Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 7u51 release:

Bug Id Category Sub-Category Description
8023310 client-libs java.beans Thread contention in the method Beans.IsDesignTime()
8027370 core-libs java.time (tz) Support tzdata2013h
8020943 core-svc java.lang.management Memory leak when GCNotifier uses create_from_platform_dependent_str()
8026002 deploy plugin Certificate based DRS rule does not work when main jar is in nested resource block or extension
8027029 deploy plugin Deadlock in caching code launching application with a large number of jars (~100).
8027405 deploy plugin Properly configured LiveConnect Applets must work even on JREs below the baseline by default
8029135 deploy plugin ESL not working for JNLP applications without an href
8016849 deploy plugin Applets don't get loaded and the Firefox crashes under Mac OS X
8025890 deploy plugin liveconnect dialog is showing the publisher unknown
8025956 deploy plugin Warning message appears in all the jar files not only the main jar file
8023822 deploy webstart REGRESSION:NPE exception throws when Java Web start apps fails with no logging
8021257 other-libs corba com.sun.corba.se.** should be on restricted package list
8027943 other-libs corba serial version of com.sun.corba.se.spi.orbutil.proxy.CompositeInvocationHandlerImpl changed in 7u45
8028215 other-libs corba ORB.init fails with SecurityException if properties select the JDK default ORB
8014618 security-libs javax.net.ssl Need to strip leading zeros in TlsPremasterSecret of DHKeyAgreement
8028111 xml jaxp XML readers share the same entity expansion counter
8029038 xml jaxp Revise fix for XML readers share the same entity expansion counter