Advanced Management Console 2.6 Release Notes

The Advanced Management Console is a commercial product available for Java users who have license for Java Standard Edition (SE) Advanced or Java SE Suite.

For an overview of the Advanced Management Console, see the Advanced Management Console product page.

What's New

This release contains multiple important bug fixes.

Updated Documentation

Known Issues

  • In the Java Control Panel (JCP), if JREs are manually added, deleted, or modified, then these changes don't get reflected in the Advanced Management Console UI.

Fixed Issues

The following table contains a list of issues that were addressed in Advanced Management Console 2.6:


Host name is wrong in desktop properties.

In database, two different paths are combined to one single record.

Advanced Management Console Warning Message about Heap size at startup.

Agents should check for Java Usage Tracker records to process at startup.

It doesn't make sense to add a separate column 'codebase' for ALL Java Usage reports.

[Agent] The Empty .java_usagetracker0 file can prevent agent from sending the Java Usage Tracker records to server.

List data source JNDI name for Oracle DB 11g.

Knockout's data-bind="html:" and jQuery's html() methods should be avoided.

Desktops Web Deploy Java Runtime Environments (JREs) need to update transparently if changes are made in the Java Control Panel.

Java Version link doesn't work correctly in the Java Usage|Application|Properties page.

[Regression] Dry run result for certificate hash and checksum are always default.

Application name is not changed in the table.

[Regression] Cannot show the extension in Related Applications view.

Default time to send the Java Usage Tracker is too long, which might cause Java Usage Tracker records never get sent.

New pattern must match the location of the currently displayed application.

Log agent registration failures due to IP address conflicts.

The getHTTPSCertificateHostName API in InitializationResource failed with

The table 'oldjres' isn't dropped at the end.

New desktop group can't be displayed in the desktop filter list automatically.

[WebUI] Don't show table with all desktops when adding filters as a result of clicking a link.