050826 java classes_2d Hebrew characters are not rendered on OEL 5.6
7088287 java classes_2d libpng need to be updated.
7029903 java classes_awt Splash screen is not shown in 64-bit Linux with 16-bit color depth
7071248 java classes_awt IME composition window does not disappear when file dialog is closed : Japanese WinXP
7073337 java classes_awt Crash after playing Java game on Pogo
7081012 java classes_awt REGRESSION:Component.transferFocusBackward invokes clearGlobalFocusOwner()
7108598 java classes_awt Pogo Table Games freeze with JDK 7
7057459 java classes_beans Regression: Performance degradation with java.beans.XMLEncoder
7064279 java classes_beans Introspector.getBeanInfo() should release some resources in timely manner
7082631 java classes_dyn JSR 292: need profiling support in GWTs
7074386 java classes_fontprop Fall back to fontconfig file based on only OS major version number on Linux
7082769 java classes_io FileInputStream/FileOutputStream/RandomAccessFile allow file descriptor be closed when still in use
7087019 java classes_io Initialized is misspelled in
6476261 java classes_lang (reflect) GenericSignatureFormatError When signature includes nested inner classes
6832374 java classes_lang (reflect) malformed signature can cause parser to go into infinite loop
7075098 java classes_lang Remove unused fdlibm files
7080038 java classes_lang (ann) Serializable types in sun.reflect.annotation do not declare serialVersionUIDs
7068328 java classes_management BufferPoolMXBean and PlatformLoggingMXBean getObjectName may return null
6670868 java classes_net StackOverFlow with authenticated Proxy tunnels
7041800 java classes_net URI.equals may incorrectly return true with escaped octets
7068416 java classes_net Lightweight HTTP Server should support TCP_NODELAY
7073491 java classes_net does not work correctly with system.gc()
7091369 java classes_net DatagramSocket/ failing on 8 and 7u2
7098719 java classes_net and Socket constructor does not work correctly with System.gc()
7099488 java classes_net TwoStacksPlainSocketImpl should invoke super.create(stream), typo in fix for 7098719
6898310 java classes_nio (cs) Charset cache lookups should be synchronized
7077769 java classes_nio (zipfs) ZipFileSystem.writeCEN() writes wrong "data size" for ZIP64 extended information extra field
6963006 java classes_security smartcardio is not mt safe - javax.smartcardio.CardException: wait mismatch
7099399 java classes_security cannot deal with CRL file larger than 16MB
4909150 java classes_swing WindowsTreeUI can cause NullPointerException occasionally
7012783 java classes_swing JFileChooser fails to resolve DFS links on Windows Vista SP2
7019963 java classes_swing The goto parent directory button doesn?t operate in JFileChooser
7051516 java classes_util ThreadLocalRandom seed is never initialized so all instances generate the same sequence
7090844 java classes_util_i18n Support a timezone whose offset is changed more than once in the future
7092679 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Java getting wrong timezone/DST info on Solaris 11
7103405 java classes_util_i18n Correct display names for Pacific/Apia timezone
7066490 java classes_util_regex @since 1.7 tag is missing for
7046778 java compiler Project Coin: problem with diamond and member inner classes
7057297 java compiler Project Coin: diamond erroneously accepts in array initializer expressions
7060926 java compiler Attr.PostAttrAnalyzer misses a case
7061125 java compiler Proposed javac argument processing performance improvement
7062745 java compiler Regression: difference in overload resolution when two methods are maximally specific
7068437 java compiler Regression: Filer.getResource(SOURCE_OUTPUT, ...) no longer works in JDK 7 w/o -s
7068451 java compiler Regression: javac compiles fixed sources against previous, not current, version of generated sources
7068902 java compiler (javac) allow enabling or disabling of String folding
7071246 java compiler Enclosing string literal in parenthesis in switch-case crashes javac
7073508 java compiler Regression: NullPointerException at$AugmentVisitor.augment
7073631 java compiler (javac) javac parser improvements for error position reporting
7074189 java compiler some javac tests fail with latest jtreg 4.1 b03
7074416 java compiler Regression: JSR199: javac doesn't unwrap clientcodewrapper objects
7075105 java dragndrop WIN: Provide a way to format HTML on drop
7087956 java embedded add to embedded JRE to enable additional troubleshooting support
7107380 java install Revert 3264 combo build back to warning (backout 7061112), warning to be parsed by RE.
