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Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 8u5 release:

Bug Id  Category Sub-Category Description
JDK-6571600 client-libs java.awt JNI use results in UnsatisfiedLinkError looking for libmawt.so
JDK-8030822 core-libs java.time (tz) Support tzdata2013i
JDK-8036568 core-libs java.util:collections Serial incompatibility in java.util.TreeMap.NavigableSubMap
JDK-8028691 deploy plugin loading browser proxy via config script should not trigger JAR download
JDK-8029649 deploy plugin Reduce dialog frequency when app is run multiple times
JDK-8033705 deploy plugin Array out of bounds exception in PluginMain.performSSVValidation
JDK-8033779 deploy plugin JRE 7u51 Plugin Failing to Run Older JRE Version < 1.6.0
JDK-8028577 deploy webstart [regression] Unsigned warning dialog is shown twice for applet with extension launched thru javaws
JDK-8029922 deploy webstart 32-bit only Java Web Start apps fail to run on 32- and 64-bit JRE configs
JDK-8031579 deploy webstart Spurious Missing Manifest Permissions Attribute Warning When Launching versioned Java Web Start app
JDK-8035283 hotspot compiler Second phase of branch shortening doesn't account for loop alignment