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Java SE 7u4 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the fixes in Java SE 7u4:

Bug ID Category Sub-Category Synopsis
7090976 hotspot compiler1 Eclipse/CDT causes a JVM crash while indexing C++ code
7094138 hotspot compiler1 JSR 292: JRuby junit test fails in CallSite.setTargetNormal:obj->is_oop() failed: sanity check
7102657 hotspot compiler1 JSR 292: C1 deoptimizes unlinked invokedynamic call sites infinitely
7103261 hotspot compiler1 crash with jittester on sparc
7103380 hotspot compiler1 assertion failure with -XX:+PrintNativeNMethods
7104177 hotspot compiler1 Tiered: -XX:+PrintCanonicalization doesn't work with -XX:+TieredCompilation
7110489 hotspot compiler1 C1: 64-bit tiered with ForceUnreachable: assert(reachable(src)) failed: Address should be reachable
7114106 hotspot compiler1 C1: assert(goto_state->is_same(sux_state)) failed: states must match now
7120448 hotspot compiler1 Fix FP values for compiled frames in frame::describe
7120450 hotspot compiler1 complete information dumped by frame_describe
7120468 hotspot compiler1 SPARC/x86: use frame::describe to enhance trace_method_handle
7123108 hotspot compiler1 C1: assert(if_state != NULL) failed: states do not match up
7123253 hotspot compiler1 C1: in store check code, usage of registers may be incorrect
7126041 hotspot compiler1 jdk7u4 b05 and b06 crash with RubyMine 3.2.4, works well with b04
7131028 hotspot compiler1 Switch statement takes wrong path
7131288 hotspot compiler1 COMPILE SKIPPED: deopt handler overflow (retry at different tier)
7131302 hotspot compiler1 connode.cpp:205 Error: ShouldNotReachHere()
7132180 hotspot compiler1 JSR 292: C1 JVM crash with ClassValue/MethodHandle
7143038 hotspot compiler1 SIGSEGV in assert_equal / LinearScan::assign_reg_num
6636110 hotspot compiler2 unaligned stackpointer leads to crash during deoptimization
6890673 hotspot compiler2 Eliminate allocations immediately after EA
7003454 hotspot compiler2 order constants in constant table by number of references in code
7013347 hotspot compiler2 allow crypto functions to be called inline to enhance performance
7030453 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292 ClassValue.get method is too slow
7059039 hotspot compiler2 EA: don't change non escaping state of NULL pointer
7059047 hotspot compiler2 EA: can't find initializing store with several CheckCastPP
7064302 hotspot compiler2 JDK7 build 147 crashed after testing my java 6-compiled web app
7085860 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: implement CallSite.setTargetNormal and setTargetVolatile as native methods
7087727 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: C2 crash if ScavengeRootsInCode=2 when "static final" MethodHandle constants are in use
7090904 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: JRuby junit test crashes in PSScavengeRootsClosure::do_oop
7097546 hotspot compiler2 Optimize use of CMOVE instructions
7100165 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: leftover printing code in methodHandleWalk.cpp
7103784 hotspot compiler2 enable some flags by default
7104561 hotspot compiler2 UseRDPCForConstanttableBase doesn't work after shorten branches changes
7104960 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: +VerifyMethodHandles in product JVM can overflow buffer
7105305 hotspot compiler2 assert check_method_context proper context
7105364 hotspot compiler2 JDK8 b10 hotspot: src/share/vm/ci/ciMethodHandle.cpp Error: Use "." or "->" ....
7105605 hotspot compiler2 Use EA info to optimize pointers compare
7105611 hotspot compiler2 Set::print() is broken
7106774 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: nightly test inlineMHTarget fails with wrong result
7106907 hotspot compiler2 64 bit VM fails test compiler/6865265/StackOverflowBug.java
7106944 hotspot compiler2 assert(_pc == *pc_addr) failed may be too strong
7107042 hotspot compiler2 assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected
7108383 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: JRuby bench_define_method_methods.rb: assert(slow_jvms != NULL) failed: miss path must not
7109887 hotspot compiler2 java/util/Arrays/CopyMethods.java fails with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot
7110058 hotspot compiler2 change default for ScavengeRootsInCode to 2
7110586 hotspot compiler2 C2 generates incorrect results
7111138 hotspot compiler2 delete the obsolete flag -XX:+UseRicochetFrames
7112085 hotspot compiler2 assert(fr.interpreter_frame_expression_stack_size()==0) failed: only handle empty stacks
7112478 hotspot compiler2 after 7105605 JRuby bench_define_method_methods.rb fails with NPE
7116452 hotspot compiler2 Add support for AVX instructions
7116795 hotspot compiler2 Tiered: enable by default for server
7117282 hotspot compiler2 Tiered: assert(base == NULL || t_adr->isa_rawptr() || !phase->type(base)->higher_equal(TypePtr:
7118863 hotspot compiler2 Move sizeof(klassOopDesc) into the *Klass::*_offset_in_bytes() functions
7119286 hotspot compiler2 JSR292: SIGSEGV in JNIHandleBlock::release_block(JNIHandleBlock*, Thread*)+0x3c
7119294 hotspot compiler2 Two command line options cause JVM to crash.
