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JDK 8u152 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 8u152 release:

# JBS Component Subcomponent Description
1 JDK-8160893 client‑libs   [macosx] JMenuItems in JPopupMenu are not accessible
2 JDK-8177315 client‑libs   backout changes for 8176516 (backport of 8173791)
3 JDK-8039412 client‑libs 2d Stack overflow on Linux using DialogTypeSelection.NATIVE
4 JDK-8040635 client‑libs 2d [macosx] Printing a shape filled with a texture doesn't work under Mac OS X
5 JDK-8058316 client‑libs 2d lookupDefaultPrintService returns null on Solaris 11 when default printer is set using lpoptions command
6 JDK-8061258 client‑libs 2d [macosx] PrinterJob's native Print Dialog does not reflect specified Copies or Page Ranges
7 JDK-8067059 client‑libs 2d PrinterJob.pageDialog() with DialogSelectionType.NATIVE returns a PageFormat when cancelled.
8 JDK-8074562 client‑libs 2d CID keyed OpenType fonts are not supported by T2K
9 JDK-8089573 client‑libs 2d [macosx] Incorrect char to glyph mapping printing on OSX 10.10
10 JDK-8158356 client‑libs 2d SIGSEGV when attempting to rotate BufferedImage using AffineTransform by NaN degrees
11 JDK-8160664 client‑libs 2d JVM crashed with font manager on Solaris 12
12 JDK-8162488 client‑libs 2d JDK should be updated to use LittleCMS 2.8
13 JDK-8162796 client‑libs 2d [macosx] LinearGradientPaint and RadialGradientPaint are not printed on OS X.
14 JDK-8167102 client‑libs 2d [macosx] PrintRequestAttributeSet breaks page size set using PageFormat
15 JDK-8170552 client‑libs 2d [macosx] Wrong rendering of diacritics on macOS
16 JDK-8170913 client‑libs 2d Java "1.8.0_112" on Windows 10 displays different characters for EUDCs from ones created in eudcedit.exe.
17 JDK-8170950 client‑libs 2d Text is displayed in bold when fonts are installed into symlinked folder
18 JDK-8175025 client‑libs 2d The copyright section in the test/java/awt/font/TextLayout/DiacriticsDrawingTest.java should be updated
19 JDK-8176530 client‑libs 2d JDK support for JavaFX modal print dialogs
20 JDK-4953367 client‑libs java.awt MAWT: Java should be more careful manipulating NLSPATH, XFILESEARCHPATH env variables
21 JDK-6980209 client‑libs java.awt Make tracking SecondaryLoop.enter/exit methods easier
22 JDK-8035568 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] Cursor management unification
23 JDK-8040322 client‑libs java.awt TextArea.replaceRange() and insert() are broken with setText(null)
24 JDK-8050478 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] Cursor not updating correctly after closing a modal dialog
25 JDK-8075516 client‑libs java.awt Deleting a file from either the open or save java.awt.FileDialog hangs.
26 JDK-8139189 client‑libs java.awt VK_OEM_102 dead key detected as VK_UNDEFINED
27 JDK-8140525 client‑libs java.awt AwtFrame::WmShowWindow() may steal focus
28 JDK-8156116 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] two JNI locals to delete in AWTWindow.m, CGraphicsEnv.m
29 JDK-8156723 client‑libs java.awt JVM crash at sun.java2d.windows.GDIBlitLoops.nativeBlit
30 JDK-8160570 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] modal dialog can skip the activation/focus events
31 JDK-8160623 client‑libs java.awt [PIT] Exception running java/awt/event/KeyEvent/KeyChar/KeyCharTest.java
32 JDK-8160696 client‑libs java.awt IllegalArgumentException: adding a component to a container on a different GraphicsDevice
33 JDK-8160941 client‑libs java.awt "text/uri‑list" dataflavor concats the first two strings
34 JDK-8163583 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] Press "To Back" button on the Dialog,the Dialog moves behind the Frame
