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Oracle Retail Industry Solution—Customer Acquisition and Engagement

Orchestrate Marketing in Alignment with the Consumer's Journey

Orchestrate Marketing in Alignment with the Consumer's Journey

If you're like most retailers and consumer goods companies, you view consumer relationships as your most precious asset. It's become apparent today that consumers are now in control and less responsive to mass media and homogeneous marketing.

It's critical to orchestrate your marketing in alignment with your consumer's journey across the preshop, shop, and postshop phases. This means leveraging a comprehensive understanding of consumers to harmonize acquisition and engagement programs across owned, earned, and paid channels.

Oracle offers the only proven, complete and integrated cloud solution to align marketing channels with the behaviors of individual consumers. Modularity makes it possible to employ only those capabilities that meet your current needs and environment.

Key Business Benefits
Key Business Benefits iconKey Business Benefits

Can you orchestrate marketing in alignment with the consumer's journey across the preshop, shop, and postshop phases?

Complete Consumer 360

  • Gain a comprehensive and actionable view of personally identifiable customer information (PII) that complies with local or country-specific laws and regulations
  • Power segmentation, personalization, and marketing analytics based on PII and any data, structured or unstructured

Effective Customer Acquisition

  • Grow the number of known customers by increasing opt-in rates
  • Optimize marketing spend by targeting only customers you want to acquire

Improved Customer Engagement

  • Deliver more relevant and targeted content to improve response rates
  • Convert more known customers into brand advocates

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