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JavaFX 2.2.40 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in JavaFX 2.2.40 release:

Bug ID Component/s Description
RT-25528 App Model, Glass Gtk: Window close cannot be prevented
RT-27584 App Model Application.getParameters.getRaw returns an empty list as soon as the file path it should convey contains non latin characters
RT-29668 Control CheckMenuItem / RadioMenuItem state doesn't always toggle as expected
RT-31877 Control Performance regression in CSS since 7u40 b32
RT-31022 Control Backward compatibility issue in binary CSS format
RT-23763 Control StackedBarChart does not work with autoranging category axis
RT-23812 Control StackedAreaChart ClassCastException on CategoryAxis
RT-22986 Control PieChart legend resize issue
RT-27532 Control 2.2.4 / TableView - when a sorted column is dragged to a new position it loses its sorting order.
RT-30169 Control Regression - Focused ComboBox doesn't take text input
RT-24106 Control Calling setLabelsVisible(false) on a PieChart causes the application to crash with a NPE at PieChart.layoutChartChildren()
RT-24598 Control Styles are not kept in StyleableProperty.MatchingStyles list if the Declaration value is equals
RT-24606 Control StyleableProperty.getMatchingStyle doesn't contain lookups
RT-28467 Control ComboBox focus switching blocks all user interaction
RT-23771 Deployment Bundled OS X apps can't be signed with codesign for OS X app store
RT-25248 Deployment Incorrect argument parsing for JVM args in JavaFX JNLP deployment
RT-31850 Deployment JavaFX Remove the “remember this decision” from the dialogs for self-signed and unsigned applets
RT-31451 Deployment Fix failed for RT-23923
RT-24271 Deployment, Packager Native bundles:on validity check for WiX bundler
RT-20270 Deployment Extension/Filetype filter in FileSaveService not working (JavaFX 2.2 b7)
RT-31486 Deployment FileSaveService is broken from 7u25 (FX 2.2.25)
RT-24960 Deployment, Packager Window ico files causes packaging errors
RT-23778 Deployment Native bundle - wrong main jar, wrong executable class
RT-24065 Deployment dtjava.validate against 2.0 return different results on different browsers with fx 2.2.0 installed
RT-22848 Deployment, Packager Add option to packer to add launcher class to existing jar
RT-23509 Deployment, Packager add ant task for defining codebase in jnlp
RT-23923 Deployment JavaFX Trusted Signed Security Dialog should be consistent with core Java
RT-24140 Deployment, Glass Mac: Ensemble: Key Events: key released events doesn't come
RT-27984 Deployment, Packager MSI and EXE installers provide inconsistent installs
RT-27029 Deployment FX Native bundler seems to ignore <fx:icon> passed to <fx:deploy> Ant task (although it does appear in the generated jnlp)
RT-16841 Deployment Should have a better exit when selecting Cancel from security warning dialog
RT-24475 Deployment Strange warning message when overwriting a file using FileSaveService
RT-30944 Deployment A bug in dtjava.js jreInstallerURL function
RT-27957 Deployment packager generates invalid Info.plist on Mac
RT-21873 Deployment missing security dialog box under mixed code scenario on mac
RT-23784 Deployment Comparison of custom fallback class to default NoJavaFXFallback class will always fail due to logic error
RT-27260 Deployment Update JavaFX 2.2.6 repo to include new imports JRE 7u12 bits for ea b07
RT-23920 Deployment, Packager javafxpackager -help: mistake in documenting -native option
RT-24433 Deployment FileSaveService.saveFileDialog needs some update
RT-22950 Deployment Mac: Ensemble Cursor Sample does not work when run as applet
RT-24794 Deployment HTML splash screen is misaligned if <doctype> is used in html page
RT-23922 Deployment JavaFX Self-Signed Security Dialog should be consistent with core Java
