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Konto Oracle

Oracle Cloud Financials

Deliver decisive insights into your company’s financial position and profitability with a comprehensive global solution designed for organizations of every size and industry. Use Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials to help fulfill your finance team’s and company’s goals.

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Accounting Hub

Enterprise-wide accounting platform

Establish a strong foundation for financial processes, corporate accounting, and financial reporting with this enterprise accounting and finance platform.

Harmonized accounting data

Harmonize accounting from disparate ERP and transactional systems. Create consistent, standardized accounting for disparate ERP systems using an enterprise-wide chart of accounts.

Trusted financial information

Create a single source of financial truth that your corporate accounting and FP&A teams can rely on.

Adaptable centralized accounting

Quickly adapt centralized accounting rules as company policies evolve and new accounting standards take effect.

Rich financial business partnering

Provide deep insight into operational results by analyzing financial information from many sources, including ledgers, subledgers, and supporting references.

Powerful accounting engine

Handle high transaction volumes with a powerful and centralized accounting engine that delivers unmatched processing speed.

Reporting and analytics

Valuable decision support

Speed up your decision-making process with graphical insights, configurable analytics dashboards, and event-based delivery of information so users can take targeted actions.

Current and fast reports

Get timely answers with fast reports that are generated from pre-aggregated financial data. Quickly find information at a glance with easy-to-use dashboards, and drill down for more detailed information.

Real-time close status

Quickly assess the status of period close tasks, including ledgers and subledgers, subledger reconciliations, journal entries, and more, using real-time dashboards.

Interactive analysis of information

Gain new insights into profitability and costs by analyzing general ledger account balances across multiple dimensions. Use sunburst charts and other interactive tools to analyze financial information.

Comprehensive financial reports hub

Own your reporting with self-service, mobile access to multiple financial report types and using multiple devices.

Rapid task and exceptions resolution

Identify and resolve exceptions quickly with role-based dashboards and alerts for actions you need to take.

Payables and assets

Automated invoice processing

Import and record supplier invoices quickly with optical character recognition and imaging. Use the invoices workbench to quickly resolve issues with invoices that can't be recorded automatically.

Payables shared service centers

Process invoices and payments for multiple business units based on transaction and business unit security rules permissions.

Intelligent supplier payments

Slash cash outflows with intelligent payment discount recommendations. Identify cash needs by scheduling the cash requirements report. Minimize data entry with payment processing templates.

Global transaction taxes

Stay current with tax rules across tax jurisdictions. Automatically calculate invoice taxes for multiple tax types including recoverable and nonrecoverable, inclusive and exclusive, and withholding.

Comprehensive cash management

Safeguard your cash by centralizing bank accounts management. Control access by business unit, function, and user. Electronically process bank statements and manage external cash transactions.

Daily cash reconciliations

Support accurate cash positions by automatically reconciling cash transactions to bank statements. Quickly resolve exceptions using the Review Exception page, and manually reconcile transactions using multiple matching scenarios.

Accurate cash positioning

Facilitate better cash forecasts by determining and viewing your daily cash position based on actual cash flows from bank statements, external transactions, and other sources.

Timely cash forecasting

Make timely investing, borrowing, and other cash decisions with cash forecasts based on Payables, Receivables and Payroll subledgers, and external transactions.

Comprehensive assets management

Manage the entire financial cycle of assets, including acquisition, capitalization, depreciation, and retirement. Gain visibility into your assets worldwide using unified source of assets data.

IFRS 16 and ASC 842 lease lifecycle

Facilitate compliance with IFRS 16 and ASC 842 accounting rules through the entire lifecycle of leased assets, including payments.

Revenue management

Automate customer contract creation

Combine various sales cycle source-system data into a single accounting contract based on configurable rules.

Automate performance obligation creation

Create distinct, explicit and implied, performance obligations based on configurable rules and templates.

Determine transaction prices

Calculate the customer contract transaction price automatically using the sum of performance obligation values in an accounting contract.

Allocate the transaction price

Allocate the customer contract transaction price across performance obligations on a relative observed or estimated standalone selling price basis.

Timely revenue recognition

Recognize revenue for performance obligations at a point in time or over time in accordance with IFRS 15 or ASC 606.


Dynamic customer requirements

Model your customers based on how you conduct business using the Trading Community Model. Share billing, shipping, and payment activities between customer accounts by establishing customer account relationships as needed.

Informed credit decisions

Make informed credit decisions with customer credit profiles and reviews.

Efficient billing

Quickly generate invoices and credit memos for subscription, product, and project sales. Use the billings work area to resolve transactions that are in various stages of the billing process.

Self-service customer activities

Reduce billing costs with self-service bill management so your customers can review their accounts, make payments, dispute transactions online, or print them out.