7119730 hotspot compiler2 Tiered: SIGSEGV in AdvancedThresholdPolicy::is_method_profiled(methodOop)
7121073 hotspot compiler2 secondary_super_cache memory slice has incorrect bounds in flatten_alias_type
7121111 hotspot compiler2 -server -Xcomp -XX:+TieredCompilation does not invoke C2 compiler
7121140 hotspot compiler2 Allocation paths require explicit memory synchronization operations for RMO systems
7121648 hotspot compiler2 Use 3-operands SIMD instructions on x86 with AVX
7125136 hotspot compiler2 SIGILL on linux amd64 in gc/ArrayJuggle/Juggle29
7125879 hotspot compiler2 assert(proj != NULL) failed: must be found
7125896 hotspot compiler2 Eliminate nested locks
7128352 hotspot compiler2 assert(obj_node == obj) failed
7128355 hotspot compiler2 assert(!nocreate) failed: Cannot build a phi for a block already parsed
7129284 hotspot compiler2 +DoEscapeAnalysis regression w/ early build of 7u4 (HotSpot 23) on Linux
7129618 hotspot compiler2 assert(obj_node->eqv_uncast(obj),"");
7131259 hotspot compiler2 compile_method and CompilationPolicy::event shouldn't be declared TRAPS
7132936 hotspot compiler2 guarantee(t != NULL) failed: must be con
7132945 hotspot compiler2 Tiered: adjust OSR threshold of level 3
7140985 hotspot compiler2 HSDIS does not handle caller options correctly
7141059 hotspot compiler2 7116795 broke pure c2 builds
7141637 hotspot compiler2 JSR 292: MH spread invoker crashes with NULL argument on x86_32
7142680 hotspot compiler2 default GC affected by jvm path
7143491 hotspot compiler2 G1 C2 CTW: assert(p2x->outcnt() == 2) failed: expects 2 users: Xor and URShift nodes
7144405 hotspot compiler2 JumbleGC002 assert(m->offset() == pc_offset) failed: oopmap not found
7145345 hotspot compiler2 Code cache sweeper must cooperate with safepoints
7145346 hotspot compiler2 VerifyStackAtCalls is broken
7146442 hotspot compiler2 assert(false) failed: bad AD file
7150051 hotspot compiler2 incorrect oopmap in critical native
7154333 hotspot compiler2 JVM fails to start if -XX:+AggressiveHeap is set
7159766 hotspot compiler2 Tiered compilation causes performance regressions
7077312 hotspot embedded Provide a CALL effect for instruct declaration in the ad file
7090968 hotspot embedded Allow adlc register class to depend on runtime conditions
7094170 hotspot embedded PPC, JSR292: fully implement verify_args assertions on PPC
7098066 hotspot embedded c2/arm: SpillCopy should use ldrd/strd for long
7098702 hotspot embedded PPC: stack not walkable on some verify calls
7101732 hotspot embedded c2/arm: direct call to C runtime from c2 runtime may be unreachable
7102776 hotspot embedded Pack instanceKlass boolean fields into single u1 field
7108264 hotspot embedded Fix for 7104173 is insufficient
7110017 hotspot embedded is_headless_jre should be updated to reflect the new location of awt toolkit libraries
7116363 hotspot embedded ARM/PPC: missing StoreStore barrier for escaping objects
7117052 hotspot embedded instanceKlass::_init_state can be u1 type
7119586 hotspot embedded Hotspot crashes on powerpc
7123315 hotspot embedded instanceKlass::_static_oop_field_count and instanceKlass::_java_fields_count should be u2 type
7125769 hotspot embedded ARM: SEGV on panda with linaro 3.1.1 running specjvm2008
7140866 hotspot embedded assert(covered) failed: Card for end of new region not committed
7142641 hotspot embedded -Xshared:on fails on ARM
7145261 hotspot embedded Wrong register is used in volatile check in ppc Templatetable::fast_storefield
6330863 hotspot garbage_collector vm/gc/InfiniteList.java fails intermittently due to timeout problems
6484965 hotspot garbage_collector G1: piggy-back liveness accounting phase on marking
6484982 hotspot garbage_collector G1: process references during evacuation pauses
6593758 hotspot garbage_collector RFE: Enhance GC ergonomics to dynamically choose ParallelGCThreads
6679764 hotspot garbage_collector enable parallel compaction by default
6888336 hotspot garbage_collector G1: avoid explicitly marking and pushing objects in survivor spaces
6976060 hotspot garbage_collector G1: humongous object allocations should initiate marking cycles when necessary
7005808 hotspot garbage_collector G1: re-enable ReduceInitialCardMarks for G1
7068215 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Print reference processing time during remark
7075646 hotspot garbage_collector G1: fix inconsistencies in the monitoring data
7078465 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Don't use the undefined value (-1) for the G1 old memory pool max size
7086533 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(!_g1->is_obj_dead(obj)): We should not be preserving dead objs: g1CollectedHeap.cpp:3835
7091032 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert failure when NewRatio is used
7091366 hotspot garbage_collector re-enable quicksort tests
7092238 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Uninitialized field gc_efficiency in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo output
7092245 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Wrong format specifier in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo header output
7092309 hotspot garbage_collector G1: introduce old region set
7092412 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Some roots not marked during an initial mark that gets an evacuation failure
7095194 hotspot garbage_collector G1: HeapRegion::GrainBytes, GrainWords, and CardsPerRegion should be size_t
7095236 hotspot garbage_collector G1: _markedRegions never contains NULL regions
7096030 hotspot garbage_collector G1: PrintGCDetails enhancements
7097002 hotspot garbage_collector G1: remove a lot of unused / redundant code from the G1CollectorPolicy class
7097053 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(da ? referent->is_oop() : referent->is_oop_or_null()) failed: referenceProcessor.cpp:1054
7097516 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(0<= from_card && from_card<HeapRegion::CardsPerRegion) failed: Must be in range.