RT-23889 Deployment, Packager Native Bundle unable to open https connections
RT-24143 Deployment, Packager Ant task fx:deploy expectes all JARs to have a MANIFEST.MF and fails with NPE if at least one doesn't
RT-24517 Deployment socksProxyhost settings are ignored by JavaFX 2.2
RT-25023 Deployment Webstart: deadlock when downloading application
RT-24872 Deployment fx:signjar does not sign jars, which don't contain a MANIFEST.MF
RT-23876 Deployment, Glass Mac: Context Menus not working in applet
RT-24293 Deployment NPE on second run of Java Web Start Application
RT-25660 Deployment Macos bundle execution fails
RT-24875 Deployment Can not load javafx applets using 7u10 builds
RT-23114 Deployment No error dialog shows upon Exception in start method of Application in web start mode, which prevents application exit
RT-23475 Deployment Linux: JVM crashes when trying to save a file using FileSaveService
RT-28497 Deployment JavaFX sandbox security warning dialog should not set the default focus on "Do not show this again for this app"
RT-28277 Deployment add temporary workaround for sqe automation
RT-24380 FXML FXMLLoader: IllegalAccessException when Initializable not implemented and initialize() is present but not public
RT-26822 Glass Win: Stage Exception:could not create platform window
RT-24904 Glass Gtk: FileChooser save dialog does not ask for confirmation to overwrite an existing file on Linux
RT-29720 Glass Mac: [Events] event about key release on mac.
RT-24612 Glass Gtk: Implement support for specifying initial file name in SAVE file dialogs
RT-24588 Glass Glass: Allow to specify an initial file name in Save As dialog
RT-24453 Glass Mac: ComboBox, ChoiceBox, ListView when selected cause NetBeans RCP Application menubar to disappear
RT-21457 Glass Win: DirectoryChooser is closed with error when there is not directory selected.
RT-26392 Glass Mac: Save As dialog lacks "New Folder" option
RT-30948 Glass GUI easily locked up by excessive GUI updates
RT-30277 Glass Gtk: X Window System error caused by TextField in Popup
RT-23449 Glass Mac: javafx.stage.FileChooser().setInitialDirectory(file) not working
RT-24596 Glass Mac: sandboxd violation causes crash on startup of Ensemble
RT-25945 Glass Win: FileChooser can't use in applet's fullscreen mode
RT-23671 Glass Gtk: NPE on extra mouse buttons click
RT-23078 Glass Gtk: Error in looking up String class in native GtkSystemClipboard.mimesFromSystem method
RT-28448 Glass Gtk: DnD event.getDragboard().getString() produces crash if dragboard does not contain string
RT-23359 Glass Gtk: Check the grab/ungrab functionality
RT-19293 Glass Gtk: [Linux, Modality] Z-order issue 1.
RT-31003 Glass Mac: FX causes a crash in JDK CGLLayer code
RT-24833 Glass Gtk: Middle mouse button doesn't receive MOUSE_DRAGGED events
RT-30279 Glass Back-port HiDPI Glass support to 2u-dev
RT-29635 Glass Gtk: On Linux Dragboard.getFiles returns a List where File elements have a path ending with a carriage return
RT-24541 Glass Gtk: Wrong mouse cursor in text fields when using Popup (Linux)
RT-23731 Glass Gtk: [ContextMenu, TextInput] when clipboard is cleared, paste button is still available in context menu
RT-28408 Glass Gtk: NullPointerException from when using Esc to close modal dialog
RT-20882 Glass Gtk: Typing greek accented characters in TextField and HTMLEditor not working
RT-24355 Glass Gtk: Wrong 'Move' cursor
RT-27502 Glass Gtk: KeyEvent.isShiftDown() always true when Caps Lock is on.
RT-31088 Glass Gtk: Dragboard contains url escaped File paths in Linux which fail a file.exists() test
RT-29646 Glass Gtk: FX is throwing an exception while emulating the embedded environment on linux
RT-27576 Glass Gtk: Linux (Ubuntu 11.04 32 Bit): Accessing the contend of the Dragboard data during a drag and drop operation (setOnDragEntered, setOnDragOver) does not work as expected.