35 JDK-8165717 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] Various memory leaks in jdk9
36 JDK-8169355 client‑libs java.awt Diacritics input works incorrectly on Windows if Spanish (Latin American) keyboard layout is used
37 JDK-8173853 client‑libs java.awt IllegalArgumentException in java.awt.image.ReplicateScaleFilter
38 JDK-8173876 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] Fast precise scrolling and DeltaAccumulator fix for macOS Sierra 10.12.2
39 JDK-8176490 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] Sometimes NSWindow.isZoomed hangs
40 JDK-8136570 client‑libs java.awt:i18n Stop changing user environment variables related to /usr/dt
41 JDK-8159696 client‑libs java.beans java.beans.MethodRef#get throws NullPointerException
42 JDK-8076249 client‑libs javax.accessibility NPE in AccessBridge while editing JList model
43 JDK-8076554 client‑libs javax.accessibility [macosx] Custom Swing text components need to allow standard accessibility
44 JDK-8145207 client‑libs javax.accessibility [macosx] JList, VO can't access non‑visible list items
45 JDK-8165829 client‑libs javax.accessibility Android Studio 2.x crashes with NPE at sun.lwawt.macosx.CAccessibility.getAccessibleIndexInParent
46 JDK-8171808 client‑libs javax.accessibility Performance problems in dialogs with large tables when JAB activated
47 JDK-8175915 client‑libs javax.accessibility NullPointerException from JComboBox and JList when Accessibility enabled
48 JDK-8168751 client‑libs javax.sound Two "Direct Clip" threads are created to play the same "AudioClip" object, what makes clip sound corrupted
49 JDK-7172652 client‑libs javax.swing With JDK 1.7 text field does not obtain focus when using mnemonic Alt/Key combin
50 JDK-8152981 client‑libs javax.swing Double icons with JMenuItem setHorizontalTextPosition on Win 10
51 JDK-8158325 client‑libs javax.swing Memory leak in com.apple.laf.ScreenMenu: removed JMenuItems are still referenced
52 JDK-8161664 client‑libs javax.swing Memory leak in com.apple.laf.AquaProgressBarUI: removed progress bar still referenced
53 JDK-8177450 client‑libs javax.swing javax.swing.text.html.parser.Parser parseScript ignores a character after comment end
54 JDK-8163518 core‑libs java.io Integer overflow in StringBufferInputStream.read() and CharArrayReader.read/skip()
55 JDK-8169556 core‑libs java.io Wrap FileInputStream's native skip and available methods
56 JDK-8161039 core‑libs java.lang System.getProperty("os.version") returns incorrect version number on Mac
57 JDK-8170153 core‑libs java.lang PPC64/s390x/aarch64: Poor StrictMath performance due to non‑optimized compilation
58 JDK-8170873 core‑libs java.lang PPC64/aarch64: Poor StrictMath performance due to non‑optimized compilation
59 JDK-8172053 core‑libs java.lang (ppc64) Downport of 8170153 breaks build on linux/ppc64 (big endian)
60 JDK-8173654 core‑libs java.lang Regression since 8u60: System.getenv doesn't return env var set in JNI code
61 JDK-8174729 core‑libs java.lang:reflect Race Condition in java.lang.reflect.WeakCache
62 JDK-6947916 core‑libs java.net JarURLConnection does not handle useCaches correctly
63 JDK-8022580 core‑libs java.net sun.net.ftp.impl.FtpClient.nameList(String path) handles "null" incorrectly
64 JDK-8035158 core‑libs java.net Remove dependency on sun.misc.RegexpPool and friends
65 JDK-8035653 core‑libs java.net InetAddress.getLocalHost crash
66 JDK-8071424 core‑libs java.net JCK test api/java_net/Socket/descriptions.html#Bind crashes on Windows
67 JDK-8075484 core‑libs java.net SocketInputStream.socketRead0 can hang even with soTimeout set
