Java Security Resource Center

This page contains resources and links to additional information on topics related to Java Security technology.

  • Secure Coding Guidelines for Java SE: Learn defensive coding strategies to properly mitigate weaknesses in software and prevent vulnerabilities.
  • Java Security Libraries: Includes a large set of APIs, tools, and implementations of commonly used security algorithms, mechanisms, and protocols.
  • OpenJDK Security Group: Developers who participate in the design, implementation, and maintenance of Java Security components.

Java Management Service

The Java Management Service (JMS) is a reporting and management service within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Platform. JMS is a native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service that monitors Java deployments on OCI instances and instances running in customer data centers. JMS enables system administrators to use the Oracle Cloud to observe and manage the use of Java in their enterprise.

JMS can help protect your Java SE investments by identifying outdated Java installations, unauthorized applications, and Java runtime and application mismatches.

See Java Management in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation for detailed information about JMS.

Advanced Management Console

Advanced Management Console enables system administrators to monitor and manage the use of Java technology in their enterprise, enabling a more secure environment and enhanced application experience and availability. See Advanced Management Console in Java Components Documentation for more information.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

See How to Report Security Vulnerabilities to Oracle if you want to contact Oracle regarding any security vulnerability you believe you have discovered in an Oracle product.

See OpenJDK Vulnerabilities if you want to report any vulnerabilities in OpenJDK.