Streamlined customer payments

Tame customer payments complexity by applying cash using various options. Use intelligent recommendations when automatic cash receipt applications can’t find matching invoices and debit memos.

Rapid deduction resolution

Optimize profit with centralized deduction management to investigate chargebacks, minimize invalid deductions, recover short-pays, enhance internal controls and compliance.


High-risk accounts management

Manage high-risk accounts by scoring customers on their ability to pay. Speed up the collection process by automatically sending payment request letters to customers and assign follow-up calls to collection agents.

Effective collection strategies

Ensure customers pay quickly by applying collection strategies based on each customer's collection risk score. Tailor the strategies using automated and manual tasks.

Late payments management

Improve cash flow with promise-to-pay for delinquent customers. Track whether customers pay by the committed date, manage disputes, and resolve delinquent accounts.

Assess receivables health

Assess receivables health using industry-standard metrics, including days sales outstanding, average days delinquent, weighted average, and promise metrics.

High performing collections

Assess the effectiveness of your collections organization using KPIs from the collection manager dashboard.

Expense management

User-friendly digital assistant

Reduce manual work using the expenses digital assistant to enter information with voice commands, and by texting receipt images.

Fast expenses matching

Prepopulate expenses from credit card transactions so users can quickly match transactions with receipts.

Flexible mobile expenses entry

Enter expenses on the go using iPhone and Android devices.

Tight project and travel integration

Improve business processes with integration to Oracle Financials and GetThere.

Effective policy compliance

Enforce expense policies with automated compliance checks against policies, tailored approvals, and selective audits.

Joint Venture Management

Automated processes

Reduce month-end close time from days to hours using touchless joint venture rules-based processing.

Compliant agreements

Accurately calculate partner shares through date-effective ownership definitions and distribution rules.

Streamlined audits

Minimize dispute resolution costs with transaction and joint venture definition audit trails.

Concise joint venture definitions

Reduce time to accurately define and manage joint venture definitions in one central place.

U.S. Federal Financials

Automate U.S. Federal accounting

Improve accounting accuracy by automating manual, error-prone processes to meet federal standards.

Improve financial reporting

Increase data confidence and promote clean audits with built-in audit and security controls.

Meet Prompt Payment Act requirements

Modernize payment processing with automated treasury exchanges and increase your visibility into payment activities.

Cloud Financials use cases

Cloud Financials customer successes

Customers in a wide variety of industries and regions use Oracle ERP Cloud to achieve their goals.

EmblemHealth gains time for patient care with Oracle ERP Cloud.



Cloud readiness and product documentation

Want to know what’s new in Oracle Cloud? Check out the Cloud Readiness section for updates, documentation, and tutorials.


Collaborate with Oracle and our customers

Join our premier online cloud community to share best practices, chat with product experts, collaborate with your peers, and post ideas for new product features.


Develop your Oracle Financials Cloud skills

Oracle University provides learning solutions to help build cloud skills, validate expertise, and accelerate adoption. Get access to free basic training and accreditation with the Oracle Learning Explorer program.

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* Gartner, Inc., raport Magic Quadrant omawiający chmurowe systemy ERP dla przedsiębiorstw zorientowanych na produkty; Tim Faith, Denis Torii, Paul Schenck, Dixie John, Abhishek Singh; 24 sierpnia 2021 r.

Firma Oracle została wyróżniona w 2018 r. w raporcie Magic Quadrant omawiającym chmurowe aplikacje ERP dla przedsiębiorstw średniej wielkości zorientowanych na produkty.

** Gartner, Inc., raport Magic Quadrant dotyczący podstawowych rozwiązań do zarządzania finansami; John Van Decker, Greg Leiter, Robert Anderson; 10 maja 2021 r.

Firma Gartner nie promuje dostawców, produktów ani usług prezentowanych w swoich publikacjach badawczych, ani nie zaleca użytkownikom wybierania tylko dostawców uzyskujących najwyższe oceny lub określonych w inny sposób. Publikacje badawcze firmy Gartner zawierają opinie analityków i nie powinny być traktowane jako wiążące stwierdzenia faktów. Firma Gartner odrzuca wszelkie wyraźne i dorozumiane gwarancje i rękojmie co do tego badania, w tym gwarancje co do jego wartości handlowej lub przydatności do określonego celu.

Ta grafika została opublikowana przez firmę Gartner, Inc. jako część większego dokumentu badawczego i powinna być oceniana w kontekście całego dokumentu. Dokument firmy Gartner jest dostępny na żądanie.

GARTNER i MAGIC QUADRANT są zarejestrowanymi znakami towarowymi i usługowymi spółki Gartner, Inc. i/lub jej podmiotów stowarzyszonych w Stanach Zjednoczonych i na całym świecie i są używane w niniejszym dokumencie za ich zgodą. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.