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Java SE 7u91 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 7u91 release:

Bug Id Category Subcategory Description
JDK-8075609 client-libs java.awt java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: a Container is not a focus cycle root of a Component
JDK-8077409 client-libs java.awt Drawing deviates when validate() is invoked on java.awt.ScrollPane
JDK-8076455 client-libs java.awt.i18n IME Composition Window is displayed on incorrect position
JDK-8033069 client-libs javax.swing mouse wheel scroll closes combobox popup
JDK-8072448 client-libs javax.swing Can not input Japanese in JTextField on RedHat Linux
JDK-8133321 core-libs   (tz) Support tzdata2015f
JDK-7119643 core-libs java.io Not possible to read files with a path longer than 2048 characters
JDK-7150092 core-libs java.net NTLM authentication fail if user specified a different realm
JDK-8072384 core-libs java.net Setting IP_TOS on java.net sockets not working on unix
JDK-8080819 core-libs java.net Inet4AddressImpl regression caused by JDK-7180557
JDK-7044727 core-libs java.util:i18n (tz) TimeZone.getDefault() call returns incorrect value in Windows terminal session
JDK-8072602 core-libs java.util:i18n Unpredictable timezone on Windows when OS's timezone is not found in tzmappings
JDK-8074350 core-libs java.util:i18n Support ISO 4217 "Current funds codes" table (A.2)
JDK-7011441 core-libs javax.naming ./jndi/ldap/Connection.java needs to avoid spurious wakeup
JDK-7059542 core-libs javax.naming JNDI name operations should be locale independent
JDK-8077855 deploy plugin When applet is relaunched, extra JUT records can be sent
JDK-8133665 deploy plugin REGRESSION: Hidden applet does not load in 8u60 and 8u65
JDK-8080774 globalization   DateFormat for Singapore/English locale (en_SG) is M/d/yy instead of d/M/yy
JDK-8056124 core-svc compiler Hotspot should use PICL interface to get cacheline size on SPARC
JDK-8062591 hotspot compiler SPARC PICL causes significantly longer startup times
JDK-8078113 hotspot compiler 8011102 changes may cause incorrect results.
JDK-8080012 hotspot compiler JVM times out with vdbench on SPARC M7-16
JDK-6904403 hotspot jvmti assert(f == k->has_finalizer(),"inconsistent has_finalizer") with debug VM
JDK-8035150 hotspot jvmti ShouldNotReachHere() in ConstantPool::copy_entry_to
JDK-7127066 hotspot runtime Class verifier accepts an invalid class file
JDK-8048353 hotspot runtime jstack -l crashes VM when a Java mirror for a primitive type is locked
JDK-8072147 hotspot runtime Preloading libjsig.dylib causes deadlock when signal() is called
JDK-8072863 hotspot runtime Replace fatal() with vm_exit_during_initialization() when an incorrect class is found on the bootclasspath
JDK-8075331 hotspot svc jdb eval java.util.Arrays.asList(array) shows inconsistent behaviour
JDK-8075410 install install Registry path for jvm.dll is set to client instead of server
JDK-8050123 other-libs corba Incorrect property name documented in CORBA InputStream API
JDK-7107611 security-libs java.security sun.security.pkcs11.SessionManager is scalability blocker
JDK-7190945 security-libs java.security pkcs11 problem loading NSS libs on Ubuntu
JDK-8062834 security-libs javax.crypto Allow DHKeyPair generation for bit lengths > 1024 in 6u, 7u
JDK-8059588 security-libs javax.net.ssl deadlock in java/io/PrintStream when verbose java.security.debug flags are set
JDK-8077102 security-libs org.ietf.igss:krb5 dns_lookup_realm should be false by default
JDK-8077822 tools launcher javac does not recognize '*.java' as file if '-J' option is specified
JDK-7156085 xml javax.xml.parsers ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException throws in UTF8Reader of SAXParser
JDK-8062518 xml jaxp AIOBE occurs when accessing to document function in extended function in JAXP
JDK-8081392 xml jaxp getNodeValue should return 'null' value for Element nodes