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Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 8u31 release:

Bug Id Category Subcategory Description
8040617 client-libs 2d [macosx] Large JTable cell results in a OutOfMemoryException
8041990 client-libs java.awt [macosx] Language specific keys does not work in applets whenopened outside the browser
8043610 client-libs java.awt Sorting columns in JFileChooser fails with AppContext NPE
8051359 client-libs javax.swing [headless] JPopupMenu creation in headless mode with JDK9b23causes NPE
8055949 core-libs java.io ByteArrayOutputStream capacity should be maximal array sizepermitted by VM
8055222 core-libs java.util:i18n Currency update needed for ISO 4217 Amendment #159
8064560 core-libs java.util:i18n (tz) Support tzdata2014j
8033245 deploy   RFE: Instructions Not Clear For Adding Site To ESL
8048089 deploy   ClientConfig.refreshIfNeeded() doesn't restore properties with"active." prefix.
8050838 deploy   JRE Install Error in localized Windows 8.1 after join in ADdomain
8044290 deploy webstart Shortcuts are not created for javaws x64 with JRE 7u55 onWindows OS
8056979 deploy webstart Roaming user profiles by USER_JPI_PROFILE env variablesdoesn't work anymore
8061342 deploy webstart javaws help message in Japanese is corrupted
8061643 deploy webstart JavaWS fails with proxy autoconfig due to missing "resolve"permission
8062392 deploy webstart Jnlp fails to load with CouldNotLoadArgumentException
8054883 hotspot compiler Segmentation error while running program
8026303 hotspot gc CMS: JVM intermittently crashes with "FreeList of size258 violates Conservation Principle" assert
8044406 hotspot gc JVM crash with JDK8 (build 1.8.0-b132) with G1 GC
8058715 hotspot runtime stability issues when being launched as an embedded JVM viaJNI
8060169 hotspot runtime Update the Crash Reporting URL in the Java crash log
8059079 install install Typo in Installer Removal Tool UE, "hightly"
8050386 tools javac javac, follow-up of fix for 8049305
8059327 xml javax.xml.parsers XML parser returns corrupt attribute value
8038966 xml jax-ws JAX-WS handles wrongly xsd:any arguments for Web services
8036981 xml jaxb JAXB not preserving formatting for xsd:any Mixed content
8029837 xml jaxp NPE seen in XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.setProperty since7u40b33