Update Release Notes

Changes in 1.6.0_04

The full internal version number for this update release is 1.6.0_04-b12 (where "b" means "build"). The external version number is 6u4. Included in JDK 6u4 is version 10.0 of the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine.

Security Baseline

This update release specifies the following security baselines:

JRE Family Version Security Baseline
5.0 1.5.0_13
1.4.2 1.4.2_16

For more information about the security baseline, see Deploying Java Applets With Family JRE Versions in Java Plug-in for Internet Explorer .

OlsonData 2007h

This release contains Olson time zone data version 2007h. For more information, refer to 6611886 or see US DST Timezone Updater.

Java DB

Java DB 10.3 is included in 1.6.0_04-b04 and subsequent builds.

Java SE Service Tag Creation

If Service Tag (ST) software is installed when Java SE is installed, a unique service tag is created for that particular Java SE instance. At this release, only Solaris ST version 1.1.1 is supported.

A service tag enables automatic discovery of systems, software, and services. It uniquely identifies each tagged asset and allows asset information to be shared over a local network in a standard XML format. JDK and JRE service tags allow instances of the JDK and JRE installed on a system to be discovered and registered under a user's account on Sun Connection.

One of the most basic and challenging problems any computer user or administrator faces is knowing what they have installed on their systems. A service tag for an installed JDK or JRE can provide a means for system administrators or developers to discover and better manage multiple JDK and JRE versions installed across multiple systems.

For more information, refer to the Sun Connection download page, the Service Tag FAQ and to 6573018.

Additional JVM Command Line Option

If the Java HotSpot VM option switch


For more information, see 6541037.

Red Hat 5 Problem with Java Input Methods

Input methods implemented using the Java Input Method Framework may not work correctly on Red Hat 5 Linux desktop. Refer to 6600929.

