Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 7u60 release:

Bug Id Category Sub- Category Description
JDK-4673406 client-libs 2d RFE: Java Printing: Provide a way to display win32 printer driver's dialog
JDK-8005607 client-libs java.awt Recursion in J2DXErrHandler() Causes a Stack Overflow on Linux
JDK-8025775 client-libs java.awt JNI warnings in TryXShmAttach
JDK-6995891 client-libs javax.accessibility JAWS will occasionally stop speaking focused objects as user TABs -> problem with message queue
JDK-8020457 client-libs 2d Fontmatrix for Type1 fonts is not used correctly
JDK-7129133 client-libs java.awt [macosx] Accelerators are displayed as Meta instead of the Command symbol
JDK-7173464 client-libs java.awt Clipboard.getAvailableDataFlavors: Comparison method violates contract
JDK-8021943 client-libs java.awt FileDialog getFile returns corrupted string after previous setFile
JDK-8023474 client-libs java.awt First mousepress doesn't start editing in JTree
JDK-8025145 client-libs java.awt [macosx]: java 7 does not recognize tiff image on clipboard
JDK-8028054 client-libs java.beans com.sun.beans.finder.MethodFinder has unsynchronized access to a static Map
JDK-8022966 client-libs javax.accessibility Java Access Bridge no longer usable with screen magnifiers
JDK-8023565 client-libs javax.imageio JPG causes javax.imageio.IIOException: ICC APP2 encoutered without prior JFIF!
JDK-8022997 client-libs javax.swing [macosx] Remaining duplicated key events
JDK-8023392 client-libs javax.swing Swing text components printed with spaces between chars
JDK-8024395 client-libs javax.swing Improve fix for line break calculations
JDK-8027066 client-libs java.beans XMLDecoder in java 7 cannot properly deserialize object arrays
JDK-8016833 client-libs javax.swing Underlines and strikethrough not rendering correctly
JDK-8035897 core-libs java.net Better memory allocation for file descriptors greater than 1024 on macosx
JDK-7199674 core-libs java.lang (props) user.home property does not return an accessible location in sandboxed environment [macosx]
JDK-8023130 core-libs java.lang (process) ProcessBuilder#inheritIO does not work on Windows
JDK-8024521 core-libs java.lang (process) Async close issues with Process InputStream
JDK-8019184 core-libs java.lang.invoke MethodHandles.catchException() fails when methods have 8 args + varargs
JDK-8006395 core-libs java.net Race in async socket close on Linux
JDK-8024952 core-libs java.net ClassCastException in PlainSocketImpl.accept() when using custom socketImpl
JDK-8023881 core-libs java.net IDN.USE_STD3_ASCII_RULES option is too strict to use Unicode in IDN.toASCII
JDK-8011944 core-libs java.util Sort fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
JDK-8023563 core-libs java.util:i18n Bottleneck in java.util.TimeZone.getDefaultInAppContext
JDK-8027351 core-libs   (ref) Private finalize method invoked in preference to protected superclass method
JDK-8038306 core-libs   (tz) Support tzdata2014b
JDK-8016018 core-libs java.lang (str) Error in description of the method indexOf in the class StringBuffer
JDK-8020037 core-libs java.lang String.toLowerCase incorrectly increases length, if string contains \u0130 char
JDK-8021368 core-libs java.lang Launch of Java Web Start app fails with ClassCircularityError exception in 7u25
JDK-8012244 core-libs java.net java/net/Socket/asyncClose/Race.java fails intermittently on Windows
JDK-8021820 core-libs java.net Number of opened files used in select() is limited to 1024 [macosx]
JDK-8022584 core-libs java.net Memory leak in NetworkInterface methods ex. isUP(), isLoopback()
JDK-8034181 core-libs java.net (sctp) SIGBUS in SctpChannelImpl receive
JDK-7074436 core-libs java.nio (sc) SocketChannel can do short gathering writes when channel configured blocking (win)
JDK-8014394 core-libs java.nio (fs) WatchService failing when watching \\server\$d