7097586 hotspot garbage_collector G1: improve the per-space output when using jmap -heap
7098085 hotspot garbage_collector G1: partially-young GCs not initiated under certain circumstances
7099817 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: +FLSVerifyLists +FLSVerifyIndextable asserts: odd slot non-empty, chunk not on free list
7099824 hotspot garbage_collector G1: we should take the pending list lock before doing the remark pause
7099849 hotspot garbage_collector G1: include heap region information in hs_err files
7102044 hotspot garbage_collector G1: VM crashes with assert(old_end != new_end) failed: don't call this otherwise
7102445 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Unnecessary Resource allocations during RSet scanning
7103665 hotspot garbage_collector HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::failed_mem_allocate(unsigned long,bool)+0x97
7105163 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: some mentions of MinChunkSize should be IndexSetStart
7106024 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: Removed unused code for precleaning in remark phase
7106751 hotspot garbage_collector G1: gc/gctests/nativeGC03 crashes VM with SIGSEGV
7110152 hotspot garbage_collector assert(size_in_words <= (julong)max_jint) failed: no overflow
7110173 hotspot garbage_collector GCNotifier::pushNotification publishes stale data.
7110190 hotspot garbage_collector GCCause::to_string missing case for _adaptive_size_policy
7110718 hotspot garbage_collector -XX:MarkSweepAlwaysCompactCount=0 crashes the JVM
7111795 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Various cleanups identified during walk through of changes for 6484965
7112034 hotspot garbage_collector Parallel CMS fails to properly mark reference objects
7112413 hotspot garbage_collector JVM Crash, possibly GC-related
7112743 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Reduce overhead of marking closure during evacuation pauses
7112997 hotspot garbage_collector Remove obsolete code ResetObjectsClosure and VerifyUpdateClosure
7113006 hotspot garbage_collector G1: excessive ergo output when an evac failure happens.
7113012 hotspot garbage_collector G1: rename not-fully-young GCs as "mixed"
7113021 hotspot garbage_collector G1: automatically enable young gen size auto-tuning when -Xms==-Xmx
7114095 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(obj == oopDesc::load_decode_heap_oop(p)) failed: p should still be pointing to obj
7114303 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert(_g1->mark_in_progress()) failed: shouldn't be here otherwise
7117303 hotspot garbage_collector VM uses non-monotonic time source and complains that it is non-monotonic
7118202 hotspot garbage_collector G1: eden size unnecessarily drops to the minimum
7119027 hotspot garbage_collector G1: use atomics to update RS length / predict time of inc CSet
7119584 hotspot garbage_collector UseParallelGC barrier task can be overwritten.
7119908 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Cache CSet start region for each worker for subsequent reuse
7120038 hotspot garbage_collector G1: ParallelGCThreads==0 is broken
7121373 hotspot garbage_collector Clean up CollectedHeap::is_in
7121496 hotspot garbage_collector G1: do the per-region evacuation failure handling work in parallel
7121547 hotspot garbage_collector G1: High number of mispredicted branches while iterating over the marking bitmap
7121618 hotspot garbage_collector Change type of number of GC workers to unsigned int.
7121623 hotspot garbage_collector G1: always be able to reliably calculate the length of a forwarded chunked array
7123165 hotspot garbage_collector G1: output during parallel verification can get messed up
7124829 hotspot garbage_collector NUMA: memory leak on Linux with large pages
7125281 hotspot garbage_collector G1: heap expansion code is replicated
7125516 hotspot garbage_collector G1: ~ConcurrentMark() frees incorrectly
7127706 hotspot garbage_collector G1: re-enable survivors during the initial-mark pause
7128532 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Change default value of G1DefaultMaxNewGenPercent to 80
7129164 hotspot garbage_collector JNI Get/ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical don't scale
7129271 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Interference from multiple threads in PrintGC/PrintGCDetails output
7129892 hotspot garbage_collector G1: explicit marking cycle initiation might fail to initiate a marking cycle
7130334 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Change comments and error messages that refer to CMS in g1/concurrentMark.cpp/hpp
7131791 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Asserts in nightly testing due to 6976060
7132029 hotspot garbage_collector G1: mixed GC phase lasts for longer than it should
7132311 hotspot garbage_collector G1: assert((s == klass->oop_size(this)) || (Universe::heap()->is_gc_active() && ((is_typeArray()...
