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Empowering You on Your Journey to Modern Marketing Excellence

We Help You Achieve Measurable Business Results
As an Oracle Marketing Cloud customer, you work in a dynamic and ever-changing digital world. You want services that empower you to pursue your marketing goals. You are responsible for real business results. We get it! Our commitment to your success drives everything we do. We are dedicated to supporting your marketing transformation, and our customer success framework is designed to do just that. We have aligned our teams, processes, and tools globally to deliver strategic value at all stages of your journey.
 Customer Success

To help ensure that you are taking the right steps to becoming a Modern Marketer, we offer the following key services:
Oracle Marketing Cloud Modern Marketing Assessment
The Oracle Marketing Cloud Modern Marketing Assessment helps you determine the maturity level of your current marketing practices and the degree to which you leverage technology. During the assessment, you will answer a series of questions about your organization’s approach to marketing. The assessment reveals your marketing maturity and platform utilization levels. Your results provide your Customer Success Manager with the information they need to make recommendations that will help you to advance to the next level of maturity.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Success Planning
Using the results of your Modern Marketing Assessment, your Customer Success Manager will work with you to create a success plan that is customized and targeted to your needs so you can achieve your goals. Success planning is the roadmap that sets the foundation for your journey as an Oracle Marketing Cloud customer and a Modern Marketer. Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with a plan that includes recommendations and action items to guide your focus, investment and activities.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Adoption Services
Our suite of Adoption Services provides guidance on best practice, strategy, platform expertise, and domain knowledge to support your success with your Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions. These interactive sessions and self-guided web tools are focused on today’s most relevant topics in MarTech and AdTech and will help you to apply the marketing concepts back on the job. Your Customer Success Manager will help you to determine which services are right for you depending on your business needs.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Self-Service Resources
To enhance your journey to modern marketing excellence, we offer a collection of useful self-service resources, information, and tools to help you implement marketing best practices and strategies. These easy-to-use resources are full of relevant ideas and examples to help you better understand the marketing practice at-hand, all on your own time.

Through the use of Boost Series, you can opt-in to receive periodic communications from us to follow-up on the progress you are making against your plan and obtain extra resources to help you be successful.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Transformation Services
For those of you who struggle with internal organization or infrastructure barriers to success, we offer Oracle Marketing Cloud Transformation Services. These services help to bring to the forefront, discussions around alignment, process, and other elements needed to address larger barriers to adoption and provide a plan of action to help you move forward.
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Oracle Marketing Cloud Customer Success

Learn more about our Customer Success Framework and how you will be strategically supported at every stage of your journey with us.


Oracle Marketing Cloud Adoption Guidance

Learn how our adoption services and programs can help you in achieving your business goals and objectives.


Modern Marketing Assessment

The Oracle Marketing Cloud Modern Marketing Assessment helps you determine your marketing maturity and platform utilization levels.


Oracle Marketing Cloud Transformation Guidance

Learn how our transformation services can help address strategic gaps and larger barriers to adoption.


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