Oracle Database Runs Best on Oracle Linux

Oracle Database Runs Best on Oracle Linux

Oracle Database on Oracle Linux helps customers lower IT costs while delivering high quality of service. With Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Linux, customers benefit from the joint development and testing done by Oracle to deliver the best features, stability and performance to enable the next generation of cloud computing.

Performance Leadership

Oracle Linux is optimized for the Oracle Database and continues to set world record benchmarks on x86 servers. Oracle Linux and the Oracle Database set the world record for x86 system on Oracle's Sun X2-8 server, beating the competition by 68 percent and showing performance number 3X faster than the best published eight CPU result. Oracle Linux and the Database also hold the record TPC-C Benchmark for a 2 processor system with Cisco UCS™ C240 M3 Rack server with two Intel® Xeon® E5-2690 2.9 GHz processors, delivering 34 percent more performance at 32 percent less cost per transaction.

It is no wonder with Oracle Linux database performance and scalability is greatly increased. Our model is unmatched by any competitor in scope or scale. The joint development and testing between Oracle Linux and the Oracle Database ensures the operating system is optimized and tuned to provide the best performance for the Oracle Database.

One great example is the Database Smart Flash Cache (PDF) feature which was introduced in Oracle Database 11g Release 2. It allows customers to expand the database buffer cache beyond the main memory to a second level cache on flash memory thereby greatly increasing transaction throughput and improving application response times for IO-intensive applications. This feature is only available on Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris (Oracle Solaris 11 or Oracle Solaris 10 10/08 or later).

"SEI values Oracle, which is helping us drive an industry-leading departure from legacy, mainframe-based solutions to a more modern infrastructure. Oracle Linux gives SEI the stability and performance our business processes require. Additionally, it allows us to scale to meet company growth and customer demands, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. As a result, we’ve built a fully-integrated, reliable infrastructure on the Oracle stack, which has enabled us to provide the next-generation wealth-management offering, unlike anything available in the market today.”

—Martin Breslin, Senior Infrastructure Architect, SEI

Mission Critical Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

You can reduce downtime costs by protecting your business from all common causes of planned and unplanned downtime, by running your database on Oracle Linux. Oracle Linux Basic and Premier Support subscriptions include Oracle Clusterware at no additional charge. Oracle Clusterware is a powerful solution for high availability and redundancy in the data center. As the foundation for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC), Clusterware is a highly scalable, agile solution supporting both physical and virtual environments.

Mission critical workloads depend on the latest innovations in technology to protect business critical information. Silent data corruption can be catastrophic and cost a company millions in lost revenue and incurred expenses. Oracle Linux and the Oracle Database teams collaborate with leading technology partners, like EMC and Emulex, to develop standards-based end-to-end data Integrity solutions implementing the T10 Protection Information (T10 PI) standard with the objective of eliminating silent data corruption.

Integrated Solutions with Unparalleled Performance with Oracle Engineered Systems

Customers will experience extreme performance and scalability when they leverage the features found in Oracle's Engineered System, featuring Oracle Linux. Engineered to work together, these integrated solution are unmatched in the industry, allowing customers to reduce IT costs through consolidation and rapid deployments.

With Oracle Exadata Database machines, customers can store up to ten times more data, improving performance of all applications and delivering a faster time-to-market by eliminating systems integration trial and error and with Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, customers rapidly deploy business applications in an integrated, finely tuned environment.

Oracle Linux is optimizedto support the high performance standards and critical business objectives for Oracle Engineered Systems. This is the reason that the majority of engineered systems deployed today are running Oracle Linux.

“Epsilon offers a broad array of data-driven, multichannel marketing solutions for many of the biggest brands in the world. Our information systems have been experiencing substantial growth year-over-year, with increased demand for real-time reporting, and high performance transaction processing. To enable customers to interact with a brand in a more dynamic real-time manner, we knew our infrastructure had to be comprehensive, well integrated and scalable. With our Oracle Exadata Database Machines running Oracle Linux, we are achieving transactional processing speeds that were previously not attainable. Oracle’s technologies and world-class support have been instrumental in enabling us to deliver new value-add services and greater efficiency for clients.”

—Jeff White, Vice President, Technology, Strategic Database Services, Epsilon.

“Because we advocate an Oracle stack, we leapt at the opportunity to use Oracle Database Appliance to underpin our business systems,” said Walters. “The idea of a high-performance, fully integrated storage, server, and database solution was very appealing. We get the best of Oracle’s three technologies, one support contract, one service organization, and no issues due to incompatible systems.”

—John Walters, Managing Director, Nextgen Distribution

Essential Security and Accountability

Advanced security features found in Oracle Database 12c and available on Oracle Linux provide a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to ensure data privacy, protect against insider threats, and enable regulatory compliance.

Oracle Database Transparent Data Encryption and Data Redaction provide the tools to encrypt application data in database columns or entire tablespaces and also provide on-the-fly redation to limit exposure of sensitive information in applications.

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall provide a first line of defense for databases and can be used to consolidate audit and event logs from the Oracle Database with those found on Oracle Linux. This expands enterprise auditing capabilities by collecting, consolidating, and managing logs across the data center.

Agile Cloud Environments

Oracle VM combined with Oracle Linux and Oracle Database 12c, provides the perfect combination of solutions and tools for developing the next generation cloud data center. Customers can leverage the latest Oracle VM templates for Oracle Database 12c which can be used to quickly deploy either single instances or RAC clusters with Oracle Linux. In addition, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is integrated with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux , allowing customers to easily manage their entire environment through a single tool.

“Our migration to Oracle Linux and Oracle VM on Intel X86 platforms brought performance improvements and financial gains. It also ensured excellent support from a single vendor for quicker issue resolutions. We were able to increase the number of processor cores to meet additional processing power requirements without incurring more license costs.”

— Srinivas Kelyan, Senior Infrastructure Architect, Dubai World

Unique Diagnostics and Zero-downtime Kernel Updates

You can troubleshoot performance problems in real time on production systems with Oracle Linux and DTrace. DTrace is designed to safely and quickly identify the root cause of system performance problems without rebooting the kernel or recompiling — or even restarting—applications. It provides a single view of the software stack—from kernel to application— leading to rapid identification of performance bottlenecks.

With Ksplice, Oracle Database 12c customers receive an important maintenance and diagnostic feature which is only available on Oracle Linux. The Oracle Ksplice service allows administrators to conduct critical diagnostics of kernel issues and features to apply patches (critical kernel bug fixes, temporary hot fixes and security updates) without any reboot of the system or downtime to the database or applications.

"The introduction of the Ksplice technology (as part of Oracle Linux), which allows for applying Linux patches with no downtime, was a game changer for the organization. So we targeted our development and production deployments — about 60% of our servers — for premier support"

— John Dome, Lead Systems engineer, Progressive Insurance (PDF)

Fastest Deployment, Lowest Risk

Oracle Linux customers have access to the Oracle Linux Preinstall rpm packages, allowing administrators to quickly prepare an instance of Oracle Linux (physical or virtual) for the Oracle Database 12c installation. This rpm package will automatically verify whether the Oracle Linux system meets the minimum system requirements and recommended installation requirements for Oracle Database 12c and through a completely automated process will install any missing packages as well as modify the necessary system settings and create the required users and groups. This eliminates several manual steps and allows the administrator to move immediately to the database installation.

Oracle Validated Configurations lower the cost of deployment by offering pre-tested, validated architectures which include the software, hardware, storage and networking components. Oracle Validated Configurations are generated through collaborations with other technology partners and are offered at no additional charge.