Download of Demos and Samples Cannot be Deselected

On 32-bit Windows systems, download of demos and samples cannot be deselected. This is due to 6639344 which causes installation errors if demos and samples are deselected.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6551958 guides none Java SE 6 doc inaccuracies regarding no-cache and no-store
6554197 guides none The copyright mark is garbaged in deployment/index.html
6578069 guides none Wrong version number in Java Web Start Developer Guide title
6559989 guides none Incorrect mime type described in Java SE 6 plugin developer's guide
6507107 hotspot compiler1 Heapwalking causes crash on solaris-sparcv9
4650676 hotspot compiler1 Hotspot compiler should hide "exclude" messages when .hotspot-compiler present
6448241 hotspot compiler1 exception oop left in TLS during exception lookup causing assertions if class loading occurs
6461204 hotspot compiler1 DebugNonSafepoints sometimes records out of range bcis
6472689 hotspot compiler1 client doesn't update interpreter_invocation in tiered build
6485238 hotspot compiler1 C1 needs check for dead locals in osr entry point
6500501 hotspot compiler1 wildcarding support wanted for CompilerOracle
6508889 hotspot compiler1 HotSpot crash in JDK 6, IntelliJ with -Xincgc
6539567 hotspot compiler1 ShouldNotReachHere in mem2reg at c1_LIRAssembler_i486.cpp, 1135
6546178 hotspot compiler1 Crash in regression test for 6440479
6561028 hotspot compiler1 closed/compiler/ 6551887/Test.java crashes
6614036 hotspot compiler2 REGRESSION: Java server x86 VM intermittently crash with SIGSEGV (0xb)
6575876 hotspot compiler2 java -server -version should not indicate tiered VM
6570219 hotspot compiler2 REG: VM crash when printing an image in different orientations, SolSparc
6579347 hotspot compiler2 Solaris/SPARC Server VM: endless loop in checkcast_arraycopy stub
6588045 hotspot compiler2 Pack: java.io.IOException: pop token out of range
6592707 hotspot compiler2 REGRESSION: Java 64-Bit Server VM sparcv9 crash with unhandled implicit exception in compiled code
6590301 hotspot compiler2 HotSpot VM should have own version separate from JDK version
6579537 hotspot compiler2 CORBA:api/javaidl/StubTests & product/rmiiiop/marshalTests tests are failed with core dump
6572484 hotspot compiler2 Javac crashes hotspot VM with -server -Xcomp options on windows, 64 bit Solaris SPARC/AMD
5032515 hotspot compiler2 Rematerialization of constants may produce multiple copes
6385730 hotspot compiler2 optimizations for ByteBuffer.put()/get() not nearly as good as byte[] assignment
6394462 hotspot compiler2 Hotspot prints "*** Unlock prevents locking optimization"
6419652 hotspot compiler2 Missed performance opportunity in bimorphic inlining cases
6428387 hotspot compiler2 array clone() much slower than Arrays.copyOf
6431242 hotspot compiler2 Optimize Integer.reverseBytes()
6431243 hotspot compiler2 Optimize Integer.rotateLeft()
6448792 hotspot compiler2 C2 assert during CTW when CodeCache is near full
6452568 hotspot compiler2 i486 use SQRTSS instead of SQRTSD for (float)Math.sqrt()
6460907 hotspot compiler2 generate meaningful match rules names
6460965 hotspot compiler2 C2 does not match an instruction with swaped operands of commutative operation.
6463133 hotspot compiler2 Deoptimization should not use code patching
6463375 hotspot compiler2 Fix the condition for a commutative operation's inputs swapping during final graph reshaping
6467870 hotspot compiler2 Fixes to monotonically narrow or widen types during igvn
6467906 hotspot compiler2 Allow to specify the same parameter multiply times in match rule
6468040 hotspot compiler2 policy for ties in LRG scores should take area into account
6468406 hotspot compiler2 PhiNode Identity & Ideal must find the same unique input patterns
6468505 hotspot compiler2 kill projection for calls should select the proper calling convention
6468956 hotspot compiler2 Bug in TestNativeRevocation test case
6469339 hotspot compiler2 wrong format strings for register operands hide real register usage
6470497 hotspot compiler2 early C2 cleanups for Java 7
6472143 hotspot compiler2 extend CompilerOracle with per compile flags
6474965 hotspot compiler2 extend type system to take advantage of escape analysis
6477033 hotspot compiler2 Add tiered build support for Linux and Windows platforms
6479823 hotspot compiler2 Failure in MultiNode::proj_out() during CTW.
6479927 hotspot compiler2 2x slowdown in loop storing float constant
6480445 hotspot compiler2 Missed tree flatten opportunity in Direct ByteBuffer addressing
6483694 hotspot compiler2 nightly failure after 6431242 putback
6484385 hotspot compiler2 PRT crashes if tiered compiler is used.
6486391 hotspot compiler2 bad immediate dominator info after nips.blocker
6488063 hotspot compiler2 Improve analysis by Bytecode Escape Estimator
