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Why Integrate with the Food and Beverage Cloud?

Integrating your solution with Simphony ensures that partners truly own their guest experience and increase profitability by providing direct access to Oracle's APIs. Joining Oracle’s Food and Beverage Cloud Marketplace puts your product in the spotlight, increasing brand awareness by introducing your solution to a growing global audience. Please use the links and videos below as they will help you with the integration process.

  • DEVELOP Your Simphony Cloud Solution
    In order to help our partners navigate Simphony's integration use cases, included below are helpful videos, links, and API resources that will assist you in reaching your business goals.

    Choose your Integration Point

    Click on one of the Apiary buttons below to begin your integration development.

    The Simphony Transaction Services (TS) API is a web service that helps integrate a third-party application with the Simphony Point-Of-Sale (POS) system. It leverages core business functionalities of the Simphony POS and exposes them via web methods for third-party integration. This web service provides methods to perform the following POS operations.

    • Calculate total amounts of a transaction
    • Create a guest check for a transaction in the Simphony POS database
    • Add one or more items, such as menu, discount, service charge, tender, and so on to any existing open guest check
    • Void all items of an open guest check
    • Retrieve a summary of all open guest checks from a specific or all revenue centers of a property
    • Retrieve a printed version of a guest check (print receipt for a guest check)

    All guest checks posted via the Simphony Transaction Services API can be opened with the POS client user interface, which is configured to run on any workstation from the same property. The following are sample business scenarios in which the Simphony Transaction Services API can be used to integrate a third-party application with the Simphony POS:

    • Web or Native App Ordering
    • Kiosk
    • Table Ordering
    • Aggregators
    • In Room Dining
    • Digital Menu Board

    The Simphony Data Import/Export API is a JSON-based, REST web service that helps you to create and submit data import and export job requests. The web service can be used to integrate with third-party applications and programmatically export menu items from one system and import them to another, among many other features, thereby saving time for administrators and managers. Furthermore, you can efficiently create new software applications by leveraging the web service capabilities of the Import/Export API. The web service allows you to:

    • Import and export data programmatically
    • Export data automatically using the scheduler
    • Review the status of completed import and export jobs

    The Labor Management and Scheduler API provides developing third-party applications a web service to retrieve and modify labor information. The API allows Labor Management users to add and edit a schedule using a third party labor application. Also, it supports uploading a schedule to Labor Management and enforcing that schedule at the point of a clock in/out at the POS. Some supported functions include:

    • Retrieve Employee Details
    • Change Employee Pay Rates
    • Transfer/Assign Employees
    • Retrieve Time Card Details
    • Retrieve Time Card Punches


  • REGISTER to be a Cloud Marketplace Publisher

    Oracle's Food and Beverage Cloud Marketplace is an online commerce platform dedicated to marketing value-add Food and Beverage services and applications that interoperate with Oracle's Simphony Cloud.

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  • SUBMIT Your Listing for Review

    Once approved as a cloud marketplace publisher, use the General Questionnaire form below to submit your publisher listing. Requirements will include the goal of your solution, which API you are integrating with, technical specifications, deployment guide and more. If desired, a proof of concept video can also be submitted which will be very helpful to our approvers. The process for submitting a video is documented in the Create an Application Listing video below.

  • PUBLISH your Listing to the Food and Beverage Cloud

    Once your listing is approved, you can begin to take the necessary steps to publish to the Food and Beverage Cloud. OPN members at the Silver level and above can publish on Oracle's Food and Beverage Cloud Marketplace and leverage this dedicated distribution channel, offering a unique opportunity to market their solutions directly to our Simphony customer base.

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