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Oracle Solaris Image Packaging System

Do you want to see how future patch architecture is changing? The Image Packaging System, pkg(5), is a framework that provides for software lifecycle management such as installation, upgrade, and removal of packages.

From the architect, Stephen Hahn, a summary of how Indiana's Image Packaging System (IPS) changes patching:

The packaging design I'm working on has support for management of "images", which are a combination of the basic idea of a boot environment with some amount of linkage or sharing, as in zones. The system allows various upgrade paths to be restricted, so that you can be on a "fixes only" branch, on a "features and fixes" branch, or on the developer release. You could, in principle, freeze or pin a subset of the packages, and the system would work out what packages would still work given those fixed versions, but we will probably encourage use of some metacluster-like group packages. On the equivalent of patching, the idea is that new branches of the existing repositories would be created for each of the affected packages.