6490942 hotspot compiler2 C2 assert(tp->base() != Type::AnyPtr,"not a bare pointer")
6493180 hotspot compiler2 C2 Error: SoftMatchFailure is not allowed
6496524 hotspot compiler2 Setting breakpoint in jdb crashes Hotspot JVM
6500685 hotspot compiler2 VM hangs after 'made not entrant java.util.concurrent.........'
6500866 hotspot compiler2 jvm crash running forte stress kit.
6503017 hotspot compiler2 assert(fr().is_deoptimized_frame(),"frame must be scheduled for deoptimization")
6511206 hotspot compiler2 Error: assert(0 <= i && i < _len,"illegal index")
6511991 hotspot compiler2 add support for real temporaries in adlc
6513855 hotspot compiler2 Allow to set the value of AllocatePrefetchLines from command line
6514850 hotspot compiler2 Need generalized interface for checking if a match rule exists for an ideal node
6515916 hotspot compiler2 server crash/hang with -XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes
6516018 hotspot compiler2 simplify object layout calculations to enable faster reflection
6516087 hotspot compiler2 ins_encode should support inline assembly using the MacroAssembler
6516101 hotspot compiler2 checkcast operations should be profiled to improve code which uses generics
6523134 hotspot compiler2 field "_layout_helper" in type Klass is not of C integer type, but instead of type jint
6523546 hotspot compiler2 compiler interface should be initialized lazily
6524971 hotspot compiler2 Class data sharing is broken
6525524 hotspot compiler2 Revive OptoScheduling on x86 platforms
6525802 hotspot compiler2 server compiler should support certain reflective and data motion intrinsics
6526807 hotspot compiler2 CompileTheWorld is broken
6527187 hotspot compiler2 Error: assert(!thread->owns_locks(),"must release all locks when leaving VM")
6528700 hotspot compiler2 C2 CTW failed in generate_i2c2i_adapters with -XX:+VerifyOops
6529019 hotspot compiler2 C2 CTW on sparc with -XX:+VerifyOops assert(is_Mach(),"invalid node class")
6533423 hotspot compiler2 Enable building of tiered jvm for server jvms
6534152 hotspot compiler2 Escape analysis should split out unescaped obects as separate types
6537990 hotspot compiler2 Optimize multibytes NOP generation and loops alignment
6539438 hotspot compiler2 raise_LCA_above_marks stops too early
6544710 hotspot compiler2 Performance regression in RangeCheckMicroBenchmark
6546504 hotspot compiler2 Compiling vectorNode.hpp fails on gcc 4.1.1
6550579 hotspot compiler2 FloatBuffer returns incorrect results when used with the Java 6 HotSpot ServerVM
6551887 hotspot compiler2 Typo in 6531175 changes in generate_generic_copy() stub
6552204 hotspot compiler2 split_thru_phi leaves behind Phi of AddP which produces inefficient code
6553444 hotspot compiler2 Add lock site specific accounting to server compiler
6558217 hotspot compiler2 Change c2 node dumps to not use recursion
6561457 hotspot compiler2 merge-o in fix to 6516101 bogusly sets the null_seen bit.
6565178 hotspot compiler2 unhandled explicit exception in compiled code
6458634 hotspot garbage_collector A Klass being allocated may dispatch to the wrong oop_is_parsable
6545719 hotspot garbage_collector Regression : Infinite GC occurs after fix in CR 6370163
6530811 hotspot garbage_collector regression b08: SEGV in FastScanClosure::do_oop
6572569 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: consistently skewed work distribution indicated in (long) re-mark pauses
6558100 hotspot garbage_collector CMS crash following parallel work queue overflow
5086514 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent can hang when +CMSIncrementalMode
6252656 hotspot garbage_collector Putative invariant for TLABS _start+_size==_end+alignment_reserve() not being maintained
6275407 hotspot garbage_collector Assertion failure "wrong array object size"
6417901 hotspot garbage_collector Generalize parallel reference processing to all collectors.
6458100 hotspot garbage_collector Symbols and strings are resurrected in CMS perm gen when concurrent sweeping is disabled.
6459197 hotspot garbage_collector ContiguousSpace::block_start() has a bogus assert
6465357 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: default choice of NewSize can cause obscure startup failure w/small -Xms
6468292 hotspot garbage_collector Add timers for GC to measure user/system times and date stamping
6475811 hotspot garbage_collector iCMS: assert(top < _icms_stop_limit,"Tautology")
6483660 hotspot garbage_collector Disentangle ensure_parsability() and TLAB retirement
6483690 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: assert(cur_val < top,"All recorded addresses should be less")
6490031 hotspot garbage_collector CMS: assert(size > 0,"no unparsable object found"), concurrentMarkSweepGeneration.cpp, 6528
6501045 hotspot garbage_collector The calculation for excessive GC overhead should ignore explicity GC's.
