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Java SE 7u6 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the fixes in Java™ Development Kit 7 Update 6 (JDK 7u6):

Bug Id Category Sub_Category Description
7160539 hotspot compiler1 JDeveloper crashes on 64-bit Windows
7170145 hotspot compiler1 C1 doesn't respect the JMM with volatile field loads
7174928 hotspot compiler1 JSR 292: unresolved invokedynamic call sites deopt and osr infinitely
6924259 hotspot compiler2 Remove String.count/String.offset/String.hashcode
7063674 hotspot compiler2 Wrong results from basic comparisons after calls to Long.bitCount(long)
7157141 hotspot compiler2 crash in 64 bit with corrupted oops
7157365 hotspot compiler2 jruby/bench.bench_timeout crashes with JVM internal error
7167254 hotspot compiler2 Crash on OSX in Enumerator.nextElement() with compressed oops
7174363 hotspot compiler2 Arrays.copyOfRange leads to VM crash with -Xcomp -server if executed by testing framework
7179138 hotspot compiler2 Incorrect result with String concatenation optimization
7167142 hotspot runtime_arguments Issue warning when finding a .hotspotrc or .hotspot_compiler file that isn't used
7166498 hotspot runtime_classfile JVM crash in ClassVerifier
7171703 hotspot runtime_jni JNI DefineClass crashes client VM when first parameter is NULL
7132070 hotspot runtime_system Use a mach_port_t as the OSThread thread_id rather than pthread_t on BSD/OSX
7165755 hotspot runtime_system OS Information much longer for linux than other platforms
7170275 hotspot runtime_system os::print_os_info needs to know about Windows 8
7166956 java accessibility Integrate the Java Access Bridge with Java Runtime
7152690 java char_encodings Initialization error with charset SJIS_0213 when security manager is enabled
7177216 java char_encodings native2ascii changes file permissions of input file
7027300 java classes_2d Unsynchronized HashMap access causes endless loop
7168550 java classes_2d [macosx] duplicate OGL context state changes related to vertex cache
7183251 java classes_2d Netbeans editor renders text wrong on JDK 7u6 build 17
7183458 java classes_2d Metrics of space character in algorithmically emboldened font have changed in JDK 7.
7043963 java classes_awt AWT workaround missing for Mutter.
7080109 java classes_awt Dialog.show() lacks doPrivileged() to access system event queue
7092551 java classes_awt Double-click in TextField sets caret to the beginning
7128738 java classes_awt dragged dialog freezes system on dispose
7131021 java classes_awt [macosx] Consider using system properties to pass arguments from the launcher to AWT/SplashScreen
7142091 java classes_awt [macosx] RFE: Refactoring of peer initialization/disposing
7144207 java classes_awt [macosx] Text disappears when moving from external monitor to laptop
7144542 java classes_awt [macosx] Crash in liblwawt.dylib setBusy() when exiting an FX app run with j2d pipeline
7148289 java classes_awt [macosx] Deadlock in sun.lwawt.macosx.CWrapper$NSScreen.visibleFrame
7149062 java classes_awt [macosx] dock menu don't show available frames
7150345 java classes_awt [macosx] Can't type into applets at allstarpuzzles.com
7150349 java classes_awt [macosx] Applets attempting to show popup menus activate the applet process
7154062 java classes_awt [macosx] Mouse cursor isn't updated in applets
7156191 java classes_awt [macosx] Can't type into applet demos in Pivot
7156194 java classes_awt [macosx] Can't type non-ASCII characters into applets
7159381 java classes_awt [macosx] Dock Icon defaults to Generic Java Application
7160293 java classes_awt [macosx] FileDialog appears on secondary display
7160623 java classes_awt [macosx] Editable TextArea/TextField are blocking GUI applications from exit
7162144 java classes_awt Missing AWT thread in headless mode in 7u4 b06
7166437 java classes_awt [macosx] Support for Window.Type.UTILITY on the Mac
7167291 java classes_awt [macosx] Popup menus do not work when window is on secondary monitor
7170716 java classes_awt JVM crash when opening an AWT app from a registered file.
