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JDK 8u162 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in the JDK 8u162 release:

# JBS Component Subcomponent Description
1 JDK-7162125 client‑libs 2d [macosx] A font has different behaviour for ligatures depending on its creation mode
2 JDK-8147002 client‑libs 2d [macosx] Arabic character cannot be rendered on MacOS X
3 JDK-8180370 client‑libs 2d Characters are skipped on input of Korean text on OS X
4 JDK-8181659 client‑libs 2d Create an alternative fix for JDK‑8167102, whose fix was backed out
5 JDK-8190280 client‑libs 2d [macos] Font2DTest demo started failing for Arabic range from JDK 8 u162 b01 on Mac
6 JDK-7124271 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] RealSync test failure
7 JDK-8080504 client‑libs java.awt [macosx] SunToolkit.realSync() may hang
8 JDK-8139218 client‑libs java.awt Dialog that opens and closes quickly changes focus in original focusowner
9 JDK-8155197 client‑libs java.awt Focus transition issue
10 JDK-8078269 client‑libs javax.swing JTabbedPane UI Property TabbedPane.tabAreaBackground no longer works
11 JDK-4354680 core‑libs java.lang Runtime.runFinalization() silently clears interrupted flag in the calling thread
12 JDK-8031661 core‑libs java.net java/net/Authenticator/B4769350.java failed intermittently
13 JDK-8184328 core‑libs java.net JDK 8u131 socketRead0 hang at SSL read
14 JDK-8185346 core‑libs java.rmi Relax RMI Registry Serial Filter to allow arrays of any type
15 JDK-8179086 core‑libs java.time java.time.temporal.ValueRange has poor hashCode()
16 JDK-8184893 core‑libs jdk.nashorn jdk8u152 b06 : issues with nashorn when running kraken benchmarks
17 JDK-6618335 core‑svc debugger ThreadReference.stop(null) throws NPE instead of InvalidTypeException
18 JDK-8181419 core‑svc debugger Race in jdwp invoker handling may lead to crashes or invalid results
19 JDK-8162530 core‑svc java.lang.management src/jdk.management/share/native/libmanagement_ext/GcInfoBuilder.c doesn't handle JNI exceptions properly
20 JDK-8046778 core‑svc javax.management Better error messages when starting JMX agent via attach or jcmd
21 JDK-6656031 core‑svc tools SA: jmap ‑permstat number of classes is off by 1
22 JDK-6977426 core‑svc tools sun/tools tests can intermittently fail to find app's Java pid
23 JDK-8074812 core‑svc tools More specific error message when the .java_pid well‑known file is not secure
24 JDK-8190758 deploy packager javapackager fails to consider filesystem type
25 JDK-8191176 deploy packager JavaFX Self-Contained Application fails with error "Failed to find library: jvm.dll"
26 JDK-8074544 deploy webstart webstart app fails with CouldNotLoadArgumentException when account in Japanese
27 JDK-8185661 deploy webstart JNLP files won't launch from IE11 on Windows 10 Creators Update
28 JDK-8160365 deploy webstart Desktop shortcut of Web Start application is broken after JRE update
29 JDK-8072428 hotspot compiler Enable UseLoopCounter ergonomically if on‑stack‑replacement is enabled
30 JDK-8073670 hotspot compiler TypeF::eq and TypeD::eq do not handle NaNs correctly
31 JDK-8145913 hotspot compiler PPC64: add Montgomery multiply intrinsic
32 JDK-8148786 hotspot compiler xml.transform fails on x86‑64
33 JDK-8164954 hotspot compiler split_if creates empty phi and region nodes
34 JDK-8166742 hotspot compiler SIGFPE in C2 Loop IV elimination
35 JDK-8168318 hotspot compiler PPC64: Use cmpldi instead of li/cmpld
36 JDK-8170328 hotspot compiler PPC64: Use andis instead of lis/and
37 JDK-8172751 hotspot compiler OSR compilation at unreachable bci causes C1 crash
38 JDK-8177958 hotspot compiler Possible uninitialized char* in vm_version_solaris_sparc.cpp
39 JDK-8178047 hotspot compiler Aliasing problem with raw memory accesses
40 JDK-8180855 hotspot compiler Null pointer dereference in OopMapSet::all_do of oopMap.cpp:394
41 JDK-8181810 hotspot compiler PPC64: Leverage extrdi for bitfield extract
42 JDK-8184009 hotspot compiler Missing null pointer check in InterpreterRuntime::update_mdp_for_ret()
43 JDK-8184271 hotspot compiler Time related C1 intrinsics produce inconsistent results when floating around
44 JDK-8185572 hotspot compiler Enable AssumeMP by default on SPARC machines
45 JDK-8181055 hotspot gc PPC64: "mbind: Invalid argument" still seen after 8175813
46 JDK-8185164 hotspot jvmti GetOwnedMonitorInfo() returns incorrect owned monitor
47 JDK-6651256 hotspot runtime jstack: DeleteGlobalRef method call doesn't lead to descreasing of global refs count shown by jstack
48 JDK-8087291 hotspot runtime InitialBootClassLoaderMetaspaceSize and CompressedClassSpaceSize should be checked consistent from MaxMetaspaceSize
49 JDK-8023667 hotspot svc SA: ExceptionBlob and other C2 classes not available in client VM
50 JDK-8130721 javafx graphics [macos] problem with editing thai in TextArea
51 JDK-8181922 javafx media Provide media support for libav version 57
52 JDK-8185691 javafx media MediaPlayer reports error with HTTP Live Streams instead of EOS
53 JDK-8187594 javafx media Media crashes with libavcodec 57 on Ubuntu 17.04 32‑bit
54 JDK-8188029 javafx media [macos] MediaView Crashes on OS X 10.13 High Sierra
55 JDK-8191335 javafx media Linux 32‑bit build fails after fix for JDK‑8187594
56 JDK-8190249 javafx other Missing content from cssref.html due to missed closing comment
57 JDK-8181786 javafx swing Extra runLater causes impossible states to be possible using javafx.embed.singleThread=true
58 JDK-8187781 javafx swing "InvalidDnDOperationException: Drag and drop in progress" while running javafx application with option ‑Djavafx.embed.singleThread=true
59 JDK-8182977 javafx web NullPointerException with HTMLEditor when changing the scene graph
60 JDK-8185970 javafx web Possible crash due to use‑after‑free
61 JDK-8158633 security‑libs javax.crypto BASE64 encoded cert not correctly parsed with UTF‑16
62 JDK-8187023 security‑libs javax.crypto:pkcs11 Cannot read pkcs11 config file in UTF‑16 environment
63 JDK-8140436 security‑libs javax.net.ssl Negotiated Finite Field Diffie‑Hellman Ephemeral Parameters for TLS
64 JDK-8066185 tools launcher VM crashed with SIGSEGV VirtualMemoryTracker::add_reserved_region