RTSP Support

JMF Documentation

RTSP support has recently been added to the Java Media Framework. It enables JMF based clients (both applets and applications) to communicate with RTSP enabled servers and request that the streaming of specified mediafile (video-on-demand).

For example, you can use JMStudio as an RTSP client by opening a URL from the File menu with the following parameters:


If the port information is omitted the default RTSP port 554 is assumed.

To construct an RTSP player programmatically, you use the Manager.createPlayer method and pass in an RTSP URL.

RTSP Servers

JMF based clients can connect to standards based RTSP/RTP Servers such as:

  • Sun StorEdge Media Central Streaming Server
  • Apple Quicktime Streaming Server
  • Version 2.0.1

    Apple Computers, Inc.

    Runs on Mac OS X Server