JMF 2.1.1 - New Features

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New Features in JMF 2.1.1 FCS

  • Improved RTP API
  • Added support for H.263/1998 (RFC 2429) - now can interoperate with Darwin based RTSP servers.
  • Direct Audio Renderer and Capturer
  • Performance enhancements with new Java compilers
  • JMF Customizer added to all JMF versions
  • HTTPS, JAWT, UNC pathnames support
  • Numerous bug fixes

New Features in JMF 2.1.1 Beta 3

  • The JMF Customizer has been added to the JMF performance packs.
  • The quicktime file writer now creates streamable Quicktime files, i.e. the header is at the beginning of the file. When used, a temporary file is created then deleted after the streamable file is created.
  • UNC paths are now supported, e.g. file://unixmachine/home/videouser/
  • RTP Connector: a new interface that allows developers to connect JMF/RTP to their own and possibly proprietary transport services.
  • RTSP Processor has been added
  • A new control that provides a handle on RTPManager objects to retrieve RTP statistics from the RTSP Player
  • The RTSP Player now handles multiple audio & video streams
  • Added JAWT support for jdk1.3+
  • Key Bug Fixes:
    • Frame by Frame stepping of avi files now works properly
    • Quicktime files can now be created with more than 25000 frames.
    • Fixed "ClassCastException when playing from an input stream"
    • Fixed "Renderer for Sun Ray crashes when runnning with Corona 1.2"
    • Fixed "Transmitting H.263 with size < 176x144 crashes the VM"
    • Fixed "Transmitting video only H.263 from files with A/V may not loop back"
    • Fixed "ByeEvent's are not sent reliably from the RTPManager"

New Features in JMF 2.1.1 Beta 2

  • Minor RTP API updates:
    • RTPManager is changed to be an abstract class
    • The class is removed
    • A new method newInstance() is added to the RTPManager class to instantiate an RTPManager
    • Renamed Methods:
      • openConnection() -> addTarget()
      • removeConnection() -> removeTarget()
      • removeConnections() -> removeTargets()
  • Performance optimizations on JMF when running on JVM's with native non-pinned arrays (JDK 1.3, Internet Explorer etc.)
  • DirectAudioRenderer is used as the default audio renderer on Solaris 2.8 and above
  • Numerous bug fixes

New Features in JMF 2.1.1 Beta 1

  • RTP API updates.
  • RTP client lip-sync improvements and some other optimizations.
  • Added DirectAudioRenderer and DirectAudioCapturer for performance packs.
  • Added arbitrary audio rate conversion codec.
  • HTTPS (secure sockets) protocol support.
  • Extended customizer to customize performance packs.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

New Features in JMF 2.1 FCS

  • Initial Linux port delivered to
  • Optimized video rendering for SunRay TM on Solaris TM .
  • Video scaling.
  • Complete RTSP client.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

New Features in JMF 2.0 FCS

  • MPEG layer III (mp3) audio encoder.
  • Cinepak pro video encoder on Solaris.
  • Audio and video monitoring via MonitorControl from the processor.
  • Video monitoring for VFW capture.
  • Non-realtime software video scaler.
  • Registration of new mime types via MimeManager (in the com.sun package).
  • FramePositioningControl fully supported.
  • Early access preview:
    • RTP MPEG audio and video support for transmission and reception.
    • RTSP reception.
  • Improved GUI design for JMStudio.
New Features in JMF 2.0 Beta 2
  • JavaSound capture functionality enabled when running as an applet in Netscape
  • The all-java JPEGRenderer is enabled
  • Playback of MP2 audio files fixed for all-java JMF
  • MPEG movies on Solaris can play if the audio device is not available
  • DirectShow MPEG player can play in MS Internet Explorer
  • Plug-in's can be registered when running under Java 2 SDK, version 1.2
  • An application can use setSecurityManager() to set its own security manager in Java 2 SDK, version 1.2 or greater
New Features in JMF 2.0 Beta
  • Playback support for new file types
    (see the complete supported formats list):
    • IBM HotMedia
    • Macromedia Flash 2
    • MPEG-I
    • MIDI
  • File writing for the QuickTime format.
  • New Codecs (see the complete supported formats list):
    • MPEG-1 system stream decoder
    • All-java MP3 decoder
  • RTP Processor for processing and saving RTP transmitted data to files
  • A new mechanism to clone and merge DataSources
  • Completed API features that were not implemented in the EA release:
  • Converters to convert from java.awt.Image to; and vice versa
  • Creating processors from ProcessorModel's (Manager.createRealizedProcessor)
  • New controls:
    • FormatControl for setting and changing formats on capture DataSources
    • FramePositioningControl for stepping in seekable media types (e.g. QuickTime, AVI)
    • BufferControl for RTP DataSource and JavaSound renderer for contrg latency
    • MonitorControl for processors
  • Support for more capture devices.  See Capturers for a list of supported capture devices
  • Updated the JMStudio GUI to the Java-look-n-feel and for better support of transcoding and RTP transmission
  • Added a new application "Export" for advance use of transcoding, previewing, etc.
  • Beta API changes.