RT-29125 Glass Sporadic Java VM crash when JavaFX program ends (SIGSEGV in C [] Java_com_sun_glass_ui_gtk_GtkWindow__1getNativeWindowImpl+0x1)
RT-24855 Glass Gtk: Opening a dialog stage from a table context menu action leaves system in an unresponsive state
RT-23411 Glass, Swing FXCanvas: Embedding JavaFX inside an Eclipse View destroys context menus, on Linux
RT-24110 Glass Mac: FileChooser sometimes crashes the JVM on Mac OS X 10.8
RT-24864 Glass Mac: Application crashes in multi-touch support code
RT-30701 Glass Fatal RuntimeException in renderer when running any program on Linux
RT-28060 Glass Mac: MacFileNSURL.createFromBookmark() breaks if FileChooser.showOpenDialog() has not been invoked before
RT-23529 Glass Mac: FX applets do not load in OS X 10.8 + Safari
RT-27772 Glass Need support from FX File Chooser to be able to retrieve security-scoped URLs on the Mac
RT-24896 Glass Initial window size is incorrect after fix for RT-23631
RT-24270 Glass Backport RT-23456 to 2.2.4
RT-26309 Glass Mac: Holding down a key causes infinite pressed/typed/released events
RT-23690 Graphics Request for shaped clip support
RT-24994 Graphics, WebView Painting WebPage is too slow, making it unusable
RT-31701 Graphics HiDPI: InnerShadow offsets are wrong
RT-30223 Graphics Canvas clip not working properly on Windows
RT-26106 Graphics Missing gradient fill for text styled with rounded border
RT-30709 Graphics Backport fix for RT-30254 to 2.2.x
RT-30078 Graphics Port T2K hinting fix from JDK
RT-25094 Graphics Canvas fails when multiple advanced rendering operations are combined
RT-27530 Graphics pixel conversion to IntArgbPre doesn't work
RT-27828 Graphics Canvas GraphicsContext polygon and polyline methods ignore translation components of the transform
RT-25333 Graphics setPixels of a single pixel sometimes ignores the x,y coordinates requested
RT-25091 Graphics Rectangle with ROUND join uses MITER instead
RT-29098 Graphics Webview crashes when loading web page with malformed gif file
RT-23549 Graphics Mac OS regression : Menu.disable property may be ignored
RT-23589 Graphics Changes in large WritableImage don't update ImageView
RT-28191 Installers Temporarily hardcode fx.version.guid in build.xml files for standalone installers in 2u-cpu/dev deploy repo
RT-31261 Localization nls:t9n javafx 2.2.40, layout issue with French "Browser in use" dialog
RT-23348 Localization Update translation of javafxpackager man page
RT-26657 Localization NLS: Upload javafxrt.tbom and javafxsdk.tbom files to jfx/doc-files
RT-28362 Localization javafx 2.2.6 message drop10
RT-31731 Media FXMedia. Markers are not invoked when video plays with high play rate
RT-26155 Media Application crashes on windows as well as on windows if i am playing a media file attachment is the media file
RT-31728 Media FXMedia. Repeat does not work for media with set startTime and stopTime
RT-31743 Media FXMedia. Group of unit tests crashes
RT-31303 Media FXMedia. Audio clip plays with unacceptable delay
RT-28817 Media Add explicit dispose() method to MediaPlayer
RT-28375 Media Issue with paused video starts playing on the call of setRate() of MediaPlayer
RT-27717 Media JavaFx MediaPlayer not release the file handle for the file it played Window specific
RT-27663 Media Crash while using extended Seek While Scroll on Windows for MediaPlayer
RT-29639 Media Playing media by providing StartTime and StopTime, it plays first 2-3 frame of the Media then it starts playing from the given position.