7171163 java classes_awt [macosx] Shortcomings in the design of the secondary native event loop made JavaFX DnD deadlock
7172430 java classes_awt [macosx] debug message in non debug jdk build
7172722 java classes_awt Latest jdk7u from OSX broke universal build
7173487 java classes_awt [macosx] Problems with popup menus, tooltips and dialog boxes in dual monitor setup
7177144 java classes_awt [macosx] Drag and drop not working (regression in 7u6)
7179349 java classes_awt [macosx] Java processes on Mac should not use default Apple icon
7181027 java classes_awt [macosx] Unable to use headless mode
7184401 java classes_awt JDk7u6 : Missing main menu bar in Netbeans after fix for 7162144
7184845 java classes_awt Apps6: menu tree bean in form throws npe in jre 7 while closing
7122740 java classes_beans PropertyDescriptor Performance Slow
7148143 java classes_beans PropertyChangeSupport.addPropertyChangeListener can throw ClassCastException
7182135 java classes_beans Impossible to use some editors directly
7105952 java classes_io Improve finalisation for FileInputStream/FileOutputStream/RandomAccessFile
7149320 java classes_lang Move sun.misc.VM.booted() to end of System.initializeSystemClass()
7074616 java classes_management java.lang.management.ManagementFactory.getPlatformManagementInterfaces fails
7147848 java classes_management com.sun.management.UnixOperatingSystem uses hardcoded dummy values [macosx]
7146564 java classes_net DefaultProxySelector should filter and ::0 [macosx]
7176784 java classes_net Windows authentication not working on some computers
7183292 java classes_net HttpURLConnection.getHeaderFields() throws IllegalArgumentException: Illegal cookie name
6346658 java classes_nio (se) Selector briefly spins when asynchronously closing a registered channel [win]
7096436 java classes_nio (sc) SocketChannel.connect fails on Windows 8 when channel configured non-blocking
7103889 java classes_nio (fs) Reduce String concatenation when iterating over directory
7118373 java classes_nio (se) Potential leak file descriptor when deregistrating at around the same time as an async close
7127235 java classes_nio (fs) NPE in Files.walkFileTree if cached attributes are GC'ed
7143744 java classes_nio (se) Stabilize KQueue SelectorProvider and make default on MacOSX
7161881 java classes_nio (dc) DatagramChannel.bind(null) fails if IPv4 socket and running with preferIPv6Addresses=true
7168505 java classes_nio (bf) MappedByteBuffer.load does not load buffer's content into memory
7169050 java classes_nio (se) Selector.select slow on Solaris due to insertion of POLLREMOVE and 0 events
7173515 java classes_nio (se) Selector.open fails with OOME on Solaris when unlimited file descriptors
7176630 java classes_nio (sc) SocketChannel.write does not write more than 128k when channel configured blocking [win]
7144530 java classes_security KeyTab.getInstance(String) no longer handles keyTabNames with "file:" prefix
7151068 java classes_security OCSPUnitTest not working
7152564 java classes_security Improve CodeSource.matchLocation(CodeSource) performance
7168191 java classes_security Signature validation can fail under certain circumstances
7180907 java classes_security Jarsigner -verify fails if rsa file used sha-256 with authenticated attributes
7027139 java classes_swing getFirstIndex() does not return the first index that has changed
7123957 java classes_swing Switch of Gnome theme ends up deadlocked in GTKEngine.native_switch_theme (regression in Java 7)
7156657 java classes_swing Version 7 doesn't support translucent popup menus against a translucent window
7158712 java classes_swing Synth Property "ComboBox.popupInsets" is ignored
7169111 java classes_swing Unreadable menu bar with Ambiance theme in GTK L&F
7177173 java classes_swing [macosx] JFrame.setExtendedState(JFrame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH) not working as expected in JDK 7
7071826 java classes_util UUID.randomUUID() race condition
7118100 java classes_util (prefs) Inconsistency when using system and user preference on OSX Lion
7144488 java classes_util (coll) Infinite recursion for some equals tests in Collections
7173432 java classes_util Fix issue with null key at resize of HashMap
7173918 java classes_util Update Alternative String Hashing Defaults
7178548 java classes_util Hashtable alternative hashing threshold default ignored
7180240 java classes_util Disable alternative string hashing by default
7133138 java classes_util_i18n Improve io performance around timezone lookups
7149608 java classes_util_i18n (tz): Default TZ detection fails on linux when symbolic links to non default location used.
