JDK 8u311 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in the JDK 8u311 release:

# JBS Component Subcomponent Summary
1 JDK-8148886 client-libs SEGV in sun.java2d.marlin.Renderer._endRendering
2 JDK-8149338 client-libs 2d JVM Crash caused by Marlin renderer not handling NaN coordinates
3 JDK-8144938 client-libs 2d Handle properly coordinate overflow in Marlin Renderer
4 JDK-8180055 client-libs 2d Upgrade the Marlin renderer in Java2D
5 JDK-8202580 client-libs 2d Dashed BasicStroke randomly painted incorrectly, may freeze application
6 JDK-8210335 client-libs 2d Clipping problems with complex affine transforms: negative scaling factors or small scaling factors
7 JDK-8228711 client-libs 2d Path rendered incorrectly when it goes outside the clipping region
8 JDK-8230728 client-libs 2d Thin stroked shapes are not rendered if affine transform has flip bit
9 JDK-8145055 client-libs 2d Marlin renderer causes unaligned write accesses
10 JDK-8244088 client-libs 2d [Regression] Switch of Gnome theme ends up in deadlocked UI
11 JDK-8262392 client-libs 2d Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 21.0.3
12 JDK-8262731 client-libs 2d [macOS] Exception from "Printable.print" is swallowed during "PrinterJob.print"
13 JDK-8198885 client-libs 2d Upgrade Marlin (java2d) to 0.9.1
14 JDK-8273358 client-libs 2d macOS Monterey does not have the font Times needed by Serif
15 JDK-8269984 client-libs java.awt [macos] JTabbedPane title looks like disabled
16 JDK-8129940 client-libs javax.swing JRadioButton does not honor non-standard FocusTraversalKeys
17 JDK-8251377 client-libs javax.swing [macos11] JTabbedPane selected tab text is barely legible
18 JDK-8269931 client-libs javax.swing ButtonGroupLayoutTraversalTest.java fails on macOS
19 JDK-8268518 client-libs javax.swing Add headful keyword to LayoutFocusTraversalPolicy.java
20 JDK-8154043 client-libs javax.swing Fields not reachable anymore by tab-key, because of new tabbing behaviour of radio button groups.
21 JDK-8035424 core-libs java.lang:reflect Performance problem in sun.reflect.generics.parser.SignatureParser
22 JDK-8161016 core-libs java.net Strange behavior of URLConnection with proxy
23 JDK-8183369 core-libs java.net RFC unconformity of HttpURLConnection with proxy
24 JDK-8067744 hotspot compiler XMM/SSE float register values corrupted by JNI_CreateVM call in JRE 8 (Windows)
25 JDK-8268366 hotspot compiler Incorrect calculation of has_fpu_registers in C1 linear scan
26 JDK-8268347 hotspot compiler C2: nested locks optimization may create unbalanced monitor enter/exit code
27 JDK-8269304 hotspot compiler Regression ~5% in spec2005 in b27
28 JDK-8065895 hotspot runtime Synchronous signals during error reporting may terminate or hang VM process
29 JDK-8261397 hotspot runtime try catch Method failing to work when dividing an integer by 0
30 JDK-8262396 javafx graphics Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 21.0.3
31 JDK-8266860 javafx media [macos] Incorrect duration reported for HLS live streams
32 JDK-8264737 javafx media JavaFX media stream stops playing after reconnecting via Remote Desktop
33 JDK-8267819 javafx media CoInitialize/CoUninitialize should be called on same thread
34 JDK-8268219 javafx media hlsprogressbuffer should provide PTS after GStreamer update
35 JDK-8269147 javafx media Update GStreamer to version 1.18.4
36 JDK-8268718 javafx media [macos] Video stops, but audio continues to play when stopTime is reached
37 JDK-8269131 javafx web Update libxml2 to version 2.9.12
38 JDK-8270479 javafx web WebKit 612.1 build fails with Visual Studio 2017
39 JDK-8272329 javafx web Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.32.3 changes
40 JDK-8268849 javafx web Update to 612.1 version of WebKit
41 JDK-8274107 javafx web Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.32.4 changes
42 JDK-8231558 javafx window-toolkit [macos] Platform.exit causes assertion error on macOS 10.15 or later
43 JDK-8268158 security-libs Partial backport of JDK-8214074
44 JDK-8156584 security-libs java.security Initialization race in sun.security.x509.AlgorithmId.get
45 JDK-8268128 security-libs java.security ProviderConfig deadlock in JDK 8u291
46 JDK-8225082 security-libs java.security Remove IdenTrust certificate that is expiring in September 2021
47 JDK-8238555 security-libs javax.crypto:pkcs11 Allow initialization of SunPKCS11 with NSS when there are external FIPS modules in the NSSDB
48 JDK-8163326 security-libs javax.net.ssl Update the default enabled cipher suites preference
49 JDK-8259886 security-libs javax.net.ssl Improve SSL session cache performance and scalability
50 JDK-8255255 security-libs javax.xml.crypto Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.2.1
51 JDK-8260690 tools jconsole JConsole User Guide Link from the Help menu is not accessible by keyboard
52 JDK-8268213 xml jax-ws Racecondition at ContextClassloaderLocal.java:45