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Display Advertising

Marketing to Consumers

Display Advertising

Connect Display Advertising to B2C Cross-Channel Marketing

Deliver online display advertising that’s relevant.

Oracle’s Cross-Channel Marketing solution, Oracle Responsys, allows marketers to leverage display advertising when messaging to known customers. Unlike spray-and-pray display campaigns that have low conversion rates, Oracle Cross-Channel Marketing’s display capabilities empowers marketers to leverage rich information like profile data, past purchase history, and cross-channel engagement to deliver display advertising that’s relevant to known customers.

Extend your advertising frequency and reach.

This technology gives marketers additional frequency and reach for their programs, with a channel that’s non-invasive and proven to deliver results. All this adds up to deeper relationships and increased revenue for your brand.
Target known customers based on interaction to drive cross-sell and retention revenue.

Marketers want to capitalize on the power of display advertising. But relationship marketers have traditionally avoided display advertising as simply an acquisition channel. Now they can target known customers and drive cross-sell of hyper-relevant products and services.
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Saint-Gobain overcame a major communication challenge with customers that range greatly in size and have diverse needs.

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“An effective email campaign is the best instrument we have to keep front of mind with our customers. The ability to send them truly relevant and timely messages has directly resulted in a significant uplift in revenue; demonstrating a true impact on business performance.”

Chloe Jones | EMEA Email Marketing Specialist, Lenovo


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