7167359 java classes_util_i18n (tz) SEGV on solaris if TZ variable not set
7184145 java classes_util_jarzip (pack200) pack200 --repack throws NullPointerException when JAR file specified without path
7148242 java compiler Regression: valid code rejected during generic type well-formedness check
7148556 java compiler Implementing a generic interface causes a public clone() to become inaccessible
7151070 java compiler NullPointerException in Resolve.isAccessible
7159016 java compiler Static import of member in processor-generated class fails in JDK 7
7175331 java embedded Remove FDS files from embedded JRE images
7166379 java imageio javax.imageio.ImageIO.read(ImageInputStream) leaks file handlers
7034702 java install JDK7 and JavaDB Packaging for Solaris 11 via IPS: remove old SUNWjavadb* packages
7128768 java install Need to support Access Bridge Feature
7142588 java install Generate tar.gz for JDK and demos and samples on macosx
7144130 java install Clarifications/verification on IPS required
7148584 java jar Jar tools fails to generate manifest correctly when boundary condition hit
7175845 java jar "jar uf" changes file permissions unexpectedly
7143353 java profiling -Xrunhprof fails in Java 7 due to bad switch
7154822 java serviceability forward port fix for Bug 13645891 to JDK8 jcmd (1024 byte file size limit issue)
7163524 java serviceability Add SecTaskAccess attribute to jstack [macosx]
7168110 java serviceability Misleading jstack error message
7148499 java tools Stack size in tools/launcher/Settings.java needs to be increased
7160385 java_deployment deployment_toolkit REGRESSION: Jre DeployJava issue with Jre 1.7.0
7163304 java_deployment deployment_toolkit DT installLatestJRE does not work on Firefox/Chrome with old dt plugin dll (7u1 or before)
7165642 java_deployment deployment_toolkit update unix and mac side of DTLite launchAPP as per 7132539
7168385 java_deployment deployment_toolkit isAutoInstallEnabled in DT javascript is too restrictive
7172940 java_deployment deployment_toolkit deployment toolkit changes to detect FX runtime from co-bundle
7180589 java_deployment deployment_toolkit revert return code of installJRE for DT plugin on mozilla
7023178 java_deployment desktop improve desktop integration on UNIX using freedesktop.org specs
7161398 java_deployment desktop (Mac) JavaFx Web Start apps hang if system tray icon is enabled
7179250 java_deployment desktop [Mac] Java Control Panel and other processes should use Oracle branded icons.
7153298 java_deployment download webstart start 2 background update threads resulted in double downloads of same jars
7154369 java_deployment download When caching disable, using webstart to launch JNLP with applet-desc causes NPE
7155499 java_deployment download Rebuilt soft referenced signing data in CacheEntry and CachedJarFile could become inconsistent
7132539 java_deployment general Passing parameters to webstar app through DT does not work
7148913 java_deployment general RegDeploy: NPAPI DT plugin does not have mimetype infor in the registry
7148914 java_deployment general Need to be able to detect true cobundle from mimetype
7151711 java_deployment general Http Basic Authentication dialog shown twice and does not work when launch JNLP applet from shortcut
7152068 java_deployment general For 32 bit jre in 64 bit machine, fxreg.exe looks into system32 for npDeployJava1.dll
7153446 java_deployment general Redirect browser VM debug log to browser console
7157587 java_deployment general Convert String.contains() to String.indexOf() to run on JDKs earlier than 1.5
7158473 java_deployment general regression in getMnemonic for show/hid options in SecurityDialog
7171668 java_deployment general [macosx] NLS: .strings files do not have UTF-16 BOM
7182660 java_deployment general Can't save file using FileSaveService when running FX applet
7119727 java_deployment networking revisit IE httponly cookie support
7162188 java_deployment networking Performance hits when application code calling getResourceAsStream
7163312 java_deployment networking Improve cache implementation code for cleanner access interface
7183365 java_deployment networking Deployment cache incompatible issue
6982308 java_deployment security Update security dialog designs to make the messaging clear
7152028 java_deployment security Warning dialog for unsigned applet printer access no longer has checkbox
7157778 java_deployment security NoSuchMethodException on NetscapeCertTypeExtension method get(String name)
7164284 java_deployment security re-enable dynamic security baselines in deployment