68 JDK-8145732 core‑libs java.net Duplicate entry in http.nonProxyHosts will ignore subsequent entries
69 JDK-8159410 core‑libs java.net InetAddress.isReachable returns true for non existing IP addresses
70 JDK-8166747 core‑libs java.net Add invalid network / computer name cases to isReachable known failure switch
71 JDK-8169865 core‑libs java.net Downport minor fixes in java.net native code from JDK 9 to JDK 8
72 JDK-8182672 core‑libs java.net Java 8u121 on Linux intermittently returns null for MAC address
73 JDK-8145981 core‑libs java.nio (fs) LinuxWatchService can reports events against wrong directory
74 JDK-8153925 core‑libs java.nio (fs) WatchService hangs on GetOverlappedResult and locks directory (win)
75 JDK-8165231 core‑libs java.nio java.nio.Bits.unaligned() doesn't return true on ppc
76 JDK-8180949 core‑libs java.rmi Correctly handle exception in TCPChannel.createConnection
77 JDK-8054214 core‑libs java.time JapaneseEra.getDisplayName doesn't return names if it's an additional era
78 JDK-8164366 core‑libs java.time ZoneOffset.ofHoursMinutesSeconds() does not reject invalid input
79 JDK-8173423 core‑libs java.time Wrong display name for supplemental Japanese era
80 JDK-8177678 core‑libs java.time Overstatement of universality of Era.getDisplayName() implementation
81 JDK-8165243 core‑libs java.util Base64.Encoder.wrap(os).write(byte[],int,int) with incorrect arguments should not produce output
82 JDK-8166507 core‑libs java.util.concurrent ConcurrentSkipListSet.clear() can leave the Set in an invalid state
83 JDK-8179515 core‑libs java.util.concurrent Class java.util.concurrent.ThreadLocalRandom fails to Initialize when using SecurityManager
84 JDK-8169056 core‑libs java.util.regex StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Pattern.compile with CANON_EQ flag
85 JDK-8129361 core‑libs java.util:i18n ISO 4217 amendment 160
86 JDK-8145952 core‑libs java.util:i18n Currency update needed for ISO 4217 Amendment #161
87 JDK-8164784 core‑libs java.util:i18n Currency update needed for ISO 4217 Amendment #162.
88 JDK-8174736 core‑libs java.util:i18n [JCP] [Mac]Cannot launch JCP on Mac os with language set to "Chinese, Simplified" while region is not China
89 JDK-8174779 core‑libs java.util:i18n Locale issues with Mac 10.12
90 JDK-8177776 core‑libs java.util:i18n Create an equivalent test case for JDK9's SupplementalJapaneseEraTest
91 JDK-8149521 core‑libs javax.naming automatic discovery of LDAP servers with Kerberos authentication
92 JDK-8163945 core‑libs jdk.nashorn Honor Number type hint in toPrimitive on Numbers
93 JDK-8166902 core‑libs jdk.nashorn Nested object literal property maps not reset in optimistic recompilation
94 JDK-8168373 core‑libs jdk.nashorn "Bad local variable type" in ES6 Nashorn when reassigning a `let` within a `try`
95 JDK-8170565 core‑libs jdk.nashorn JSObject call() is passed undefined for the argument 'thiz'
96 JDK-8170594 core‑libs jdk.nashorn >>>=0 generates invalid bytecode for BaseNode LHS
97 JDK-8170977 core‑libs jdk.nashorn SparseArrayData should not grow its underlying dense array data
98 JDK-8171219 core‑libs jdk.nashorn Missing checks in sparse array shift() implementation
99 JDK-8171849 core‑libs jdk.nashorn Can't unambiguously select between fixed arity signatures [(java.util.Collection), (java.util.Map)]
100 JDK-8176511 core‑libs jdk.nashorn JSObject property access is broken for numeric keys outside the int range
101 JDK-8181191 core‑libs jdk.nashorn getUint32 returning Long
102 JDK-8153711 core‑svc debugger [REDO] JDWP: Memory Leak: GlobalRefs never deleted when processing invokeMethod command