7132398 hotspot garbage_collector G1: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid threshold: 9223372036854775807 > max (1073741824)
7133038 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Some small profile based optimizations
7134655 hotspot garbage_collector Crash in reference processing when doing single-threaded remarking
7144296 hotspot garbage_collector PS: Optimize nmethods processing
7144318 hotspot garbage_collector GCLocker assert failure: assert(_needs_gc || SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint(
7146343 hotspot garbage_collector PS invoke methods should indicate the type of gc done
7150390 hotspot garbage_collector JFR test crashed on assert(_jni_lock_count == count) failed: must be equal
7152954 hotspot garbage_collector G1: Native memory leak during full GCs
7144302 hotspot jfr JFR: remove stale JFR option threads_may_flush_globalbuffers
7148185 hotspot jfr JFR: Parser error for maxchunksize slows down JFR considerably
7151791 hotspot jfr TraceEvent & TraceComplexEvent should use ft_elapsed counter.
7155602 hotspot jfr VMJFR.c:459: store_tzlocale: Assertion `len_locale < 10' failed
6972759 hotspot jvmti Step over not working after thrown exception and Pop
7022100 hotspot jvmti Method annotations are incorrectly set when redefining classes
7064927 hotspot jvmti retransformClasses() does not pass in LocalVariabletable of a method
7118280 hotspot jvmti The gbyc00102 JCK7 test causes an assert in JVM 7.0 fastdebug mode
7122253 hotspot jvmti Instrumentation.retransformClasses() leaks class bytes
7127032 hotspot jvmti fix for 7122253 adds a JvmtiThreadState earlier than necessary
7130993 hotspot jvmti nsk/jdi/ReferenceType/instances/instances004 fails with JFR: assert(ServiceUtil::visible_oop(obj))
7066129 hotspot monitoring_management GarbageCollectorMXBean#getLastGcInfo leaks native memory
7120511 hotspot monitoring_management Add diagnostic commands
7125594 hotspot monitoring_management C-heap growth issue in ThreadService::find_deadlocks_at_safepoint
7130476 hotspot monitoring_management Remove use of #ifdef TRACE_DEFINE_KLASS_TRACE_ID from klass.hpp
7132515 hotspot monitoring_management Add dcmd to manage UnlockingCommercialFeature flag
7143549 hotspot monitoring_management Name of dcmd to manage UnlockingCommercialFeature flag should conform convention
7143760 hotspot monitoring_management Memory leak in GarbageCollectionNotifications
7121083 hotspot runtime_arguments Add JFR XX switches FlightRecorderOptions, StartFlightRecording and LogCommercialFeatures
7145243 hotspot runtime_arguments Need additional specializations for argument parsing framework
7132690 hotspot runtime_classfile InstanceKlass::_reference_type should be u1 type
7145589 hotspot runtime_dtrace First JSDT provider creation fails
7126185 hotspot runtime_error_handling Clean up lasterror handling, add os::get_last_error()
7141200 hotspot runtime_logging log some interesting information in ring buffers for crashes
7145537 hotspot runtime_logging minor tweaks to LogEvents
7145798 hotspot runtime_ports System.loadLibrary does not search current working directory
7059899 hotspot runtime_system Stack overflows in Java code cause 64-bit JVMs to exit due to SIGSEGV
7071311 hotspot runtime_system Decoder enhancement
7082553 hotspot runtime_system Interpret Thread.setPriority(Thread.MAX_PRIORITY) to mean FX60 on Solaris 10 and 11
7091417 hotspot runtime_system recvfrom's 6th input should be of type socklen_t
7103224 hotspot runtime_system collision between __LEAF define in interfaceSupport.hpp and /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h with gcc
7110428 hotspot runtime_system Crash during HeapDump operation
7114376 hotspot runtime_system Make system dictionary hashtable bucket array size configurable
7116189 hotspot runtime_system Export JVM_SetNativeThreadName from Hotspot
7116216 hotspot runtime_system StackOverflow GC crash
7122939 hotspot runtime_system TraceBytecodes broken with UseCompressedOops
7126480 hotspot runtime_system Make JVM start time in milliseconds since the Java epoch available
7131050 hotspot runtime_system fix for "7071311 Decoder enhancement" does not build on MacOS X
7140882 hotspot runtime_system Don't return booleans from methods returning pointers
7142113 hotspot runtime_system MAC: _get_previous_fp broken on bsd with llvm-gcc
7145587 hotspot runtime_system Stack overflows in Java code cause 64-bit JVMs to exit due to SIGSEGV (solaris sparc)
7146354 hotspot runtime_system Re-enable Compressed OOPs after 7118647 is resolved
7009098 hotspot svc_agent SA cannot open core files larger than 2GB on Linux 32-bit
7059019 hotspot svc_agent G1: add G1 support to the SA
7097048 hotspot svc_agent G1: extend the G1 SA changes to print per-heap space information
7108242 hotspot svc_agent jinfo -permstat shouldn't report interned strings as part of perm
7133766 hotspot svc_agent JFR DCMD: start_flightrecording dcmd should report back id of started recording instead of No result
7156960 hotspot svc_agent Incorrect copyright headers in parts of the Serviceability agent
7115199 hotspot tools Add event tracing hooks and Java Flight Recorder infrastructure
7141250 hotspot tools JFR Diagnostic commands needs to initialize flight recorder on demand
7141253 hotspot tools JFR: Register JFR default event types for JVM and Metaproducer
7144109 hotspot tools JFR DCMD: JFR initialization to throw j.l.runtimeExceptions on all failure exits
7145539 hotspot tools JFR: class loader id is sometimes garbage
7083621 java classes_2d Add fontconfig file for OEL6 and rename RH/O EL 5 file so that it is picked up for all 5.x updates
