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jmap - Memory Map for Sun Java Real-Time System


jmap [ option ] executable core



Options are mutually exclusive. Option, if used, should follow immediately after the command name.


Java executable from which the core dump was produced.


core file for which the memory map is to be printed.


jmap for Sun java Real-Time System (Java RTS) prints shared object memory maps or heap memory details of a given core file.

NOTE - This utility is unsupported and may or may not be available in future versions of Java RTS.


< no option>

When no option is used jmap prints shared object mappings. For each shared object loaded in the target VM, start address, the size of the mapping, and the full path of the shared object file are printed. This is similar to the Solaris OS pmap utility.


Prints a heap summary, including real-time parameter settings, heap configuration, heap usage, and non-heap usage.


Dumps the Java heap in hprof binary format to a file named heap.bin in the working directory.


Prints a histogram of the heap. For each Java class, number of objects, memory size in bytes, and fully qualified class names are printed. VM internal class names are printed with '*' prefix.


Prints class loader wise statistics of permanent generation of Java heap. For each class loader, its name, liveness, address, parent class loader, and the number and size of classes it has loaded are printed.


Prints a help message.


Prints a help message.

See Also

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