Oracle Solaris 11 Technology Spotlights

Oracle Solaris is designed to deliver a consistent platform to run your enterprise applications. Our Application Binary Guarantee (PDF) makes it the trusted solution for running both modern and legacy applications on the newest system hardware while providing the latest innovations. It simplifies the system and application lifecycle management while optimally protecting your data. From built-in, near zero-overhead virtualization and application-driven Software Defined Networking, to scalable data management and high availability clustering, we give you everything you need for your data center. Check out the spotlights below to get more information on these and other advanced technologies.


Free and Open Source Software

Evaluate Oracle Solaris FOSS components to streamline distribution overhead and enhance tool deployment.


Configuration Management

Automate your system configuration with integrated tools including SMF, RAD, and Puppet.


Data Management

Scale your data center storage with ZFS, an innovative data management solution with built-in redundancy, security, and flexibility.


High Availability

Improve your application uptime with Oracle Solaris Cluster and integrated self-healing.

Lifecycle Management

Simplify your lifecycle management with secure end-to-end provisioning using IPS and Automated Installer.


Meet business demands and increase your network agility with Software Defined Networking.

Observability Tools

Troubleshoot system problems with integrated observability tooling that gives you real-time and historical insight allowing for unprecedented power to diagnose and resolve issues quickly and easily.

Security and Compliance

Lock down your environment and meet your compliance requirements with an engineered solution to protect data, applications and users from attack.


Get the highest efficiency in your IT operations with Oracle Solaris Zones allowing high density, low overhead virtualization solutions that are easy to manage.