7125723 java classes_2d [macosx] painting artifacts after running SwingSet2 with jdk7u-osx build
7128597 java classes_2d [macosx] Program freeze when Swing is used with -XstartOnFirstThread
7131793 java classes_2d [macosx] some cleanup in OGL pipeline code
7152608 java classes_2d [macosx] Crash in liblwawt.dylib in AccelGlyphCache_RemoveCellInfo
7154505 java classes_2d [macosx] NetBeans sometimes starts with no text rendered
7078460 java classes_awt JDialog is shown as separate icon on the taskbar
7081670 java classes_awt Disposing an AppContext can lead to a spinning EventDispatchThread
7104625 java classes_awt sun.awt.X11.XEvent is creating 600 MB of char[] for no good reason
7105529 java classes_awt XAWT: Optimize getFieldsAsString() methods generated by WrapperGenerator
7108598 java classes_awt Pogo Table Games freeze with JDK 7
7122796 java classes_awt SunToolkit constructor should create the EventQueue for the Main AppContext
7124627 java classes_awt [macosx] Please sync up changes from workspace macosx-port into the jdk7u-osx
7125267 java classes_awt [macosx] TrayIcon removal test invariably crashes on System.exit after successful completion
7129825 java classes_awt [macosx] Native activation is not changed when focusing other frame's owned window
7131038 java classes_awt [macosx] Document usage of -XstartOnFirstThread and -Xdock:*
7131196 java classes_awt [macosx] Cmd-Q does not quit a graphical Java app
7131367 java classes_awt [macosx] reg test test/java/awt/Window/TranslucentJAppletTest fails
7132692 java classes_awt [macosx] Class com.apple.eawt not functioning
7134826 java classes_awt [macosx] KeyEvent difference between Apple 1.6 and openjdk
7141675 java classes_awt [macosx] Fix jcheck issues in .m sources
7142565 java classes_awt [macosx] Many special keys processed twice in text fields
7144064 java classes_awt [macosx] "Could not find class" error in JTree's ctor when called in headless mode
7144065 java classes_awt [macosx] Orphaned Choice popup window
7145980 java classes_awt Dispose method of window.java takes long
7147066 java classes_awt [macosx] FileDialog.getDirectory() returns incorrect directory
7148275 java classes_awt [macosx] setIconImages() not working correctly (distorted icon when minimized)
7149085 java classes_awt [macosx] Quit with QuitStrategy CLOSE_ALL_WINDOWS does terminate application
7149913 java classes_awt [macosx] Deadlock in LWTextComponentPeer
7150516 java classes_awt [macosx] appletviewer shouldn't link against libX11 on the Mac
7154072 java classes_awt [macosx] swallowing key events
7154177 java classes_awt [macosx] An invisible owner frame becomes visible upon clicking a child window
7154480 java classes_awt [macosx] Not all popup menu items are visible
7154516 java classes_awt [macosx] Popup menus have no visible borders
7159266 java classes_awt [macosx] ApplicationDelegate should not be set in the headless mode
7092744 java classes_beans XMLEncoder fails to encode and breaks backward compatibility
7122138 java classes_beans IAE thrown because Introspector ignores synthetic methods
7109063 java classes_dyn JSR 292: fix for 7085860 is incomplete
7134690 java classes_lang remove legacy jnilib support from ClassLoader and System [macosx]
7132199 java classes_management sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/JvmstatCountersTest.java failing on all platforms
7141739 java classes_management [osx] Local attach fails if java.io.tmpdir is set
7079012 java classes_net test/java/net/NetworkInterface/NetParamsTest.java fails with SocketException getting mac address
7095980 java classes_net Ensure HttpURLConnection (and supporting APIs) don't expose HttpOnly cookies
7120875 java classes_net Networking updates (ipv6) and regression test script fixes for macos port
7122794 java classes_net (macosx) DatagramSocket.disconnect() not working
7125722 java classes_net Crash in PlainSocketImpl.socketBind [macosx]
7127660 java classes_net (macosx) *Socket Async close not working
7127771 java classes_net (macosx)test/java/net/Socket/TrafficClass.java fails on Mac OS X
7128648 java classes_net HttpURLConnection.getHeaderFields should return an unmodifiable Map
7129083 java classes_net CookieManager does not store cookies if url is read before setting cookie manager
7131399 java classes_net Poll system call appears to be broken on Mac OS [macosx]
7134701 java classes_net [macosx] Support legacy native library names
7139770 java classes_net MacOS JCK failures in DatagramSocket and MulticastSocket
7142123 java classes_net test/java/net/ProxySelector/B6737819.java failing on all platforms since Mac OS integration
7115586 java classes_nio (so) Suppress creation of SocketImpl in SocketAdaptor's constructor
7131697 java classes_nio (se) Need AsynchronousChannelProvider implementation for Mac OS X
7132637 java classes_nio (dc) DatagramChannel multicast tests failing on MacOSX
7132679 java classes_nio (dc) DatagramChannel.send fails with ECONNREFUSED when not connected (Mac OSX)
7133476 java classes_nio (fs) Files.readAttributes throws NPE on MacOSX
6879539 java classes_security enable empty password support for pkcs12 keystore
7047200 java classes_security keytool safe store (was Misleading error message)
7081783 java classes_security jarsigner error when no $HOME/.keystore
7088989 java classes_security Improve the performance for T4 by utilizing the newly provided crypto APIs
7092825 java classes_security javax.crypto.Cipher.Transform.patternCache is synchronizedMap and became scalability bottleneck.
