Secure Collaboration at Your Control

Oracle Shared Shell is a collaborative service tool that allows you to retain participant access and control while Oracle support services engineers remotely view and diagnose Sun systems. This Java-based application provides secure, remote access to a terminal session that is shared simultaneously by customers and support services engineers. You control who participates and who has access to the remote session.

  • Easy-to-access, easy-to-use tool solves complex problems. No installation or configuration necessary—application is loaded only when required and runs on any operating system with Java Runtime Environment installed (version 1.7 or higher required)
  • Complete control over participant- and session-access. Colleagues and Oracle engineers participate in the conference as needed to quickly resolve problems while maintaining security protocols.

How to Use Oracle Shared Shell

  • Make sure you have a recent version of the Java Runtime Environment installed. Check installation information at the Java verification page, or visit the auto-install or manual-download page.
  • You need an Oracle Web Account username (e-mail address) and password to use Oracle Shared Shell. This is the same account you use to access resources on and the My Oracle Support delivery platform. Note: If you don’t have an account, you can create one at

    Oracle employees: Use your Oracle Single Sign-On account credentials.

  • Click the Launch Oracle Shared Shell link to launch the application. Refer to the user’s guide for further instructions.
  • Please note: You should not use Shared Shell to display confidential information that you do not want to disclose to other participants in the Shared Shell session; in no event may you provide access to any health information.