JDK-8024788 core-libs java.nio (fs) Files.readAllBytes uses FileChannel which may not be supported by all providers
JDK-8012326 core-libs java.nio.charsets Deadlock occurs when Charset.availableCharsets() is called by several threads at the same time
JDK-8016127 core-libs java.util.logging NLS: logging.properties translatability recommendation
JDK-8025512 core-libs java.util.logging NPE with logging while launching webstart on jre7u40 if logging is disabled
JDK-8029281 core-libs java.util.logging Synchronization issues in Logger and LogManager
JDK-8011194 core-libs java.util:i18n Apps launched via double-clicked .jars have file.encoding value of US-ASCII on Mac OS X
JDK-7147084 core-libs java.lang (process) appA hangs when read output stream of appB which starts appC that runs forever
JDK-8007454 core-libs java.lang (process) SetHandleInformation parameters DWORD (not BOOLEAN)
JDK-8024356 core-libs java.lang Double.parseDouble() is slow for long Strings
JDK-7123493 core-libs java.lang:reflect (proxy) Proxy.getProxyClass doesn't scale under high load
JDK-7171591 core-libs java.net getDefaultScopeID() in src/solaris/native/java/net/net_util_md.c should return a value
JDK-8003895 core-libs java.nio java/nio/channels/AsynchronousChannelGroup/Unbounded.java failing again [win64]
JDK-8020669 core-libs java.nio (fs) Files.readAllBytes() does not read any data when Files.size() is 0
JDK-8024131 core-libs java.util.logging Issues with cached localizedLevelName in java.util.logging.Level
JDK-8013155 core-libs java.util.jar [pack200] improve performance of pack200
JDK-7192942 core-libs java.util:collections (coll) Inefficient calculation of power of two in HashMap
JDK-8020530 core-svc java.lang.management Non heap memory size calculated incorrectly; IllegalArgumentException: committed = N should be < max
JDK-6566891 core-svc javax.management RMIConnector: map value referencing map key in WeakHashMap prevents map entry to be removed
JDK-8023954 core-svc javax.management MBean*Info.equals: throw NPE
JDK-8023529 core-svc javax.management OpenMBeanInfoSupport.equals/hashCode throw NPE
JDK-8023669 core-svc javax.management MBean*Info.hashCode : NPE
JDK-8009558 core-svc debugger linked_md.c::dll_build_name can get stuck in an infinite loop
JDK-8023786 core-svc tools (jdk) setjmp/longjmp changes the process signal mask on OS X
JDK-8028629 deploy deployment_toolkit deployJava.getBrowser() is broken and js.UserAgentTest fails because it always returns 'MSIE'
JDK-8016489 deploy plugin [macosx] FireFox: NPN_ConvertPoint is not being called on plugin main thread
JDK-8016513 deploy webstart Webstart throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException using property and Java-VM-args
JDK-8023938 deploy webstart 64-bit javaws.exe left behind in system32
JDK-8014528 deploy   Some Solaris sparc .so files still do not have execute bit set
JDK-8013948 deploy plugin [macosx] Unable type into online word games on MacOSX on Safari
JDK-8004051 embedded hotspot ARM: assert(_oprs_len[mode] < maxNumberOfOperands) failed: array overflow
JDK-8031743 hotspot compiler C2: loadI2L_immI broken for negative memory values
JDK-8032207 hotspot compiler C2: assert(VerifyOops || MachNode::size(ra_) <= (3+1)*4) failed: bad fixed size
JDK-8023472 hotspot compiler C2 optimization breaks with G1
JDK-8024830 hotspot compiler SEGV in org.apache.lucene.codecs.compressing.CompressingTermVectorsReader.get
JDK-8024919 hotspot compiler G1: SPECjbb2013 crashes due to a broken object reference
JDK-8029366 hotspot compiler ShouldNotReachHere error when creating an array with component type of void
JDK-8014052 hotspot compiler JSR292: assert(end_offset == next_offset) failed: matched ending
JDK-8017065 hotspot compiler C2 allows safepoint checks to leak into G1 pre-barriers
JDK-8023004 hotspot compiler JSR 292: java.lang.RuntimeException: Original target method was called.