6517301 hotspot garbage_collector There should be a -XX:+PrintGCDateStamps
6524727 hotspot garbage_collector GC ergonomics does not honor the minimum young gen size implied by a -Xms and NewRatio
6526806 hotspot garbage_collector DEFINE_ALLOCATE_PERMANENT should check for NULL result
6533850 hotspot garbage_collector Regression in the gc_baseline caused by || RefProc (assertion "FreeList RACE DETECTED")
6541037 hotspot garbage_collector Ability to unload classes upon an explicit concurrent gc request
6546488 hotspot garbage_collector Debugging code sneaked into the baseline
6547371 hotspot garbage_collector Guard at end of card table can be overwritten.
6554508 hotspot garbage_collector compilation of parNewGeneration.cpp fails on fedora 6
6559052 hotspot garbage_collector [OpenJDK] CardTableRS::do_MemRegion() could attempt out-of-bounds translation in addr_for()
6566474 hotspot garbage_collector PS: In the UseParallelGC collector the minimum gen0 size can exceed the maximum gen0 size.
6471657 hotspot jni JNI Direct Buffer API calls don't set the correct thread state during initialization
6445945 hotspot jvmti Unexpected exception: "java.lang.InternalError: Location with invalid code index"
6460762 hotspot jvmti Crash in test using ThreadReference.ownedMonitorsAndFrames
6272174 hotspot jvmti -Djava.compiler=NONE and -Xdebug anachronisms unanachronistically disable full-speed debugging
6540288 hotspot jvmti IterateThroughHeap crash when primitive field callback enabled
6534517 hotspot jvmti JCK6a: several JVMTI tests for ForceEarlyReturnInt,ForceEarlyReturnLong,ForceEarlyReturnObject fail
6491083 hotspot monitoring_management ThreadMXBean.getCurrentThreadCpuTime() should use the posix clock implementation on Linux
6444823 hotspot other version string hard coded in files
6447157 hotspot other Crashdump (hs_err_pid*.log) does not contain the crash time
6488753 hotspot other need additional sanity checks in the hotspot makefiles
6493675 hotspot other Hotspot hs_err_pid.log internal vm info string is ambiguous with respect to build flavor
6496828 hotspot other Echo cannot handle backslash-escaped characters without option "-e"
6498734 hotspot other RFE: Refactorying the common variable definitions into a shared make file for hotspot
6507349 hotspot other RFE: Provide consistent ways to build 64 bit VM across Solaris & Linux
6511994 hotspot other Hotspot build fails if the workspace path contains certain strings such as win32, solaris and linux.
6531149 hotspot other Use right LP64 definition for 64 bit conditional build of hotspot
6538311 hotspot other OpenJDK build fails with 'cannot restore segment prot after reloc'
6538523 hotspot other openjdk b10 fastdebug build fails on Solaris Express with Sun C++ 5.8
6539723 hotspot other Class Data Sharing cease to work on Windows on Daylight Saving time change
5073453 hotspot perfdata problems with ACL on the hsperfdata_<user> directory on windows
6473338 hotspot runtime_system ATG application occasionally hangs during safepointing (due to monitor inflation livelock?)
6546278 hotspot runtime_system Synchronization problem in the pseudo memory barrier code
6487931 hotspot runtime_system JVM reports EXCEPTION_FLT_STACK_CHECK when calling a Java method through JNI
6570268 hotspot runtime_system JDB: step002 fails assert(0 <= i && i < length(),"index out of bounds")
6571496 hotspot runtime_system Bigapps Failure- the app is hanging with the specific VM
6528763 hotspot runtime_system VM crashes because of something related to LoaderConstraintEntry in 6.0
4470034 hotspot runtime_system NoClassDefFoundError could benefit from exception chaining
6186722 hotspot runtime_system Signal 11 in countStackFrames() by libjvm.so
6227246 hotspot runtime_system Improve Windows unhandled structured exception reporting
6318988 hotspot runtime_system -Xcheck:jni support for user defined Signal handlers
6349489 hotspot runtime_system Fedora Core 4 gcc 4.0.1 flags method as deprecated
6373461 hotspot runtime_system Unhanded oop detector misses naked oops with locks guarded by conditional
6441899 hotspot runtime_system os::is_MP() does not return the right value the first time called
6447373 hotspot runtime_system Make hs_err_pid*file say CRASHED IN NATIVE CODE OUTSIDE THE JDK if crash outside VM.
6452176 hotspot runtime_system Solaris os::javaTimeMillis() passes bad value to gettimeofday()
6454213 hotspot runtime_system RFE: Reduce PIC overhead for Solaris & Unix hotspot VM code
6463096 hotspot runtime_system icache invalidation code can segv
6468780 hotspot runtime_system Remove getThread_<os_arch>.cpp files from Hotspot
6468954 hotspot runtime_system Generic synchronization cleanups for J2SE 1.7
6469340 hotspot runtime_system Remove onStackReplacement.cpp/hpp files from Hotspot