7066203 java localization Update currency data to the latest ISO 4217 standard
7049774 java rmi UID construction appears to hang if time changed backwards
7102369 java rmi remove java.rmi.server.codebase property parsing from registyimpl
7067922 java tools (launcher) java -jar throws NPE if JAR file does not contain Main-Class attribute
7074494 java_deployment configuration Disabling "enable JavaFX 2.0" checkbox in JCP does not work.
7076326 java_deployment configuration JCP: cannot disable next gen plugin after FX is installed.
7085549 java_deployment configuration SSV2 - need to implement 7u2 subset of enhanced ssv requirements
7082118 java_deployment console Java WebStart occationally hangs when tracing is on
6908502 java_deployment deployment_toolkit deployJava.installLatestJRE() does not work sometimes - download problems
7044316 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT needs to be aware of new deploy version scheme
7052492 java_deployment deployment_toolkit Support embeded JNLP for webstart
7052499 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT: Support install in background
7062765 java_deployment deployment_toolkit enable no-codebase functionality in dt launch method on IE.
7068516 java_deployment deployment_toolkit need to remove unused DEBUG method in toolkit/common/utils_md.cpp
7068878 java_deployment deployment_toolkit Update urls to download Javafx from internal sites from DT
7072364 java_deployment deployment_toolkit Add vmArgs arg to DT and plugin launchApp function, to avoid relaunch on FX apps
7073627 java_deployment deployment_toolkit Eliminate hardcoded callback javascript function name regarding installing JRE/FX via DT
7073628 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT: message boxes shouldn't be shown during JRE/FX installation if javascript callback is used
7074181 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT: FF crashes upon user cancels install and reloads the page (usually happens after a few reloads)
7078307 java_deployment deployment_toolkit failed to launch no-codebase jnlp via DT on IE, using file URL
7079951 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT: check if the install callback is a function
7080417 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT: javafx auto-download does not work from internal url
7082676 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT: isPlugin2() always return false
7084241 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT need to return process exit code or windows error code. Not just boolean
7095117 java_deployment deployment_toolkit Deployment toolkit should download JavaFX runtime installer from Oracle DL8 server
7086486 java_deployment desktop ClassCastException in UIToolkitImpl.changeMode() when running JNLP applet-desc with javaws
7064045 java_deployment download Fix CacheUpgradeTest failures on UNIX
7083634 java_deployment download JarSignature code to support BLOB Signing is incompatible with JRE 1.6 or earlier
7087629 java_deployment download Security dialog from Fx applets with sandbox JNLP and signed jars does not show application Name.
7016482 java_deployment general Default progress dialog stays there while launching jnlp applications under some scenarios
7044092 java_deployment general registerDeploy function should create exact same registry keys as JRE installer
7044102 java_deployment general win7/vista: UAC warning dialog is shown for ssvagent.exe after FX runtime is installed
7044104 java_deployment general win7/vista: security warning dialog is shown for javaws.exe after FX runtime is installed
7052783 java_deployment general deployment native code should use generic-text mappings
7052791 java_deployment general gernerate registerDT commands in deploy.dll
7052942 java_deployment general Support FX runtime without bootclasspath
7053548 java_deployment general Java Control Panel Update Tab UI should be synchronized with Changes to default AU Schedule
7055127 java_deployment general Revert unintentional debug changes in makefile
7058119 java_deployment general -Xmx is not recognized as running JVM parameter in javaws after relaunch
7062597 java_deployment general unify setup and launching of FX application (browser and webstart)
7063183 java_deployment general AIOB exception in the RemoveCommentReader
7063653 java_deployment general HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\BrowserJavaVersion has incorrect value
7063739 java_deployment general FF: applet.status has ambiguous type
7063790 java_deployment general SunAutoProxyHandlerTest hangs
7064861 java_deployment general CacheUtilTest.testRemove hangs
7068024 java_deployment general Partial plugin is broken
7068626 java_deployment general UnregisterDeploy does not work when JRE and FX installed have same version of deployment bits
7069603 java_deployment general refactor unregister deploy in regfx.cpp
7071064 java_deployment general JNLPSignedHelperTest does not compile
7071460 java_deployment general registerDT fail to copy DT dlls to system32 sometimes
7073032 java_deployment general Should not warmup AWT if FX is requested
7073033 java_deployment general Do not try to launch FX apps with old JRE
7074216 java_deployment general RegisterDT should copy files if the version is equal
7075195 java_deployment general Detected from bootclasspath: C:\\PROGRA~1\\Java\\jre7\\lib\\deploy.jar
