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jstack - Stack Trace for Sun Java Real-Time System


jstack [ option ] executable core


Options are mutually exclusive. Option, if used, should follow immediately after the command name. See Options.


Java executable from which the core dump was produced.


core file for which the stack trace is to be printed.


jstack for Sun Java Real-Time System (Java RTS) prints Java stack traces of Java RTS threads for a given core file. The type of thread (java.lang.Thread, RealtimeThread, or NoHeapRealtimeThread) is printed in the output. For each Java frame, the full class name, method name, 'bci' (byte code index) and line number, if available, are printed. With the -m option, jstack prints both Java and native frames of all threads along with the 'pc' (program counter). For each native frame, the closest native symbol to 'pc', if available, is printed. C++ mangled names are not demangled. To demangle C++ names, the output of this command may be piped to c++filt.

NOTE - This utility is unsupported and may or may not be available in future versions of Java RTS.



prints mixed mode (both Java and native C/C++ frames) stack trace.


prints a help message.


prints a help message

See Also

  • pstack(1)
  • c++filt(1)

Known Bugs