103 JDK-8160024 core‑svc debugger jdb returns invalid argument count if first parameter to Arrays.asList is null
104 JDK-8164843 core‑svc tools UsageTracker should limit records and avoid truncation
105 JDK-8169236 core‑svc tools JRE 8u112 attempts to run ICACLS.EXE on startup in Windows 10 Version 1607, build 14393
106 JDK-8173664 core‑svc tools Typo in https://java.net/downloads/heap‑snapshot/hprof‑binary‑format.html
107 JDK-8174806 deploy packager Packager update App Store runtime rules for libjfxwebkit.dylib
108 JDK-8164410 deploy plugin JRE 6u121 causes applet to fail with: Reset deny session certificate store
109 JDK-8022291 deploy webstart Mac OS: Unexpected JavaLaunchHelper message displaying
110 JDK-8161700 deploy webstart Deadlock in Java Web Start application involving JNLPClassLoader
111 JDK-8161986 deploy webstart Selecting 32/64 bit resources failed if user has installed both jre's
112 JDK-8167306 deploy webstart Side effects of using url schema handler.
113 JDK-8038348 hotspot compiler Instance field load is replaced by wrong data Phi
114 JDK-8043913 hotspot compiler remove legacy code in SPARC's VM_Version::platform_features
115 JDK-8134119 hotspot compiler Use new API to get cache line sizes
116 JDK-8134389 hotspot compiler Crash in HotSpot with jvm.dll+0x42b48 ciObjectFactory::create_new_metadata
117 JDK-8134918 hotspot compiler C2: Type speculation produces mismatched unsafe accesses
118 JDK-8140309 hotspot compiler [REDO] failed: no mismatched stores, except on raw memory: StoreB StoreI
119 JDK-8143897 hotspot compiler Weblogic12medrec assert(handler_address == SharedRuntime::compute_compiled_exc_handler(nm, pc, exception, force_unwind, true)) failed: Must be the same
120 JDK-8152172 hotspot compiler PPC64: Support AES intrinsics
121 JDK-8153134 hotspot compiler Infinite loop in handle_wrong_method in jmod
122 JDK-8153267 hotspot compiler nmethod's exception cache not multi‑thread safe
123 JDK-8154945 hotspot compiler Enable 8130150 and 8081778 intrinsics by default
124 JDK-8155781 hotspot compiler C2: opaque unsafe access triggers an assert
125 JDK-8157181 hotspot compiler Compilers accept modification of final fields outside initializer methods
126 JDK-8157306 hotspot compiler Random infrequent null pointer exceptions in javac
127 JDK-8158639 hotspot compiler C2 compilation fails with SIGSEGV
128 JDK-8162101 hotspot compiler C2: Handle "wide" aliases for unsafe accesses
129 JDK-8162384 hotspot compiler Performance regression: bimorphic inlining may be bypassed by type speculation
130 JDK-8162496 hotspot compiler missing precedence edge for anti_dependence
131 JDK-8164002 hotspot compiler Add a new CPU family (S_family) for SPARC S7 and above processors
132 JDK-8164293 hotspot compiler HotSpot leaking memory in long‑running requests
133 JDK-8164508 hotspot compiler unexpected profiling mismatch in c1 generated code
134 JDK-8165482 hotspot compiler java in ldoms, with cpu‑arch=generic has problems
135 JDK-8173373 hotspot compiler C1: NPE is thrown instead of LinkageError when accessing inaccessible field on NULL receiver
136 JDK-8175887 hotspot compiler C1 value numbering handling of Unsafe.get*Volatile is incorrect
137 JDK-8177095 hotspot compiler Range check dependent CastII/ConvI2L is prematurely eliminated
138 JDK-8140584 hotspot gc nmethod::oops_do_marking_epilogue always runs verification code
139 JDK-8153176 hotspot gc Long pause in ParOldGC, because ParallelTaskTerminator peeks wrong TaskQueueSet
140 JDK-8168914 hotspot gc Crash in ClassLoaderData/JNIHandleBlock::oops_do during concurrent marking
141 JDK-8170409 hotspot gc CMS: Crash in CardTableModRefBSForCTRS::process_chunk_boundaries
142 JDK-8175813 hotspot gc PPC64: "mbind: Invalid argument" when ‑XX:+UseNUMA is used
143 JDK-8180048 hotspot gc Interned string and symbol table leak memory during parallel unlinking
144 JDK-8034249 hotspot jvmti need more workarounds for suspend equivalent condition issue
145 JDK-8081219 hotspot jvmti hs_err improvement: Add event logging for class redefinition to the hs_err file
146 JDK-8162795 hotspot jvmti [REDO] MemberNameTable doesn't purge stale entries
147 JDK-8049717 hotspot runtime expose L1_data_cache_line_size for diagnostic/sanity checks
148 JDK-8087342 hotspot runtime Crash in klassItable::initialize_itable_for_interface when running SelectionResolution InvokeInterfaceICCE.java
149 JDK-8162766 hotspot runtime Unsafe_DefineClass0 accesses raw oops while in _thread_in_native
150 JDK-8163969 hotspot runtime Cyclic interface initialization causes JVM crash
151 JDK-8165153 hotspot runtime Crash in rebuild_cpu_to_node_map
152 JDK-8171155 hotspot runtime Scanning method file for initialized final field updates can fail for non‑existent fields
153 JDK-8171194 hotspot runtime Exception "Duplicate field name&signature in class file" should report the name and signature of the field
