Highlight reel: 6 takeaways from Oracle’s Cloud@Customer event

In an “Oracle Live” virtual event July 8, CTO and Chairman Larry Ellison explained Oracle’s newest cloud innovation: Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, which lets you run all Oracle Cloud services inside your own data center. Ellison detailed the benefits customers are getting from our autonomous technologies and how the newest Cloud@Customer services now let you take advantage of these technologies while keeping data behind your firewall. The announcement was at the center of the one-hour Zoom event with livestreams on Twitter and LinkedIn. After the event, attendees were invited to dive deeper with product experts and customer testimonials. Here are six highlights:

Larry Ellison

Ellison on innovation

Ellison laid out a clear case for why businesses and governments will consider this next generation of Oracle’s Cloud@Customer services a “very big deal.” And he showed how, “No one—not Amazon, not Microsoft, not Google—nobody gives you a complete public cloud behind your firewall dedicated to you.” One top Tweet from influencer @BrianSSommer, noted “Larry does one thing I wish more tech execs would do: he has a narrative, knows his key messages and has data to back it up.”

Data Center

A ‘pink unicorn’: True cloud, on your premises

Oracle’s new Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is a service that Oracle runs and maintains but that physically sits in the customer’s own data center. Oracle will build, maintain, and operate a smaller version of its modular cloud regions inside each customer’s data center. The customer provides the power, air conditioning, and a spot on the floor—Oracle does the rest. Analyst Lydia Leong said that no provider before this announcement has offered what customers really want: an on-premises cloud that’s identical to public cloud. “And now it’s here, and given that it’s 2020 … the sparkly pink unicorn comes from Oracle,” Leong wrote.

Oracle Word Cloud

A huge splash

The event drew coverage from all over the world in both the popular and technical press, with hundreds of articles running everywhere from Reuters and eWeek to the France’s Le Monde to Japan’s Nikkei. “Oracle brings its full lineup of cloud services to data centers,” ran the ZDNet headline. “Oracle’s Larry Ellison looks to one-up Amazon, offering full cloud inside customer data centers,” said GeekWire. Social media hit 273,000 views throughout the event. “The biggest @OracleCloud announcement for sure…” @PatrickMoorhead told his over 29,000 Twitter followers.

Clay Magouyrk

Go deep on the details

The event offered viewers a deeper dive with Clay Magouyrk, the Seattle-based executive vice president of engineering for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He explained the technical demands and government regulations that have kept the vast majority of enterprise workloads from getting the benefits of a cloud operating model. And he showed how only Oracle is able to give them the full cloud experience. “All of our services that are available in the public cloud are available on your premises. By doing that, what it really does is bridge that gap that customers have seen.”


Customers stepped up

The event was accompanied by insights from dozens of large customers who are already benefitting from Oracle’s previous Cloud@Customer program. These companies are looking forward to expanding with Dedicated Region, and excited about the addition of Oracle Autonomous Database to the Exadata Cloud@Customer offering. Customers included Samsung and NTT DoCoMo, plus a list of telecom providers, banks, and government programs. “With Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, we can use Oracle Exadata as a cloud service and achieve greater agility—such as seamless expansion—while maintaining high availability at the same level as on premises,” said Tomoshiro Takemoto, Senior Corporate Managing Director at Nomura Research Institute (NRI) in Japan.

Juan Loaiza

Autonomous for all

Viewers were treated to a walkthrough of “the simplest and fastest transition to a cloud model on premises,” said Oracle EVP Juan Loaiza, as he demonstrated the machine learning driven Oracle Autonomous Database. “Exadata Cloud@Customer has been successfully deployed worldwide to modernize infrastructures and lower costs by up to 50 percent,” he said. “We are now bringing Oracle Autonomous Database to customer data centers—freeing DBAs and developers from mundane maintenance tasks and enabling them to innovate and create more business value.”

jeff erickson

Jeff Erickson

Jeff Erickson is director of tech content at Oracle. You can follow him on Twitter at @erickson4.