Oracle x86 Servers

Oracle x86 Systems
The fastest and most reliable x86 servers for running Oracle software.

Why Oracle x86 Servers?

Oracle's Sun x86 systems are the best platform for running Oracle software where x86 architectures are required. Only Oracle provides customers with an optimized hardware and software stack that comes complete with choice of OS, virtualization software, and cloud management tools—all at no extra charge for customers purchasing support. Oracle's optimized hardware and software stack has enabled a 10x performance gain in its engineered systems and delivered world-record benchmarks results.

Oracle x86 Rackmount Servers

Oracle x86 Rackmount Servers

Oracle's industry standard form-factor rackmount servers are the most reliable x86 servers for running enterprise-class workloads. Oracle x86 rackmounts are optimized to run Oracle Database and Oracle operating systems to provide extreme performance and reliability.

Sun Netra x86 Servers

Netra x86 Servers

Oracle's Netra x86 carrier-grade servers are the industry's safe choice for delivering continuous reliable service and proven long-system lifecycles for extended communications deployments.

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Blog: Oracle x86 Systems

Introducing Oracle Server X6-2 and Oracle Server X6-2L, Oracle's new two-socket x86 servers with built-in security.

Oracle x86 systems white paper

White Paper

Oracle x86 Systems

Oracle Server X5-8 System Architecture (PDF)

Oracle Server paper

White Paper

Oracle X6-2 Server

Oracle X6-2 Server Architecture

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