7179600 java_deployment security Attempting to print from an unsigned applet causes multiple print access Security Dialogs to appear
7183263 java_deployment security Regression: crossdomain.xml with dtd doesn't work
7159764 java_deployment update (Mac) Improve implementation of self-update/Sparkle support
7161126 java_deployment update [Mac] Plugin update hangs on Firefox and requires browser to be closed
7177514 java_deployment update Multiple instances of the Java Updater.app can be started
7148803 java_plugin bridge access violation in axbridge.dll since JRE 7
7160148 java_plugin converter remove use of jinstall cab files from plugin demos (htmlconverter)
6994562 java_plugin iexplorer Swing classes (both JTextArea and JTextField) don't support caret width tuning
7179509 java_plugin iexplorer IE/Java Plugin freezes by dynamically creating an applet since Java 7 update 4
7166122 java_plugin install Internet Browsers Do Not Recognize Java 7u4 Plugin
6796260 java_plugin misc proxy.pac file fails to be evaluated when JScript alert() function is used
7028922 java_plugin plugin2 Extraneous log message in console when closing browser window containing applet
7148295 java_plugin plugin2 REGRESSION: 7u4 Applets wont load with Chrome
7155395 java_plugin plugin2 Refactor base plugin implementation to not use conditional compilation
7156244 java_plugin plugin2 change in PluginWindowFactory.createWindow cause problem with FX 2.0.3 runtime
7156918 java_plugin plugin2 REGRESSION: applicatoin hangs with 7u4 b09 while trying to establish the connection through java
7157578 java_plugin plugin2 revisit IE LiveConnect performance fix to address applet hang issue found by Citigroup
7158073 java_plugin plugin2 Regression : Incorrect handling of parameters to jnlp_href applets
7160083 java_plugin plugin2 Refactor Window, WindowFactory and PluginWindowFactory for Fx on Mac
7164629 java_plugin plugin2 [Mac] Additional refactoring needed for JavaFx (event delivery)
7168054 java_plugin plugin2 plugin fail to start with jre6
7168058 java_plugin plugin2 (mac) Update icons in the plugin for Mac
7171690 java_plugin plugin2 legacy_lifecycle applets get destroyed prematurely
7173640 java_plugin plugin2 REGRESSION: Pogo 'Risk" grame can not load with 7u6
7174250 java_plugin plugin2 Calling JSObject.getMember(null) in an applet crashes the plugin and the browser
7178177 java_plugin plugin2 Debug spewage when applets startup
7179391 java_plugin plugin2 "getprintjob" hangs in old plugin
7184130 java_plugin plugin2 Mac: in plugin stage coordinates are relative against browser position, not screen
6546288 javawebstart general GNOME: Menu shortcuts and Associations are not getting created on gnome > 2.8
7123063 javawebstart general progress bar still can be seen after app window is shown.
7149564 javawebstart general (macosx) Applets fail to load when looking for mrj.version
7158157 javawebstart general [macosx] Can't find native libraries with .jnilib in Web Start apps
7161138 javawebstart general preparation for javaws unicode conversion
7164725 javawebstart general preparation for javaws unicode conversion (part 2)
7166309 javawebstart general App name and icon not used in Web Start apps
7166603 javawebstart general Web Start launcher throws ClassCastException exception
7168812 javawebstart general -Xdock:name/icon incorrectly set on non-Mac platforms
7169000 javawebstart general enable unicode support for javaws
7179630 javawebstart general SingleInstance Service broken
7151950 javawebstart install REGRESSION:Webstart in 7u4 b13 not downloading new content
7160619 javawebstart jnlp_file enhance the list of secure jnlp properties to support useLegacyMergeSort
7151484 jaxp parse NullPointerException caused by a bug in XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl
7157610 jaxp parse NullPointerException occurs when parsing XML doc
7180858 jaxp xslt Regression: error in sax/trax encoding of supplementary characters
6893617 jndi cosnaming JDK 6 CNCtx always uses the default ORB and not take java.naming.corba.orb ORB value
7155051 jndi dns DNS provider may return incorrect results
6961765 jndi ldap Double byte characters corrupted in DN for LDAP referrals
7153184 jsse runtime NullPointerException when calling SSLEngineImpl.getSupportedCipherSuites
7157903 jsse runtime JSSE client sockets are very slow
7166570 jsse runtime JSSE certificate validation has started to fail for certificate chains
7174244 jsse runtime NPE in Krb5ProxyImpl.getServerKeys()
7161343 visualvm tool Integrate new version of Java VisualVM based on VisualVM 1.3.4 into 7u6