Oracle Enterprise Repository

Oracle Enterprise Repository

Oracle Enterprise Repository creates a solid foundation for API Lifecycle Management and SOA Governance that provides comprehensive insight into the business impact of projects and changes related to APIs, services and other integration artifacts.

SOA Lifecycle

Ensure SOA return on investment through End-to-End Lifecycle Governance

  • Visibility into SOA assets minimizes redundancy, optimizes service reuse, and improves ROI.
  • End-to-end control throughout the lifecycle automates an asset's lifecycle progression, reflects the policies applied to assets, and monitors compliance to standards
  • Robust analytics track and illustrate the progress and value of SOA initiatives.
  • NEW Oracle Enterprise Repository 12.1.3 includes updated integrations to the 12c version of Oracle products including SOA Suite, Service Bus and WebLogic. New support for REST services and APIs includes new asset types and the ability to harvest WADL-based REST services. Also included in this release are an updated installation process and documentation set.

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