7093090 java classes_security Reduce synchronization in java.security.Policy.getPolicyNoCheck
7094155 java classes_security JSR105 code throws javax.xml.crypto.URIReferenceException when running into Java 7 VM
7123107 java classes_security [macosx] native ccache
7129872 java classes_security test/sun/security/pkcs11/KeyStore/SecretKeysBasic.sh failing on non-Solaris platforms on 7u4
7131084 java classes_security XMLDSig XPathFilter2Transform regression involving intersect filter
7133495 java classes_security [macosx] KeyChain KeyStore implementation retrieves only one private key entry
7142516 java classes_security [macosx] sun/security/ssl/com/sun/net/ssl/internal/ssl/EngineArgs/DebugReportsOneExtraByte.sh fails
6505523 java classes_swing NullPointerException in BasicTreeUI when a node is removed by expansion listener
7010561 java classes_swing Tab text position with Synth based LaF is different to Java 5/6
7082443 java classes_swing JComboBox not backward compatible (with Java 6)
7107099 java classes_swing JScrollBar does not show up even if there are enough lebgth of textstring in textField
7122246 java classes_swing [macosx] JCK swing test CaretTests fails in b205
7138665 java classes_swing JOptionPane.getValue() unexpected change between JRE 1.6 and JRE 1.7
7141296 java classes_swing [macosx] Mouse Wheel Turn closes combobox popup
7143857 java classes_swing Memory leak in javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthTreeUI
7148281 java classes_swing [macosx] JTabbedPane tabs with HTML text do not render correctly
7051769 java classes_text java.text.Bidi.toString() output is wrong
7130335 java classes_text Problem with timezone in a SimpleDateFormat
7099658 java classes_util Properties.loadFromXML fails with ClassCastException
7123229 java classes_util (coll) EnumMap.containsValue(null) returns true
7091003 java classes_util_concurrent ScheduledExecutorService never executes Runnable with corePoolSize of zero
7017458 java classes_util_i18n (cal) Multithreaded deserialization of Calendar leads to ClassCastException
7022407 java classes_util_i18n Spinning CPU in LocaleObjectCache.get()
7027061 java classes_util_i18n Testcase failure: java/util/Locale/Bug6989440.java - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
7073906 java classes_util_i18n Locale.getDefault() returns wrong Locale for Java SE 7
7117469 java classes_util_i18n Warning cleanup for j.u.Currency and j.u.Locale related classes
7122054 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Windows-only: tzmappings needs update for KB2633952
7142234 java classes_util_i18n [macosx] closed/java/util/TimeZone/CheckTzdataVersion.sh fails on Mac OS X
7158483 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2012c
7109837 java classes_util_jarzip Provide a mechanism for computing an Adler32 checksum for the contents of a ByteBuffer
7140989 java classes_util_jarzip [MacOSX] Test Pack200Test fails on Mac
7085024 java compiler internal error; cannot instantiate Foo
7086586 java compiler Inference producing null type argument
7086595 java compiler Error message bug: name of initializer is 'null'
7086601 java compiler Error message bug: cause for method mismatch is 'null'
7097436 java compiler Project Coin: duplicate varargs warnings on method annotated with @SafeVarargs
7123100 java compiler javac fails with java.lang.StackOverflowError
7127924 java compiler langtools regression tests sometimes fail en-masse on windows
7129225 java compiler javac fails to run annotation processors when star import of package of gensrc
7142086 java compiler performance problem in Check.checkOverrideClashes(...)
7142667 java compiler Problems with the value passed to the 'classes' param of JavaCompiler.CompilationTask.getTask(...)
7144979 java compiler incorrect path separator in make/build.xml for Windows when running jtreg tests
7127199 java debugger test/com/sun/jdi/ShellScaffold.sh needs to include Darwin as a recognized platform
7141465 java debugger [macosx] com/sun/jdi/PrivateTransportTest.sh fails on Mac OS X
7152274 java install msvcr100.dll should be treated like any other file during PIP
7165926 java install my .jar file can no long run by double-click under Windows Explorer.