7075699 java_deployment general allow javafx2 param name using mixed case
7075885 java_deployment general Improve ErrorEvent support
7075887 java_deployment general Signed preloader is sandboxed
7076284 java_deployment general Do not pop security warning to users of old JREs if they install JavaFX
7076653 java_deployment general Win7: 2 enteries of Java control panel inside the windows control panel
7079514 java_deployment general JavaFX Installation should be successful when installing through DT
7081204 java_deployment general DT- JavaFX setup Error deleting file - error code 5
7082088 java_deployment general Version Key under Java Plug-in is duplicated because of extra '\n' in Version Key
7082208 java_deployment general registerDeploy() should also take care of IE Plugin registration
7083149 java_deployment general Need to convert UIFactory to be abstract class
7083560 java_deployment general JavaPlugin should have consistent Version number when restoring registry key
7084852 java_deployment general SSV dialog is shown for applet when FX is installed on top of old JRE
7085149 java_deployment general Local JVM settings should not cause relaunch unless conflict is detected.
7085154 java_deployment general splash is missing for javaws app after installing fx
7085660 java_deployment general Installer does not copy required files to Windows System32 folder
7086205 java_deployment general With fx runtime installed some traditional applets using object/embed tag crashes
7087158 java_deployment general NPE in FileTraceListener when running Fx JNLP
7087599 java_deployment general IE pops security dialog for ssvagent and jp2launcher
7088176 java_deployment general Update JRE build to build deployJava to bin/dtplugin
7088859 java_deployment general jnlp doc bundle should include short version string
7089732 java_deployment general The application can not detect the proxy setting of IE9
7091581 java_deployment general registerDeploy need to register JQS
7093076 java_deployment general Build breakage due to missing header file
7093121 java_deployment general windows build failed due to including commutil.h in common.h
7096047 java_deployment general need to workaround 7096028
7099889 java_deployment general second copy of SingleInstanceService application does not exit after attaching to main app
7049193 java_deployment networking Review and complete support for JAR's signed as BLOB
7054199 java_deployment networking Need to review plugin cached JarURLConnection.getURL during redirect
7062850 java_deployment networking Submit changes for "Jar As BLOB" for security review
7064226 java_deployment networking Fix unit test failures in DownloadEngineNoCacheTest and SignedAsBLOBJarTest
7065737 java_deployment networking ClassCastException: JarFile cannot be cast to CacheEntry
7077787 java_deployment networking Preloader jars are checked for update even when update policy background and already in cache
7097117 java_deployment networking Signed-as-BLOB jar lost signing info when running from local machine
7098160 java_deployment networking Launch from cache (background update check) => expect 0 network request on critical path
7058424 java_deployment security System Security store is not read properly once FX is installed
7061121 java_deployment security ssv module do not need to set redirect keys in the HKLM branch
7067939 java_deployment security Use Yellow Warning Triangle on Self-signed security dialog - Usability Study Results
7102914 java_deployment security REGRESSION: secure cookies is always dropped if network connection is triggered via liveconnect
7046916 java_plugin iexplorer java icon is missing under the Internet Explorer's Internet Options -> Advanced menu
7063746 java_plugin iexplorer applet.onLoad is called multiple times in IE
7067322 java_plugin iexplorer Redirection of registry keys not happening correctly with old plugin
7072601 java_plugin iexplorer Java 7 crashes with Internet Explorer 9
6575586 java_plugin misc Cache: Unzipped cached files for gzip contents are still reported as gzip-encoded
7062869 java_plugin misc Fix compilation error in UserProfile.cpp when _DEBUG is on
7067049 java_plugin misc Java plugin causes Browser crash when display JmolApplet on Linux/Ubuntu
7082970 java_plugin misc Parameters in FX Apps should not be converted to lower case
7080444 java_plugin plugin firefox6 incompatible with java console
7051942 java_plugin plugin2 System properties defined in applet "java_arguments" parameter are not passed through correctly
7060523 java_plugin plugin2 Loading applet-JARs with SSL and client authentication causes concurrentModificationException throws
7064630 java_plugin plugin2 RegSetValueEx should take wchar as input
7066365 java_plugin plugin2 junit test failed: AWTAppletLifecycleTest
7069887 java_plugin plugin2 ssvagent should not include regfx.cpp statically and should be UNICODE
7072674 java_plugin plugin2 System property is not set correctly
7072987 java_plugin plugin2 when running fx2 applet - FX application thread context class loader is incorrect
7074440 java_plugin plugin2 Java plugin fails in java7 on page load/reload in IE9
7075787 java_plugin plugin2 add missing comment to sun.plugin2.util.ParameterNames
7076621 java_plugin plugin2 Support logging for messages exchanged between server and client JVM
7076626 java_plugin plugin2 DeployClassLoader should have enough permission to load sealed packages.
