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Oracle Modern Best Practice—Contact Resolution

Contact Resolution
Improve First-Contact Resolution

Customer Contact to Resolution

The mobile, social, analytic, internet of things, and big data capabilities built into modern best practices have enabled organizations to dramatically improve first-contact resolution. Manage incident status more effectively by monitoring and interacting with your entire enterprise throughout the resolution process. Take advantage of the cloud to securely research and report incidents on one consolidated knowledgebase that spans channels and departments. Use the following modern best practice as your roadmap to an optimal customer service experience.

Deliver Knowledge Across Multiple Channels

  • Deliver a personalized customer service experience
  • Collaborate via a secure social network
  • Support mobile transactions
  • Provide clear and readable information to agents and customers
  • Make it easy to author, publish, and maintain knowledge across multiple channels

Capture Initial Contact
Capture Initial Contact icon Mobile. Social. Internet of Things. Big Data.

Capture Initial Contact

Record customer contact via email, phone, web, chat, or social media.

Unify Customer Information
Unify Customer Information icon Mobile. Analytics. Social. Big Data.

Unify Customer Information

Consolidate multi-channel customer data.

Create Incident Reports
Create Incident Reports icon Mobile. Social.

Create Incident Reports

Create and assign incidents to provide personalized interaction and service.

Identify Solution
Identify Solution icon Mobile. Social.

Identify Solution

Research answers from internal knowledge repository and external sources.

Escalate Incident (Optional)
Escalate Incident icon Mobile.

Escalate Incident (Optional)

Prioritize incidents and assign to expert agent.

Deliver Resolution
Deliver Resolution icon Mobile. Social.

Deliver Resolution

Apply/provide solutions. Close incident and collect customer feedback.

Update Knowledge
Update Knowledge icon Mobile. Big Data. Social.

Update Knowledge

Automatically incorporate new information into knowledge repository.

Track Service Costs
Track Service Costs icon Mobile.

Track Service Costs

Process applicable charges.

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