Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 8u101 release:

Bug Id Category Subcategory Description
JDK-8130735 client-libs javax.swing javax.swing.TimerQueue: timer fires late when another timer starts
JDK-8151876 core-libs java.time (tz) Support tzdata2016d
JDK-7166247 deploy deployment_toolkit Deployment Toolkit should recognize IE Metro for Windows 8 and provide appropriate default response
JDK-8155076 deploy webstart Webstart loads JARs from MANIFEST.MF after loading the jars from resources-tag
JDK-8038837 security-libs java.security Add support to jarsigner for specifying timestamp hash algorithm
JDK-8139436 security-libs java.security sun.security.mscapi.KeyStore might load incomplete data
JDK-8145955 security-libs java.security Add new QuoVadis roots
JDK-8153080 security-libs java.security Add new DTrust roots
JDK-8154757 security-libs java.security Add new IdenTrust roots