6470570 hotspot runtime_system Modify suspend/resume code to work better with the safepoint protocol
6471091 hotspot runtime_system java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.ThreadDeath: method <init>(Ljava/lang/String;)V not found
6471736 hotspot runtime_system Ctrl-Break dump: threads waiting on monitors info is incorrect
6474240 hotspot runtime_system Check unhandled oops is too slow and hard to debug in jvmg
6474281 hotspot runtime_system why do we have a class named 'sparc' when it seems to be a special keyword?
6478045 hotspot runtime_system REGRESSION: Fix for 6402537 truncates absolute wait times to a whole number of seconds
6478739 hotspot runtime_system -Xcheck:jni Protect the system stack with a NULL page
6483612 hotspot runtime_system Fix HS error reporting to detect if the error is probably caused by classes.jsa going away
6485088 hotspot runtime_system GDB can't work with jvmg version of libjvm.so on Linux AMD 64 platform
6488751 hotspot runtime_system hotspot should be compatible with VS2005 build
6489803 hotspot runtime_system build sparc-specific hotspot code with gcc-4.1
6490042 hotspot runtime_system Bogus assert in InterpreterMacroAssembler::call_VM_leaf_base
6490707 hotspot runtime_system libjvm.so: unexpected PLT reloc type 0x08 when loading VM
6496392 hotspot runtime_system attach_current_thread can leak JavaThread object (and associated data structures) if an error occurs
6498391 hotspot runtime_system Remove all dead code related to the legacy vm_suspend/vm_resume API's
6499219 hotspot runtime_system SIGXFSZ kills VM
6501559 hotspot runtime_system Print out fatal/guarantee message
6502655 hotspot runtime_system Check for error return from libthread calls.
6502822 hotspot runtime_system suspend/resume cleanup: SR_lock() usage and platform-specific code
6504193 hotspot runtime_system typechecker incorrectly rejects valid classfiles when -XX:-FailOverToOldVerifier is specified
6507028 hotspot runtime_system _suspend_flags are not atomically updated in all cases
6508571 hotspot runtime_system Allow to build Hotspot on Solaris using gcc
6510126 hotspot runtime_system intptr_t != int on all x86 operating systems
6512182 hotspot runtime_system REGRESSION: JNI ExceptionClear does not clear JVMTI's view of the exception
6518490 hotspot runtime_system Solaris TS scheduling class anti-starvation facility does not completely avoid starvation
6520890 hotspot runtime_system biasd locking can request needless safepoints
6523122 hotspot runtime_system LinkageError is thrown when ClassCircularityError should be reported
6526456 hotspot runtime_system Make it easier to bootstrap a hotspot build on linux
6530520 hotspot runtime_system hsfind fails for some oops
6530525 hotspot runtime_system add debugging findclass helper
6531596 hotspot runtime_system Wrong exception from Method.invoke() call
6533127 hotspot runtime_system fix for 4914266 reveals CHECK_UNHANDLED_OOPS compilation problems
6536670 hotspot runtime_system JVM crashes in ClassLoader
6541668 hotspot runtime_system BigApp crashed with fastdebug build on (instanceKlass() == 0 || instanceKlass()->is_instance())
6545975 hotspot runtime_system assert(count == i,"Did not find the expected number of pending Java threads")
6546086 hotspot runtime_system VM crash when parsing a classfile with garbage in it.
6546529 hotspot runtime_system VerifyProtectedConstructor test fails due to Parse Exception: Unexpected length
6549267 hotspot runtime_system BigApp failure - timing bug in parallel bootstrap classloader
6549326 hotspot runtime_system spurious assert fires in synchornizer.cpp : isMuxLocked(&ListLock)
6557208 hotspot runtime_system Fix for 6402022 does not work on all platforms
6561063 hotspot runtime_system TEST_BUG: closed/runtime/ 6244515/Truncate.java does not work on Windows
5104239 idl orb Java: thread deadlock
6553303 idl orb Corba application fails w/ org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: vmcid: SUN minor code: 203 completed: No
6623024 java build 64-bit JDK packages installation does not create servicetag
6571478 java build jdk6u3 nightly build is failing.
6618779 java build servicetag not created for PACKAGE installation on Solaris (x86 and sparc)
6619410 java build JavaDB (Derby) license is missing from the THIRDPARTYLICENSE.txt
6592473 java build Fix jdk6 JPRT control builds
6471418 java classes_2d StackOverflowError due to recursion at sun.font.TrueTypeFont.getTableBuffer
6529101 java classes_2d OGL: antialiasing performance needs to be improved
6544505 java classes_2d update OpenGL header files
6531606 java classes_2d PIT: fastdebug build breaks in OGLPaints.c
6528469 java classes_2d add LCD text options to J2DBench
6525997 java classes_2d OGL: VM crash when drawing a general path on screen and repainting it a few times, Win32
6525100 java classes_2d OGL: Toolkit.sync() should issue a glFinish()
