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Engage Everywhere and Often with Mobile

Convert customers across devices with orchestrated mobile marketing. Oracle Responsys equips mobile marketers with industry-leading tools like Push, Rich Push, In-App, SMS and MMS messaging to connect with customers across devices, drive engagement and retention, and enhance mobile revenue.

Drive Real-Time App Engagement with Mobile Push and Rich Push

  • Orchestrate personalized, gorgeous push messages that increase app engagement.
  • Create and deliver mobile campaigns without technical support from your app development team.
  • Deliver value in micro moments like transactional communications, and keep your most loyal customers coming back.
Mobile Push and Rich Push screenshot

Seize the Moment with In-App Messaging

  • Create in-app experiences that drive in-the-moment conversions, capture feedback at the right time, or reward engagement with personalized messages.
  • Boost app engagement with in-app marketing that sends a more effective message for inherently better experiences.
  • Integrate mobile to make it conscientious with content and timing across mobile channels so the customer becomes more engaged and spends more time in the app.
In-App Messaging screenshot

Execute Individualized, Customer-Centric SMS and MMS Campaigns

  • Use SMS and MMS to start a two-way dialogue, deliver critical information to customers, or support in-store promotions.
  • Leverage the mobile channels where consumers are most responsive.
  • Use response data to monitor, track and create more relevant campaigns.
Oracle Responsys SMS & MMS screenshot

Prove the Value of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

How does Oracle Mobile Marketing help marketers create personalized, relevant mobile experiences? Oracle Mobile Marketing lets marketers leverage deep customer profiles and cross-channel data points to design, personalize, test, deliver, measure and iterate mobile marketing programs that are contextual, adaptive, and personalized—all from one simple canvas.

What makes Oracle Mobile Marketing different than other mobile platforms? Our sophisticated, yet easy to use, digital marketing platform, Oracle Mobile Marketing, empowers data-driven marketers with powerful, enterprise-ready tools that reduce IT dependencies, increase marketing efficiencies, and enable greater freedom to innovate.

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Marketing Cloud Customer Stories

Comcast logo

Comcast Gets 20:1 Return on Customer Experience with Oracle

Comcast uses Oracle Marketing Cloud technology and expertise for a better customer experience with transparency and personalization using data-driven digital marketing that delivered a 20:1 return at this Fortune 50 media and entertainment company.
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Tivoli Gardens Uses Omni-Channel Marketing to Boost Sales by 41 Percent

Tivoli Gardens increased sales by 41 percent through an integrated omni-channel marketing programme, powered by Oracle Marketing Cloud.
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B&Q Uses Kinetic Email Module to Increase Mobile Engagement 32 Percent

B&Q needed a solution to boost engagement rates within the body of the email.
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National Pen Company Reduces Costs and Time Spent with Lifecycle Marketing

National Pen Company replaced a tedious and manual list segmentation process that took several weeks.
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