7126832 java javah com.sun.tools.javac.api.ClientCodeWrapper$WrappedJavaFileManager cannot be cast
7156000 java jfr Change makefile to reflect refactoring classes
7045132 java localization sun.security.util.Resources_pt_BR.java translation error
7082950 java localization SwingSet2 demo's translated property files broken
7124171 java localization 7u4 l10n message update related to Mac OS X port
7156831 java monitoring The jcmd man page is not included in generated bundles
7141413 java rmi [macosx] Regression test java/rmi/registry/readTest/readTest.sh failing on Mac OS X
7115200 java serviceability Add Java Flight Recorder phase I
7132386 java serviceability Add makefile support for event tracing phase 1
7122780 java svc_demos (macosx) JVMTI Test DemoRun.java doesn't understand macosx .dylibs
7123392 java tools (launcher) fix MacOSX launcher failures
7124089 java tools (launcher) refactor the launcher code for macosx
7125442 java tools jar application located in two bytes character named folder cannot be run with JRE 7 u1/u2
7145172 java_deployment configuration Disable dynamic baseline code in deployment in 7u4
7148304 java_deployment configuration Java control panel: switch to old plugin check box is not working
7078738 java_deployment deployment_toolkit investigate multiple applets on the same page using DT to install JRE or FX
7092651 java_deployment deployment_toolkit Deployment Toolkit plugin should be able to handle bundles without hardcode versions
7111699 java_deployment deployment_toolkit dt crashes after unicode conversion (7088185)
7111710 java_deployment deployment_toolkit memory corruption in olehelpers.cpp after dt unicode conversion (7088185)
7144684 java_deployment deployment_toolkit wrong buffer size passed to RegSetValueEx
7144777 java_deployment deployment_toolkit Few issues in DT plugin API: enableJavaFX
7125295 java_deployment desktop CCR: Deployment Component registration needs to work correctly under install/uninstall/reinstall sce
7146060 java_deployment desktop WinRegistryWrapperTest crash jvm on win7
7099311 java_deployment download Fx packager generated HTML with embedded JNLP could not be customized for different jnlp_href value
7116428 java_deployment download cannot run unsigned app from cache with 1.5.0_07
7118346 java_deployment download Cache.markResourceIncomplete causes AccessControlException
7119603 java_deployment download Launch JNLP file not updated when user cache directory path specified with lower-case drive letter
7121240 java_deployment download webstart does not work when jnlp file is gzip compressed
7153298 java_deployment download webstart start 2 background update threads resulted in double downloads of same jars
7088185 java_deployment general Convert DT libs to Unicode
7092290 java_deployment general Opening Internet Explorer 8 blocked by UAC dialog for ssvagent.exe
7093864 java_deployment general Fix issues found by static analysis tools (unix native)
7104915 java_deployment general UAC dialog pops up upon first invoke of IE after installing fx
7107796 java_deployment general Registry keys left after FX runtime removal
7112638 java_deployment general HashMap cannot regonize a NULL _bstr_t as key
7114931 java_deployment general versionString don't need to delete if it's not get allocated
7116333 java_deployment general Cannot display dialogs using 1.4.2 or 1.5.0 jres.
7116521 java_deployment general Dynamic security baselines (common deployment part - java part)
7116583 java_deployment general Use javac from build tree to compile htmlconverter
7118750 java_deployment general restore RemoveAllStaticVersionRedirectKeys from installer code to registerDeploy
7119192 java_deployment general detect and remove bogus 1.7.x deployment keys
7119269 java_deployment general Tune URLUtils
7121453 java_deployment general SSV2: Implement "Cannot download" dialog as per spec
7123397 java_deployment general Blacklist jar file should be removed from cache directory
7124834 java_deployment general JNLPSignerResourceHelperTest is not robust
7125711 java_deployment general Interminent failures of PluginMessagesTest
7128344 java_deployment general fix build failure caused by 7088204
7128400 java_deployment general Fix javadoc warning in the deploy build
7129962 java_deployment general Revisit fix for 7082747
7129975 java_deployment general create installing version keys in HKLM Javasoft during install
7130852 java_deployment general firefox 3.6 cannot load fx2 applet
7132981 java_deployment general add InstallHints support to RegisterDeploy
7140845 java_deployment general Support JavaFX detection on Linux
7140869 java_deployment general deployment.user.* system properties contain $USER_HOME
7141410 java_deployment general DT: need way to validate setup
7141458 java_deployment general dtjava.launch for webstart application does not work
7141494 java_deployment general deploy.dll has JCP uninstall issue
7141930 java_deployment general Remaining 6u31 java plugin and java webstart are not being registered at all
7142007 java_deployment general DT no-codebase launch file corrupted
7143700 java_deployment general Need onLoad callback in DT plugin
7145764 java_deployment general Refactor NPAPI plugin implementation
7146338 java_deployment general FileChooser used by FileSaveService/FileOpenService should use UIFactory interface
7147631 java_deployment general DT: Add support for passing arguments to launchApp() as one javascript structure
7147699 java_deployment general Add state callbacks and versin to DTLiteObject
7151724 java_deployment general FX webstart application do not work
7067943 java_deployment security Multiple Click for Self Signed Security Dialog
7083682 java_deployment security signed application that was succesfully run on Java 6 do not start on Java 7 if cache do not cleared