6521533 java classes_2d OGL: accelerate Linear/RadialGradientPaint using fragment shaders
6521434 java classes_2d OGL: enable sun.java2d.opengl.lcdshader by default
6514990 java classes_2d OGL: accelerate Convolve/Rescale/LookupOp using fragment shaders
6568560 java classes_2d Regression testcase java/awt/FullScreen/UninitializedDisplayModeChangeTest fails from 6u2 b01
6567260 java classes_2d Set SheetCollate attribute to COLLATED and UNCOLLATED not working in 6u2
6545343 java classes_2d One german character in GTK l&f in SwingSet2 demo is not properly displayed
6542749 java classes_2d DejaVu Sans in Latin Extended-A and Extended-B ranges rendered incorrectly
6452415 java classes_2d Swing text components using a physical font print text as filled shapes (bigger spool files).
6559743 java classes_2d OGL: more cleanup needed in preparation for new D3D pipeline
6536952 java classes_2d OGL: ConvolveOp with 5x5 kernel extremely slow on ATI Radeon 9800
6438225 java classes_2d OGL: regression test sun/java2d/SunGraphics2D/PolyVertTest.java fails
5066318 java classes_2d OGL: Enabling OGL pipeline on Windows with ATI board crashes VM at exit/shutdown
6543815 java classes_2d Imageable area of PageFormat is ignored if values of imageable X/Y are negative.
6464341 java classes_2d SwingSet2 demo crashes with ACCESS_VIOLATION in [ntdll.dll+0x1c97b] on windows-amd64
6556332 java classes_2d Medialib code should be separated out form the awt.dll
6465038 java classes_awt On MToolkit, cannot input any character on multi window environment
6558510 java classes_awt Flickering upon resize on X11 platforms
6547951 java classes_awt On MAWT TextArea, cursor keeps blinking after focus moved to a native window.
6448876 java classes_awt Systray Icon not shown in KDE using Mustang
6539458 java classes_awt JPopupMenu does not display if invoker is instance of JWindow
6507549 java classes_awt jvm crash while performing cursors finalizer
6587371 java classes_awt JCK SystemTray tests cause VM crash on WinVista in JDK 6u3 with -Xcomp option (passed on 6u1)
6430035 java classes_awt_im Doc: "Java 2 Runtime Environment" should be modified in demos
6589532 java classes_beans XMLEncoder fails to encode TitledBorders
6546060 java classes_fontprop New fontconfig.properties is requied for RHEL5
6593729 java classes_io After failed file close, do not repeat the close operation.
6533291 java classes_lang Work around 32-bit Solaris stdio limit of 256 open files
6528083 java classes_management MM Rmi*BootstrapTest.sh tests fails due to GetVolumeInformation failures.
6520665 java classes_net NTLM Authentication not requested, throws null exception
6488669 java classes_net Bad interaction between ChunkedInputStream and HttpURLConnection$ErrorStream.getErrorStream()
6587875 java classes_net InetAddress.isReachable() will not work for super users with "large" process ids
6599750 java classes_net InetAddress.isReachable implementation not completely thread safe
6601686 java classes_net InetAddress.isReachable(timeout) may not return after timout milliseconds
6549811 java classes_net add support for delegation in HTTP/SPNEGO
6595324 java classes_net Three tests in JCK-runtime-6a alt.bundle fail only with agent started in java plugin
6403933 java classes_nio (se) Selector doesn't block on Selector.select(timeout) (lnx)
6465349 java classes_security GetInstance regression test fails when jtreg granted AllPermission
6570062 java classes_security Kerberos authentication regression
6598154 java classes_security api/javax_xml/crypto/dsig/XMLSignature/index.html#methods[Signature2011] fails since JDK 7 b16
6459115 java classes_swing REGRESSION: JInternalFrame within JInternalFrame Drawing Problems
6491714 java classes_swing JFileChooser does not work properly with File selection when filter is changed
6515169 java classes_swing wrong grid header in JFileChooser
6337516 java classes_swing NullPointerException in ToolTipManager on mouseExit
6434444 java classes_swing Vista: JTable differs with native table in vista laf.
6501991 java classes_swing java.awt.font.LineBreakMeasurer.nextOffset ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
6578753 java classes_swing JFileChooser in 6u2 slow on Windows
6560349 java classes_swing REGRESSION :folder having ".lnk" in the name can not be opened by 5.0 and later versions
6511568 java classes_swing JFileChooser throws OOM in 1.4.2, 5.0u4 and 1.6.0
6557223 java classes_swing Resize cursor stays after fast outline-resize of JInternalFrame with JScrollPane
6578189 java classes_swing Regression:TitleBorder insets have changed and it causes bcoz of 6434444.
6579129 java classes_swing REGRESSION:NPE in DefaultTableCellHeaderRenderer in 6u3_b01 due to fix for 6434444
6547087 java classes_swing JPopupMenu.Separator getPreferredSize throws NullPointerException
