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Advanced Management Console 2.1 Release Notes

Advanced Management Console is a commercial product available for Java users who license Java SE Advanced or Java SE Suite. Advanced Management Console is available to customers from My Oracle Support (MOS).

For an overview of Advanced Management Console, see the Advanced Management Console product page.

What's New

  • This release adds the following features to Advanced Management Console:
    • Support for Oracle Database as the Advanced Management Console database
    • Migration from Advanced Management Console 2.0 to Advanced Management Console 2.1
    • Support for customization of JDK 7 enterprise MSI files
    • Export of desktop data and Java usage data as HTML or CSV files
    • Support for the following features of Deployment Rule Set 1.2:
      • Rules based on checksums
      • Customized messages for run rules and default rules
      • Customer data that is added to the Java Usage Tracker record when an application that matches the rule is run
  • Updated Documentation:

Known Issues

  • Server: Long JUT records may be truncated:

    The Advanced Management Console server might not always be able to process all of the Java Usage Tracking records sent by the desktops. This shows up in the Advanced Management Console user interface (UI) under the Status tab, where a counter of Java Usage Rejected Records is provided. Java Usage Records can be rejected due to the following reasons:

    • Application access was denied (for instance, blocked by a deployment rule set rule). In this case, the Advanced Management Console server discards the corresponding Java Usage Tracker record.
    • Application name was empty in the Java Usage Tracker record.
    • Java Usage Tracker record separators are not the default ones and do not match those defined in the Configuration Settings from the Advanced Management Console UI.
    • Java Usage Tracker record was truncated. This might be due to a Windows configuration on the desktop limiting the size of the Java Usage Tracker records sent to the Advanced Management Console server. On Windows, this limit can be increased with the 'DefaultSendWindow' registry key.
    • Application uses a local URL.

    Related to JAMC-2002 (not public).

  • Server: When a Java version is removed, not all dependent entries are removed.

    Advanced Management Console assumes the support of foreign key constraints for MYSQL. MyISAM or NDB (cluster) storage engines for MySQL do not support foreign key constraints natively. Therefore, you must use either InnoDB or the new "Falcon" storage engine, which both support foreign key constraints. Starting with MySQL 5.5.5, the default engine is InnoDB; before MySQL 5.5.5, the default engine is MyISAM.

    Related to JAMC-1955 (not public).

  • Server: Advanced Management Console cannot use XA-enabled DataSource for Oracle Database.

    When a Data Source object is configured in WebLogic Server, the default is to use an XA-enabled Oracle Database driver. Advanced Management Console cannot work with this type of driver and generates an error similar to the following:

    SEVERE: ORA-02089: COMMIT is not allowed in a subordinate session

    Workaround: When you configure the Data Source object in WebLogic Server, make sure that you set Database Driver to a driver that is not XA-enabled.

    Related to JAMC-2031 (not public).

  • Client UI: Wrong network proxy setup is likely to cause delays when starting the Java Web Start applications that are provided with Advanced Management Console.

    An incorrectly configured network proxy can cause the Java Web Start applications for managing deployment rule sets and installer configurations to take a long time to start.

    Workaround: Correct the configuration of your network proxy.

    Related to JAMC-2577 (not public).