154 JDK-8177817 hotspot runtime Remove assertions in 8u that were removed by 8056124 in 9.
155 JDK-8166208 hotspot svc FlightRecorderOptions settings for defaultrecording ignored.
156 JDK-8173941 hotspot svc SA does not work if executable is DSO
157 JDK-8161945 install install REGRESSION: 8u91 update of 32 bit JRE removes preferences of the 64 bit JRE
158 JDK-8164096 javafx base ListChangeListener on ReadOnlyListWrapper's getReadOnlyProperty() does not reset change
159 JDK-8139841 javafx controls Axis class does not render ticks marks when tick labels are invisible
160 JDK-8139850 javafx controls CategoryAxis rotates improperly as yAxis
161 JDK-8163486 javafx controls NumberAxis: inaccurate rendering of ticks when tick unit is low
162 JDK-8166847 javafx controls NumberAxis: sticked numbers sometimes
163 JDK-8168895 javafx controls Tick marks position is not animated when toggling forceZeroInRange
164 JDK-8134600 javafx fxml Can't pass ObservableList as argument using FXML
165 JDK-8087565 javafx graphics Scaling problem on OSX Retina
166 JDK-8088205 javafx graphics [Mac] WebView renders icons instead of letters on some sites
167 JDK-8088395 javafx graphics Print dialogs are not blocking/modal w.r.t specified owner windows
168 JDK-8088857 javafx graphics Menu slow to respond after resizing a window multiple times with animation running
169 JDK-8090176 javafx graphics Pisces software renderer shows incomplete border images in particular situation
170 JDK-8148549 javafx graphics Region is not rendered correctly when node cache is enabled
171 JDK-8151744 javafx graphics wrong width/height in texture update
172 JDK-8154148 javafx graphics [Mac] JavaFX crashes on startup when run on Mac in VMWare
173 JDK-8156078 javafx graphics Stage alwaysOnTop property not reset to false if permission is denied
174 JDK-8163526 javafx graphics protect FileChooser return from internal NPE
175 JDK-8169777 javafx graphics MenuBar unoperable after moving Application to second monitor
176 JDK-8173468 javafx graphics Font.loadFont returns null on some Ubuntu 32bits
177 JDK-8174688 javafx graphics JavaFX Applet popup windows are in the wrong location on Mac
178 JDK-8178804 javafx graphics Excessive memory consumption in TriangleMesh/MeshView
179 JDK-8156563 javafx media JavaFX Ensemble8 media sample hang and crash
180 JDK-8159869 javafx media HTTP Live Streaming not working anymore
181 JDK-8091485 javafx samples Ensemble8: Review each sample description, playground, appearance, related docs and links
182 JDK-8134354 javafx samples Ensemble Media samples sliders don't react to clicks
183 JDK-8136918 javafx samples Ensemble uses deprecated flv (vp6) media files hosted on OTN
184 JDK-8136968 javafx samples [Mac] Regression from JDK‑8087709
185 JDK-8142439 javafx samples Ensemble8 media player slider issues
186 JDK-8152858 javafx samples Ensemble Timeline regression
187 JDK-8165373 javafx samples Ensemble8 uses setAccessible to access methods and fields of various classes
188 JDK-8168095 javafx samples Second image in Ensemble8/Image Creation sample does not load
189 JDK-8170421 javafx samples Ensemble8 black flash at startup on b145+
190 JDK-8130675 javafx scenegraph Document that setting scene on stage changes stage size unless explicitly set
191 JDK-8164141 javafx scenegraph [Javadoc] Replace references of Stage with Window in the Window class
192 JDK-8172554 javafx swing [macos] deadlock on JFXPanel startup
193 JDK-8174154 javafx swing NPE in JFXPanel$HostContainer#setEmbeddedStage
194 JDK-8088681 javafx web Underscore not visible in HTML combo box options inside webview
195 JDK-8089915 javafx web Input of type file doesn't honor "accept" attribute.
196 JDK-8090216 javafx web HTMLEditor: font bold doesn't work when an indent is set
197 JDK-8136847 javafx web DRT test fast/canvas/canvas‑fillRect‑shadow.html fails
198 JDK-8144263 javafx web [WebView, OS X] Webkit rendering artifacts with inertia scrolling