6503981 java classes_swing Bug in BasicTableHeaderUI
6570445 java classes_swing Win32ShellFolder2 throws exceptions if security manager installed
6554551 java classes_swing JMenu Items Won't Render Icons
6559152 java classes_swing editable JComboBox: Can't select with keys inside JTable
6480425 java classes_swing JTable.setRowSorter fires property change with the wrong name
6520101 java classes_swing FileChooser will cause OutOfMemory when application will run long time
6555752 java classes_swing javax/swing/JScrollPane/AcceleratedWheelScrolling/HorizScrollers.html fails with RuntimeException.
6544309 java classes_swing PIT:Unable to select the item's in 'input method selection' popupmenu by using keyboard.
4743558 java classes_text [BI] test/java/text/BreakIterator/BreakIteratorTest.java fails in th locale.
6433179 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Incorrect DST end for America/Winnipeg and Canada/Central in 2038+
6611886 java classes_util_i18n (tz) support tzdata2007h
6598520 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Windows time zone mapping table needs to be updated for KB933360
6466476 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Introduction of tzdata2005r can introduce incompatility issues with some JDK1.1 3-letter TZ Ids
6572242 java classes_util_i18n (rb) ResourceBundle.getBundle should ignore NoClassDefFoundError from ClassLoader on Windows
6571205 java classes_util_i18n Currency data changes for ISO 4217 Amendment 139
6570259 java classes_util_i18n Currency data changes for ISO 4217 Amendment 138
6560126 java classes_util_i18n (rb) OutOfMemoryError at ResourceBundle.java:1642 causes program to hang indefinitely
6541345 java classes_util_i18n Reformat TimeZone display names resources files
6531593 java classes_util_i18n Currency update for Iceland
6531591 java classes_util_i18n Currency update for Sudan
6507854 java classes_util_i18n (cal) doc: change the first day of Showa era
4879507 java classes_util_jarzip ZipInputStream does not check CRC for stored (uncompressed) files
6464451 java compiler javac in 5.0ux can not compile try-catch block which has a lot of "return"
6500207 java compiler REGRESSION: Compiler Crash with java.lang.AssertionError assertion
6564305 java compiler Fix 6547131 regression test
6520152 java compiler ACC_FINAL flag for anonymous classes shouldn't be set
6557865 java compiler -target 5 should not put ACC_SYNTHETIC on package-info
6481701 java compiler annot00701.html, annot01602m3.html and intf01004m1.html hang while compiling (b102)
6525646 java debugger (JDWP) ThreadReference.OwnedMonitorsStackDepthInfo returns invalid error when passed thread is null
6547811 java debugger JDWP: ReferringObjects and Instances commands return unexpected error
6557713 java imageio Java unable to convert from gif to png format
6485081 java install java control panel needs a manifest
6610410 java install need to show new OpenOffice images for MSI SetupProgress Dialog
6595531 java install Wording changes for AutoUpdate dialog to give more info on OpenOffice.org offer
6579208 java install FamilyVersionSupport removed when installing jre-6u2-windows-i586-p.exe
6577401 java install Artifacts on installer graphic
6576676 java install Installer change to call a Java utility to create and delete a service tag for Java SE
6566158 java install xpi file not signed preventing installation in Firefox
6550968 java install wrong java help page in es
6468572 java jconsole Plugins order doesn't follow pluginpath
6412120 java jconsole MBeans tab: representation of parameter names in operations
6476932 java jconsole Clean up compile time warnings in JConsole code
6355949 java jconsole jconsole: Tab and Enter keys are not working correctly in the Connection dialog
6414231 java jconsole MBeans->java.lang.ClassLoading -> Attributes -> Loaded Class (Chart) is not fully displayed
6471559 java jconsole JConsole charts should accept small values (floating point)
6494042 java jconsole MBeans tab: Can not navigate to the JTable components using keyboard
6597615 java jconsole Typo in JConsole resources file
6496939 java jconsole MBeans tab: Add a counter when parsing the content of a TabularData
6495529 java jconsole MBeans tab: NPE when handling Exception
6495505 java jconsole MBeans tab: jconsole misinterprets java.lang.Void on Open MBean operations
6492935 java jconsole MBeans tab: Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Clear buttons have no mnemonic
6468573 java jconsole Window menu expands to fit very long name
6356652 java jconsole jconsole:jconsole shows an extra menu-divider line in window menu.
6333561 java jconsole MBeans tab: Attributes of type CompositeData[] are not rendered well
6505618 java jconsole jconsole VM summary tab presents empty page when connecting to a VM launched with -Xint