RT-27715 Media JavaFx MediaView hangs when I used large video files
RT-27716 Media MediaPlayer setRate() on 4x or more than 4X speed no longer works on the Mac
RT-31174 Other Update javafxpackager nroff man page for 7u40
RT-24090 Other Need to bump FX 2.2.4 build number to b03 to match JDK 7u8
RT-24268 Other JDev Would Like to Have Srcs in JAVAFX_MAIN_PLATFORMS labels
RT-31563 Packager Publisher not set as Expected for JDK javafxpackager.exe
RT-24766 Packager Packager: Provide ability to select JRE to bundle
RT-25343 Packager The Windows launcher generated by the packager fails when called with no parameter
RT-24399 Packager Native bundles: DMG's installation window is polluted by hidden files
RT-31144 Packager Fix problems with passing jvmuserargs to packaged application
RT-25339 Packager Add to the launcher generated by the packager support for handling VM parameters
RT-31153 Packager xmlparser not added as part of RT-25339 commit - causes build to break
RT-28118 Packager One can no longer use packager of FX 8 (since b75) with a Java 7 due to [Java Runtime does not include Contents/Home/jre/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar]
RT-24727 Packager, Samples Ensemble app is not packaged using custom resources
RT-24631 Packager javafxpackager does not find drop-in resources on Mac/Linux
RT-24881 Packager Native packaging: ability to bundle non-javafx application
RT-24538 Packager Application name not showing up after package
RT-25003 Packager Ant task FXJar changes the manifest attribute names to lowercase
RT-24905 Packager Generated extension jnlp is malformed if it refers to more than one jar
RT-24993 Packager Native packaging: native launcher should pass command line parameters to the app
RT-29058 Packager Need a macro in the config files to expand to the app bundle directory
RT-24361 Packager Native Packages - 64 bit bundles on Linux are broken
RT-25144 Packager An App built with FX packager crashes at startup on MacOS 10.8 since Java 7 U10 b08
RT-31204 Samples DataApp: client doesn't open browser
RT-31189 Samples DataApp: DataAppLoader can't create JVM
RT-26971 Samples Sample Showcase (Ensemble) does not start
RT-30567 Samples DataApp sample will not run
RT-31143 Samples Ensemble: Backport RT-20081 to 2.2.40
RT-30321 Samples Ensemble: port sidebar fix from Lombard
RT-30609 Samples Copyright header in samples_readme.txt needs to conform to standard
RT-30542 Samples Update Copyright year in samples_readme.txt
RT-23620 Samples Need to update JavaFX 2.2 samples for NB 7.2 FCS
RT-24195 Samples DataApp: can't build using readme
RT-27117 Samples Unable to start applets on ff & chrome
RT-24091 Scenegraph Backport RT-23351 to 2.2.40
RT-31126 Scenegraph GridPaneDesignInfo.getCellBounds() returns wrong cell heights
RT-16111 Scenegraph FileChooser: Need to be able to specify initial file name in save dialog
RT-24307 Scenegraph Backport RT-23664 (broken links in javadoc) to 2.2.6
RT-30032 Scenegraph Fix copyright header, line endings for security test
RT-24473 Scenegraph Backport RT-23959 to 2.2.6
RT-31045 Scenegraph GridPane may take an abnormally long time to be rendered
RT-21836 Swing NPE on drag&drop controls in JFXPanel
RT-31072 WebView Sending email with gmail doesn't work with webview
RT-26883 WebView WebView/WebEngine unable to render HTML5/JS charts
RT-23491 WebView iPhone Style Back Button does not render correctly
RT-24327 WebView Webview incorrectly uses String constructor when supplementary characters are present.
RT-26487 WebView Improve parameter checks. Fix fails
RT-27876 WebView Backport RT-24142 to 2.2.6
RT-20193 WebView MacOS: Performance problems wiht CSS3 Animations
RT-21097 WebView WebView steals the focus (for SELECT and HTML components) when a reload is issued on WebEngine
RT-23945 WebView WebView sometimes does not display a complete image
RT-24279 WebView Animations are slow in mexsantos application in WebView (see PERF-353)
RT-24322 WebView Port RT-17564 to 2.2.4
RT-24324 WebView Port the fix for RT-22458 to 2.2.4