Oracle Auto Service Request

Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) is a feature of Oracle hardware warranty,  Oracle Premier Support for Systems, and Oracle Platinum Services.
ASR resolves problems faster by automatically opening service requests for Oracle's qualified server,  storage, and Engineered Systems when specific faults occur.

Oracle Auto Service Request is integrated with My Oracle Support.  You must use My Oracle Support to activate your ASR Assets.

Your My Oracle Support account must have the Administrator role or the Asset Administrator privilege for the Support Identifiers (SI) associated with your ASR assets.

For a complete benefit summary, visit the Oracle Auto Service Request product page.

Need help?  Post your question to the Oracle Auto Service Request Community. For technical support, please click the "Contact Us" link on My Oracle Support.

Oracle Auto Service Request Presentations, Datasheet

Customer References


Navis India Technologies Automates to Cut Three Hours from Service Responses and Meet Service-Level Agreements

“We chose Oracle Auto Service Request because it offered automatic service-request generation for hardware failures and enabled us to ensure high availability and meet service-level agreements for our customers’ 24/7 marine-terminal operations. With Oracle, we reduced our response time by three hours per fault and saved ten hours per month that IT staff spent on diagnosing problems—improving the speed of the resolution process.”

Subramanian Kesavan, Lead – Systems Engineering, Navis India Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

high mark

High Mark Credit Information Improves Customer-Credit Query Responses by 85%, Gains Competitive Advantage

Reduced turnaround time for hardware replacements by automatically logging service requests for specific hardware failures and sending the telemetry data required to diagnose faults to engineers, thanks to Oracle Auto Service Request

queensland brain institute

Queensland Brain Institute Increases Archive Capacity, Supports Limitless Innovation and Increases Data Response Speeds by 66%

"One of the best parts about the serviceability from Oracle Support is Oracle Auto Service Request. Auto Service Request has simplified and streamlined how we work in as much as we no longer have to self diagnose. A lot of specific hardware faults are now diagnosed for us at a much deeper level than we can necessarily look at ourselves." Jake Carroll, Information Technology Manager, The Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia

Oracle Auto Service Request:

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