7105958 java_deployment security Add support for new Oracle PKI jurisdiction
7109885 java_deployment security security baseline for 7u2 or above is not set correctly
7112164 java_deployment security Java Webstart can not handle extra double quote in jnlp file correctly
7112950 java_deployment security Improve the blacklist exception message and make exception handling more consistent
7116860 java_deployment security New self-signed multi-step dialog interaction
7145932 java_deployment security Move SystemUtils.getMethod() to a private method
7152028 java_deployment security Warning dialog for unsigned applet printer access no longer has checkbox
7132478 java_deployment update Java Update Button at the ControlPanel does nothing on German Windows XP
7122452 java_plugin bridge axbridge packager crashes in beanreg.dll since jdk7
7148803 java_plugin bridge access violation in axbridge.dll since JRE 7
7127482 java_plugin iexplorer applet using object tag with mime type only does not work on IE
7123024 java_plugin install multiple versions of java plugin registered for FF after jre8 and fx 2.0.2 are installed
7145895 java_plugin misc broken build by imcomplete commit for CR 7143700
7129310 java_plugin plugin old-plugin liveconnect missing SecureCookiePermission
7130866 java_plugin plugin IE manage add-on display string for ssv.dll is missing
7002572 java_plugin plugin2 [plugin2] showDocument() open browser window behind of applet in Firefox 3.6.xx
7040632 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2 blocks FireFox when loading applet
7077220 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin CookieHandler ignores HttpOnly cookies
7096913 java_plugin plugin2 Race condition could cause applet status callback not invoked
7111062 java_plugin plugin2 clean up use of old mozilla header for cookie/proxy service
7112215 java_plugin plugin2 move npjp2.dll to a new directory to prevent Firefox from auto-detecting it
7115395 java_plugin plugin2 Java Plugin does not evaluate automatic proxy files correctly on Linux: always picks first proxy
7127220 java_plugin plugin2 Method/Property name query result can be cached in native code to improve performance
7130014 java_plugin plugin2 REGRESSION:Firefox crashes if an applet calls URL.openStream during applet stop method
7131316 java_plugin plugin2 20ms latency always observed for LiveConnect round-trip in IE
7133019 java_plugin plugin2 REGRESSION:7u4 b07 Applets wont load with Chrome
7143979 java_plugin plugin2 document.getElementById on plugin CLSID cause IE hang
7143984 java_plugin plugin2 expose webstart launch API in plugin dlls
7144252 java_plugin plugin2 applet loaded by Firefox 9/10 does not repsond to clicks anymore after a few reload or page switch
7145442 java_plugin plugin2 Java hangs on "Request Authentication" dialog if script uses applet object
7147659 java_plugin plugin2 static version clsid used for treatas key should not be hard coded in ssv
7148295 java_plugin plugin2 REGRESSION: 7u4 Applets wont load with Chrome
7156244 java_plugin plugin2 change in PluginWindowFactory.create cause problem with FX 2.0.3 runtime
7157578 java_plugin plugin2 revisit IE LiveConnect performance fix to address applet hang issue found by Citigroup
7105641 java_plugin plugin3 DeployClassLoader failed to findResource due to SecurityException
7111738 java_plugin plugin3 Don't ask for user's permission to download JavaFX JNLP installer
7129311 javawebstart download_engine Cached gzipped JNLP file should be detected and refreshed by internal usage
7099726 javawebstart general jnlp-*.zip file name should use lowercase in the date string
7115601 javawebstart general Fix for 7103814 causes crashes on javaws startup
7118421 javawebstart general RFE: JNLPClassLoader to use hashmap instead of ArrayList
7130236 javawebstart general Error dialogs were shown only briefly
7141274 javawebstart general NullPointer exception is thrown on load bugster.jnlp's with different titles since 7u4b05
7086260 javawebstart install jnlp file association not made by jre installer after uninstalling 1.7
7128939 javawebstart install EditFlags value should be FTA_OpenIsSafe 0x00010000
7116127 javawebstart jnlp_api Shortcut points to non existant image after update of jnlp file and image
7057778 jaxp parse Incompatible behavior of javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser between JDK5 and 6
7147666 jaxp parse High lock time for com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.dv.DTDDVFactory.getInstance()
7150637 jaxp xslt No newline emitted after XML decl in XSLT output
7033170 jce pkcs11_csp Cipher.getMaxAllowedKeyLength(String) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException
7142509 jce runtime Cipher.doFinal(ByteBuffer,ByteBuffer) fails to process when in.remaining() == 0
7046238 jets idl new InitialContext(); hangs
7091388 jets jets Regular unexplained npe's from corba libs after system has been running for days
7077172 jgss krb5plugin KerberosTime does not take into account system clock adjustement
7077640 jgss krb5plugin gss wrap for cfx doesn't handle rrc != 0
7077646 jgss krb5plugin gssapi wrap for CFX per-message tokens always set FLAG_ACCEPTOR_SUBKEY
7089889 jgss krb5plugin Krb5LoginModule.login() throws an exception if used without a keytab
7118809 jgss krb5plugin rcache deadlock
7106277 jsse runtime Brokenness in the seqNumberOverflow of MAC
7106773 jsse runtime 512 bits RSA key cannot work with SHA384 and SHA512
7113275 jsse runtime compatibility issue with MD2 trust anchor and old X509TrustManager
7142172 jsse runtime Custom X509TrustManagers that return null for getAcceptedIssuers will NPE.
7116903 visualvm tool Integrate new version of Java VisualVM based on VisualVM 1.3.3 into 7u4