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Oracle Java SE Products Getting Started

Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite are Oracle's solutions for enterprise developers and ISVs running mission critical applications on the Java SE platform.

Oracle Java SE Advanced allows you to:

Java Usage Tracker
  • Monitor, manage, and profile Java applications without performance overheads
  • Leverage a “time-machine” for back-in-time root cause analysis and profiling
  • Choose from two leading VMs—HotSpot and JRockit—under a single license
  • Utilize enterprise JRE management features such as the Advanced Management Console, Java Usage Tracker and the MSI Enterprise JRE Installer.

Oracle Java SE Advanced Desktop gives you:

All of the features of Java SE Advanced, but limited to desktop use cases.

See the Features Comparison Table or contact your local Oracle representative for more details.

Oracle Java SE Suite gives you:

JRockit Real Time soft real time solution
  • All the features of Java SE Advanced, plus:
  • Oracle JRockit Real Time soft real time solution – Add deterministic, real time performance to an application without changing any code

Comparison of Java SE Products

  Java SE Advanced Desktop Java SE Advanced Java SE Suite
Access to My Oracle Support* X X X
24x7, 27 language support* X X X
Fast fix turnarounds* X X X
Access to updates on older, EoPU version* X X X
Java Usage Tracker X X X
Advanced Management Console X X X
MSI Enterprise JRE Installer X X X
Java Mission Control & Flight Recorder (desktop only) X X
Java Mission Control & Flight Recorder (server/desktop)   X X
Deterministic GC     X

Learn more at the Java Advanced and Suite product pages.