Oracle Optimized Solution for Lifecycle Content Management

Unify Data Management Throughout the Content Lifecycle

This enterprise content management solution securely and dynamically manages information in a tiered storage environment. It optimizes performance and capacity, driving down storage costs while increasing data value through immediate access to 100 percent of data for collaboration and reuse.

Oracle Optimized Solution for Lifecycle Content Management

Combines Oracle WebCenter Content software with Oracle’s tiered storage.

OOS for Lifecycle Content Management overview

Maximize Data Access

  • Simplifies content management with Oracle’s Sun Storage Archive Manager
  • Securely unifies content management and provides immediate access to data across all storage tiers
  • Scales to more than 270M documents per day
  • Provides 3.4x savings in initial hardware investment over tiered disk
  • $5M total cost of ownership (TCO) savings in five years versus EMC

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