JDK-8027751 hotspot compiler C1 crashes in Weblogic with G1 enabled
JDK-8024838 hotspot gc Significant slowdown due to transparent huge pages
JDK-8025441 hotspot gc G1: assert "assert(thread < _num_vtimes) failed: just checking" fails when G1ConcRefinementThreads > ParallelGCThreads
JDK-8007074 hotspot gc SIGSEGV at ParMarkBitMap::verify_clear()
JDK-8023720 hotspot svc (hotspot) setjmp/longjmp changes the process signal mask on OS X
JDK-8028412 hotspot svc AsyncGetCallTrace() is broken on x86 in JDK 7u40
JDK-8037340 hotspot svc Linux semaphores to use CLOCK_REALTIME
JDK-8021898 hotspot compiler Broken JIT compiler optimization for loop unswitching
JDK-8022585 hotspot compiler JVM crashes when ran with -XX:+PrintInlining
JDK-8022993 hotspot compiler Convert MAX_UNROLL constant to LoopMaxUnroll C2 flag
JDK-8026293 hotspot compiler Schedule part of G1 pre-barrier late
JDK-6990419 hotspot gc CMS: Remaining work for 6572569: consistently skewed work distribution in (long) re-mark pauses
JDK-7145569 hotspot gc G1: optimize nmethods scanning
JDK-8025305 hotspot gc Cleanup CardTableModRefBS usage in G1
JDK-8027454 hotspot gc Do not traverse string table during G1 remark when treating them as strong roots during initial mark
JDK-8027455 hotspot gc Improve symbol table scan times during gc pauses
JDK-8028391 hotspot gc Make the Min/MaxHeapFreeRatio flags manageable
JDK-8023145 hotspot gc G1: G1CollectedHeap::mark_strong_code_roots() needs to handle ParallelGCThreads=0
JDK-8026848 hotspot gc -XX:+G1SummarizeRSetStats can result in wrong exit code and crash
JDK-8027756 hotspot gc assert(!hr->isHumongous()) failed: code root in humongous region?
JDK-8006731 hotspot jvmti JSR 292: the VM_RedefineClasses::rewrite_cp_refs_in_method() must support invokedynamic
JDK-7187554 hotspot jvmti JSR 292: JVMTI PopFrame needs to handle appendix arguments
JDK-7194607 hotspot jvmti VerifyLocalVariableTableOnRetransformTest.sh fails after JSR-292 merge
JDK-8006542 hotspot jvmti JSR 292: the VM_RedefineClasses::append_entry() must support invokedynamic entry kinds
JDK-8007037 hotspot jvmti JSR 292: the VM_RedefineClasses::append_entry() should do cross-checks with indy operands
JDK-6900441 hotspot runtime PlatformEvent.park(millis) on Linux could still be affected by changes to the time-of-day clock
JDK-8017498 hotspot runtime JVM crashes when native code calls sigaction(sig) where sig>=0x20
JDK-7191817 hotspot runtime -XX:+UseSerialGC -XX:+UseLargePages crashes with SIGFPE on MacOS X
JDK-8013895 hotspot gc G1: G1SummarizeRSetStats output on Linux needs improvement
JDK-8014078 hotspot gc G1: improve remembered set summary information by providing per region type information
JDK-8015244 hotspot gc G1: Verification after a full GC is incorrectly placed
JDK-8027476 hotspot gc Improve performance of Stringtable unlink
JDK-7133122 hotspot svc SA throws sun.jvm.hotspot.debugger.UnmappedAddressException when it should not
JDK-8025812 hotspot svc tmtools/jmap/heap_config tests fail on Linux-ia32 because it 'Can't attach to the core file'
JDK-8028128 hotspot svc Add a type safe alternative for working with counter based data
JDK-8017195 other-libs corba Introduce option to setKeepAlive parameter on CORBA sockets
JDK-8031572 security-libs java.security jarsigner -verify exits with 0 when a jar file is not properly signed
JDK-8028351 security-libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 JWS doesn't get authenticated when using kerberos auth proxy
JDK-8021788 security-libs   JarInputStream doesn't provide certificates for some file under META-INF
JDK-8013809 security-libs javax.net.ssl deadlock in SSLSocketImpl between between write and close
JDK-8024861 security-libs javax.security Incomplete token triggers GSS-API NullPointerException
JDK-8019267 security-libs org.ietf.jgss NPE in AbstractSaslImpl when trace level >= FINER in KRB5
JDK-8016594 security-libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 Native Windows ccache still reads DES tickets
JDK-8016110 tools launcher Japanese char (MS932) 0x5C cannot be used as an argument when quoted
JDK-8030698 tools jconsole Some messages in jconsole in 7u40 (and later) aren't displayed correctly
JDK-8030878 tools jconsole JConsole issues meaningless message if SSL connection fails
JDK-8016271 xml jax-ws wsimport -clientjar does not create portable jars on windows due to hardcoded backslash
JDK-8009579 xml jaxp Xpathexception does not honor initcause()
JDK-8004476 xml javax.xml.transform XSLT Extension Functions Don't Work in WebStart
JDK-8015978 xml javax.xml.xpath Incorrect transformation of XPath expression "string(-0)"
JDK-8024707 xml jaxp TransformerException : item() return null with node list of length != 1
JDK-8015092 xml jaxp SchemaFactory cannot parse schema if whitespace added within patterns in Selector XPath expression
JDK-8015243 xml jaxp SchemaFactory does not catch enum. value that is not in the value space of the base type, anyURI.