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Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JDK 8u66 release:

Bug Id Category Subcategory Description
JDK-8087201 client-libs 2D
OGL: rendering of lcd text is slow
JDK-8130938 client-libs 2D [solaris] Incomplete 8ux fix for 8071710: libfontmanager & t2k should link against headless awt on solaris
JDK-8037371 client-libs java.awt [macosx] Test closed/java/awt/dnd/ImageTransferTest/ImageTransferTest.html fails
JDK-8131752 client-libs java.awt [Regression] Test java/awt/GraphicsDevice/CheckDisplayModes.java fails
JDK-8134453 client-libs javax.accessibility JAWS crashes in WindowsAccessBridge.DLL on 32 bit 8u60 running on 32 bit Win 7
JDK-8134403 core-libs jdk.nashorn Nashorn react.js benchmark performance regression
JDK-8079618 deploy plugin AccessControlException with deployment cache and RMI
JDK-8135116 globalization translation [de] Missing the link of license agreement
JDK-6904403 hotspot jvmti assert(f == k->has_finalizer(),"inconsistent has_finalizer") with debug VM
JDK-8048353 hotspot runtime jstack -l crashes VM when a Java mirror for a primitive type is locked
JDK-8072147 hotspot runtime Preloading libjsig.dylib causes deadlock when signal() is called
JDK-8076110 hotspot runtime VM crash when class is redefined with Instrumentation.redefineClasses
JDK-8133191 install   NVDA screen reader and JAWS can't read the "Look and Feel" Selections.
JDK-8078495 security-libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 End time checking for native TGT is wrong
JDK-8131907 xml jaxp Numerous threads lock during XML processing while running Weblogic 12.1.3
JDK-8133523 deploy plugin _releaseObject called from wrong thread