6475122 java jconsole MBeansTab: Jemmy automated tests can't grab MBean tree
6275682 java localization Inconsistent casing of Spanish language names
6486607 java localization incorrect french localization for GY country code
6588314 java localization l10n of 6577401 Artifacts on installer graphic
6579775 java localization l10n upate after 6212566
6566218 java localization l10n of 6476932
6562623 java localization l10n of 6548034
6559765 java localization [Korean] The translation for Accept are inconsistent
6547501 java localization There should be a space before % sign in French locale
6533691 java localization l10n of bug fix 6475525
6497154 java localization getFirstDayOfWeek() not works correctly for Slovak locale
6485516 java localization incorrect french localization for GF country code
6573018 java other Support SysNet Service Tags in Java SE
6541870 java serialization NullPointerException in ObjectInputStream with Externalizables
6505535 java serviceability jmap -histo options print negative number for large set of objects
6602426 java serviceability TEST_BUG: test/sun/misc/Version/VersionCheck.java fails
6581408 java serviceability Most of serviceability tools fail in 6u3b01 due to version check
6548034 java_deployment desktop Version information in About Dialog of Java Control Panel
6500417 java_deployment general Deployment Toolkit JavaScript
6603187 java_deployment general Upgrade bundled Java DB version in JDK
6567947 java_deployment jkernel java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError while loading http://bugster.sfbay.sun.com using Kernel JRE
6583152 java_deployment jkernel KernelJRE picks wrong TimeZone
6569136 java_deployment jkernel ClassNotFoundException while loading classes from rt.jar
6569133 java_deployment jkernel Installing Optional Packages failing with Kernel JRE
6568570 java_deployment jkernel FileNotFoundException while starting BackgroundDownloader in a my slow broad band connection
6518205 java_deployment update Java AutoUpdate: Should be able to deliver different content based on various input
6599627 java_plugin bridge Regression: activex bridge testcase fails with 6u4 b03 nightly build
6539601 java_plugin compatibility jdk 6 plug-in fail to load facebook.com using proxy
6395737 java_plugin iexplorer IE hangs when a modal dialog is active with concurrent window re-focus activities
6474031 java_plugin iexplorer Focus should not move to IE window blocked by modal dialogue with operation for IE task bar
6523707 java_plugin iexplorer IE browser thread dead after modal dialog created from liveconnect in another window
6577944 java_plugin iexplorer Regression: handles and GDI objects leak in 6u4 b01
6550906 java_plugin iexplorer IE/JVM crashes when modifying browser DOM from applet
6542512 java_plugin linux Plugin for JDK 6u2 b01 doesn't work on RHEL 5 x86
6603034 java_plugin misc Regression: AppletViewer throws NPE with jdk 6u4 b03 latest nightly build
6563344 java_plugin ocx IE crashes while loading the Java plugin
6562069 java_plugin other LiveConnect : Repainting and hanging problems with different liveconnect scenarios involving GUIs
6620045 java_plugin other JRE tries to write to HKLM\Software\mozilla.org\Mozilla\CurrentVersion crashes
6556044 java_plugin other JRE SSL Handshake error in jdk1.5.0
6540719 java_plugin plugin Firefox with JDK 6 will cause the browser to hang
6550242 javawebstart general Javaws can no longer install shortcuts in nested submenus
6559077 javawebstart jnlp_api Download Service API throws exception on second use of default DownloadServiceListener
6514454 javawebstart other A NullPointerException is throw when HTTPS connection is established
6535162 jax-ws other JAXWS 2.1 RI should be integrated in JDK 6
6515710 jdbc implementation CachedRowSetImpl.acceptChanges might throw NPE in JDK1.6 (was working fine 1.5)
6220320 jdbc rowset_implementation JoinRowSet : Multiple Columns as the MatchColumn does not work
6503356 jdbc rowset_implementation CachedRowSetImpl getCurrentRow does not check for cursorPos=0 causing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
6212566 jdbc rowset_implementation JDBC RowSets i18n bug - message concatenation
6554190 jdbc rowset_implementation In Rowset RI, JoinRowset logic is incorrect
6554186 jdbc rowset_implementation In Rowset RI, CachedRowset nextpage() doesnot work properly
6387021 jdbc rowset_implementation faulty guard logic in setMatchColumn(String columnName)
6388998 jdbc rowset_implementation CachedRowSetWriter NPE on deleteOriginalRow with null vals
6428395 jdbc rowset_implementation Potential problem with handling read() javax.sql.rowset.serial.SerialClob.position(...)
6560218 jgss krb5plugin Problem with credentials from non-default realm
6560119 jmx classes incorrect synchonization in com/sun/jmx/remote/internal/ArrayNotificationBuffer.java