7076629 java_plugin plugin2 LiveConnect call from JavaFX application thread can cause deadlock
7076837 java_plugin plugin2 Passing Set-Cookie2 header to CookieHandler.getDefault().put() has no effect in applet mode
7079530 java_plugin plugin2 JSObject.eval and with null cause browser to crash.
7079839 java_plugin plugin2 IE 9 not find java 6 plugin after unintall JDK 7
7080966 java_plugin plugin2 JSObject could be released prematurely on server VM
7081333 java_plugin plugin2 Sometimes Chrome needs to be moved or resized to show FX applcation stage contents
7082067 java_plugin plugin2 missing document base check in DisconnectedExecutionContext.showDocument
7083825 java_plugin plugin2 revise the fix for 7074440
7083948 java_plugin plugin2 Applet relaunch could carry out-of-date size information
7085269 java_plugin plugin2 JVMLauncher should launch jp2launcher from fx install directory if fx is installed
7086497 java_plugin plugin2 fx install should remove old java plugin reg. key before creating a new one
7092378 java_plugin plugin2 UAC dialog for ssvagent pops up unexpectedly
7097677 java_plugin plugin2 Regression: applet.status could block NPAPI browsers
6998409 java_plugin plugin3 Investigate LiveConnect for Applet2/Applet support
7070848 javawebstart download_engine enhance jnlp embedded support to launch w/o accessing jnlp file on server
7085020 javawebstart download_engine applets and fx-apps run thru webstart will not relaunch for jnlp. and javaws. properties
7064501 javawebstart general webstart launched jnlp applet (applet-desc) has incorrect size
7072463 javawebstart general two trace file of same content created when running javafx2 application via webstart
7074315 javawebstart general failed to launch javafx2 webstart application by double clicking on a local jnlp file
7076486 javawebstart general javafx2 webstart application failed to launch when both applet-desc and javafx-desc exists in jnlp
7076580 javawebstart general desktop shortcut is not created for javafx-desc or applet-desc launched by java web start
7083071 javawebstart general javaws.exe crash due to free() of non-null terminated string
7083861 javawebstart general need to install HTTPS handler before creating any HTTPS URL instance
7099086 javawebstart general Java Web Start 10.1.* is considerably slower than Web Start 1.4.2, using getresource() repeatedly
7053087 javawebstart install Cannot unistall some apps from add/remove programs on windows
7049169 javawebstart jnlp_file Review and enable the implementation of JNLP-embedded certificate
7068603 javawebstart jnlp_file Submit security review for support of JNLP-Embedded certificates
7086662 javawebstart jnlp_file ClassCastException at launching Fx applet with no-name arguments.
6935697 jaxp xslt JRE 1.6.0_17 contains buggy XALAN
7024697 jce pkcs11_csp SessionRef.dispose() should determine if the token referred to by the token object is still valid pr
7061379 jgss krb5plugin [Kerberos] Cross-realm authentication fails, due to nameType problem
7067974 jgss krb5plugin multiple ETYPE-INFO-ENTRY with same etype and different salt
7041125 jndi ldap LDAP API does not catch malformed filters that contain two operands for the ! operator
7031830 jsse runtime bad_record_mac failure on TLSv1.2 enabled connection with SSLEngine
7065972 jsse runtime Some race condition may happen in SSLSocketImpl class