199 JDK-8150982 javafx web Crash when calling WebEngine.print on background thread
200 JDK-8158196 javafx web WebView Form Post fails if connection is closed before keepAlive‑Timeout
201 JDK-8162922 javafx web JavaFx WebView canvas doesn't support dash within strokeRec
202 JDK-8164314 javafx web [WebView] Debug build is no longer working after JDK‑8089681
203 JDK-8165098 javafx web WebEngine.print will attempt to print even if the printer job is complete or has an error
204 JDK-8165173 javafx web canvas/philip/tests/2d.path.clip.empty.html fails with 8u112
205 JDK-8166231 javafx web use @Native annotation in web classes
206 JDK-8166677 javafx web HTMLEditor freezes after restoring previously maximized window
207 JDK-8167098 javafx web Backport of JDK‑8158926 to JDK 8u mistakenly used preliminary patch
208 JDK-8167675 javafx web Animated gifs are not working
209 JDK-8168887 javafx web [WebView] ComboBox and DropDownList ‑ Render fragments of the scrollbar are visible
210 JDK-8169204 javafx web Need to document JSObject Call and setSlot APIs to use weak references
211 JDK-8170938 javafx web Memory leak in JavaFX WebView
212 JDK-8172361 javafx web Update java‑wrappers for WebKit generated classes following WebKit update
213 JDK-8172495 javafx web Ignore __cmake_systeminformation from web module build directory
214 JDK-8174919 javafx web SocketException no longer handled by WebView when processing web pages
215 JDK-8144258 javafx window‑toolkit Ensemble Advanced Media sample hangs after going full screen
216 JDK-8160241 javafx window‑toolkit Maximizing an Window with Screen‑Size hides it
217 JDK-8166106 javafx window‑toolkit JVM crash on resizing JavaFX application with title and icon
218 JDK-8172561 javafx window‑toolkit Copying String with "\r\n" to Clipboard duplicates "\r"
219 JDK-8155211 security‑libs java.security Ucrypto Library leaks native memory
220 JDK-8163896 security‑libs java.security Finalizing one key of a KeyPair invalidates the other key
221 JDK-8164846 security‑libs java.security CertificateException missing cause of underlying exception
222 JDK-8176536 security‑libs java.security Improved algorithm constraints checking
223 JDK-8157561 security‑libs javax.crypto Ship the unlimited policy files in JDK Updates
224 JDK-8165751 security‑libs javax.crypto NPE hit with java.security.debug=provider
225 JDK-8173581 security‑libs javax.crypto performance regression in com/sun/crypto/provider/OutputFeedback.java
226 JDK-8169229 security‑libs javax.net.ssl RSAClientKeyExchange debug info is incorrect
227 JDK-8181205 security‑libs javax.net.ssl JRE fails to load/register security providers when started from UNC pathname
228 JDK-8147772 security‑libs javax.security Update KerberosTicket to describe behavior if it has been destroyed and fix NullPointerExceptions
229 JDK-8163104 security‑libs javax.security Unexpected NPE still possible on some Kerberos ticket calls
230 JDK-8153438 security‑libs javax.smartcardio Avoid repeated "Please insert a smart card" popup windows
231 JDK-8170278 security‑libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 ticket renewal won't happen with debugging turned on
232 JDK-8176329 tools   jdeps to detect MR jar file and output a warning
233 JDK-8180660 tools javac missing LNT entry for finally block
234 JDK-8028363 xml   XmlGregorianCalendarImpl.getTimeZone() bug when offset is less than 10 minutes
235 JDK-8169112 xml javax.xml.transform java.lang.VerifyError: (class: GregorSamsa, method: template$dot$0$outline$1 signature: (LGregorSamsa$48;)V) Register 10 contains wrong type
236 JDK-8146086 xml jax‑ws Publishing two webservices on same port fails with "java.net.BindException: Address already in use"
237 JDK-8172297 xml jax‑ws In java 8, the marshalling with JAX‑WS does not escape carriage return
238 JDK-8162598 xml jaxp XSLTC transformer swallows empty namespace declaration which is needed to undeclare default namespace
239 JDK-8146961 xml org.w3c.dom Fix PermGen memory leaks caused by static final Exceptions