Java SE contains several tools to assist in program development and debugging, and in the monitoring and troubleshooting of production applications. The set of tools includes

  • apt the annotation processing tool
  • javac the Java to bytecode compiler
  • jvisualvm the Java VisualVM all-in-one graphical and extensible troubleshooting tool
  • jconsole the Java SE Monitoring and Management application
  • jinfo, jps, jstack, jmap, and jstat  tools to observe the behavior of running Java programs
  • Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder together create a complete tool chain to continuously collect low level and detailed runtime information enabling after-the-fact incident analysis.

Other tools are also included, such as tools for CORBA, RMI, and security management.

Java SE Tools documentation

Documentation for all these tools can be found in the Java SE Tools documentation. See also the Java SE Troubleshooting guide, which offers assistance for the debugging of memory problems, deadlocks, and crashes.

JDK Tools and Utilities / NetBeans IDE

In addition to the Java SE tools, Oracle JDK Tools and Utilities and the NetBeans IDE can ease your Java program development.

Java SE Blogs and Java Technology Forums

Many tips on program development and troubleshooting can be found in the Java SE Blogs and the Java Technology Forums.  

Bug Database

You wouldn't believe the amount of testing that Java SE receives, but still, bugs happen. You can search for existing problems and report new ones on the Bug Database website.