Java SE Performance at a Glance

Performance is critical for the success of your applications built on Java technology and it impacts all levels of the software stack. Software-stack performance involves server-side programs, client-side programs, Web services, operating systems, servers, and desktops. Here we provide tools and documentation to help you learn more about improving performance in each of these areas.


October 2007

Java SE 6.0 Performance White Paper

One of the principal design centers for Java Standard Edition 6 was to improve performance and scalability by targeting performance deficiencies highlighted by some of the most popular Java benchmarks currently available and also by working closely with the Java community to determine key areas where performance enhancements would have the most impact. This guide gives an overview of the new performance and scalability improvements in Java Standard Edition 6 along with various industry standard and internally developed benchmark results to demonstrate the impact of these improvements.

December 2005

Java Tuning White Paper

Sun's Java Enterprise Platforms and Developer Organization has collected our performance best practices and tuning advice in the form of a new White Paper. Please check out the Java Tuning White Paper and give us your feedback! We have already started incorporating your corrections from the first draft.

October 2005

Java Web Services Performance Analysis and Benefits of Fast Infoset

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become the industry's de facto standard to build and deploy complex composite applications with greater business agility and improved efficiencies for trading partners and customers. Web services, the predominant underlying technology of SOA, have continued to evolve in areas of security, interoperability, reliability, and performance. This paper provides detailed analysis and realities of newly available technologies, such as Fast Infoset (FI), which provide dramatically improved Web services performance and scalability.

August 2005

StAX 1.0 White Paper: Streaming API's for XML Parsers (PDF)

JSR-173 introduces new Streaming API's for XML (StAX) which is a standardized Java based API for pull-parsing XML developed though the community process. This document describes the Sun Java Streaming XML Parser (SJSXP) which is a freely available implementation of JSR-173 and which discusses some of its performance characteristics.

March 2005

J2SE 5.0 Performance White Paper

While you may know about all the great new features in J2SE 5.0 you may not be aware of all the work that has gone into making this release of the Java platform even more fast and reliable. Check out the J2SE 5.0 Performance White Paper to learn about all the performance improvements in this release and for pointers on learning more about J2SE 5.0 performance