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JDK 9.0.1 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in the JDK 9.0.1 release:

# JBS component subcomponent Description
1 JDK-8183297 infrastructure   Allow duplicate bugid for changeset in jdk9 update forest
2 JDK-8187993 infrastructure   [CPU17_04] Need to update securitypack.jar with baseline.versions file having jdk9 entry
3 JDK-8187043 javafx graphics JavaFX fails to launch on some Windows platforms due to missing VS2017 libraries
4 JDK-8089283 javafx web Padding property of the select tag is incorrect in WebView
5 JDK-8176729 javafx web com.sun.webkit.dom.NodeImpl#SelfDisposer is not called
6 JDK-8178319 javafx web Build sqlite3 from source
7 JDK-8178360 javafx web Build and integrate ICU from source
8 JDK-8178440 javafx web Build libxml2 and libxslt from source
9 JDK-8179673 javafx web JVM Crash in WebPage.setBackgroundColor() during webpage navigation (Non Public API)
10 JDK-8183292 javafx web Update to 604.1 version of WebKit
11 JDK-8184448 javafx web Crash while loading gif images with more frames
12 JDK-8185132 javafx web window.requestAnimationFrame API is not working